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Bringing Dez Bryant Back Isn’t a Good Idea

Dez Bryant wants to make a comeback. The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver has made that clear over the last few months on social media. Since he left the Cowboys, he’s been trying to play in the NFL. But interestingly enough, now he’s making his case to come back to Dallas. Recently, he even posted a video of him training in Frisco. Heck, he’s gone as far as saying “give me the role they gave Witten” just to come back.

Naturally, this has many Cowboys fans excited for a potential return. Although we haven’t heard or seen any report saying this is a possibility, many in Cowboys Nation can’t stop talking about it. Even DeMarcus Lawrence is in the bandwagon.

I can’t tell you that I don’t understand this excitement because I do. It’s Dez Bryant! The franchise’s all-time leader in touchdown receptions. One of Tony Romo’s favorite targets. A wide receiver that was absolutely dominant over the first five years of his career. Especially for the younger generation of fans, he’s one of the favorites.

But I disagree with the excitement. Bringing Dez Bryant back wouldn’t be a good idea. When the Cowboys released Bryant it came as a surprise due to the timing of it. But the truth is the last time he was dominant on the field was in 2014 when he was named a first-team All-Pro after racking up 1,320 yards and 16 touchdowns.

After that, he had a handful of forgettable seasons, especially considering he was being paid like an elite receiver. Injuries came frequently, missing 10 games between the 2015 and 2016 seasons. In Dak Prescott’s first two years as the Cowboys starting quarterback, Bryant wasn’t much of an impact. Sure, he had some good plays here and there, but nothing really special.

After his release in 2018, Bryant headed to New Orleans midseason to play with the Saints, where he suffered an Achilles injury in practice before even suiting up for gameday.

Why are fans so excited about bringing back a 31-year-old wide receiver that hasn’t been great since 2014 and hasn’t played a single football game since 2017?

“Let’s bring him in with less pay!” some argue. But hear me out, there are other free agents available. If what we want is to upgrade the wide receiver position or give it more depth, going with a younger player with upside might be the best option. Not to mention, it’s a deep WR rookie class and the NFL Draft will provide a ton of options for the Cowboys.

Even re-signing 30-year old Randall Cobb is a way better idea. He fills a starting position in the slot and has played well over the last couple of seasons.

Be it through free agency or the Draft, there are better options. Other than nostalgia, I don’t see any reason to bring Dez back.

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Mauricio Rodriguez

Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.


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    • I think the team sure lacked emotion and fire at the end of last season, but I also believe we’re overblowing that narrative because of our frustration of an 8-8 season. Which is pretty understandable, of course.

  1. Bringing Dez Bryant back does have its downside but he is only 31 years old and if he can be had for less money than Cobb it cannot hurt the team. Let’s face it his best days are behind him but a third option that’s excellent in the red zone is worth the risk!

    • Hey there, Josh. Actually, I’m not. Bryant is my 4th Cowboy ever (I didn’t get to witness the glory days of Aikman and Staubach). But I don’t let my fandom get on the way of my writing, which is why I’m sharing my honest opinion on Dez.

  2. Deb Bryant is a bum and should not be brought back! Bryant would only cause morale problems and take the team chemistry the wrong way! That also includes Witten and Lee! All these guys had their chance and never produced!

  3. Why not? He looks like he’s in shape and committed. He might be a diamond in the ruff at a cheap asking price.
    And we can still get a receiver or two in this draft.

    • I think it would be a good idea. He’s showing his determination to get back in the game and he’s been strengthening his body. At this point what do you have to lose

  4. Maybe recovering from a blown out Achilles and time away from the game he clearly loves has matured him. As a WR 3 or 4 he would light it up. It would also bookend a career for a dominant 88 with Dallas. Bring him back into the fold and watch him light it up in the red zone.

  5. What about bringing him back as a tight end? Imagine the matchup problems that would create. Is he a good enough blocker to succeed in that role?

    • Hey, Gus, great question and one I honestly wouldn’t know how to answer. But I wouldn’t like that idea, either. If they’re bringing him back, let it be at his position, I guess. Get a real tight end.

  6. His skill set is not good for dak .dak is not Tony Romo he cannot drop a pass in a bucket from 50 yards out.his problem is that he has no speed.or elusiveness to win at the line so he is Easley taken away as a target.but if you wanted to use him as a diversion then team’s would have to see him as more of a option .so i. Would say unless he is ok with being a number 4 or a diversion for the other wide receivers the answer to him coming back is no.

  7. one year deal with an option year, yea, listen to him and let him run wittens routes and just the ones he does best, like jimmy did with mike irvin,,,,hell garrets finally gone, just sayin, he plays with fire,,,

    • All Dez can run is the fade and the slant. He never could master the route tree. Dak is a timing passer. That’s why they never clicked. Romo could throw Dez open on the only 2 routes he could run.

    • I agree give Dez a chance what’s the most that could happen they cut him it’s no different then if you bring in another boat anchor and they don’t workout they get cut it happens all the time

  8. I don’t care either way. Dez could do as much as Witten at the very least. What chaps my ass is a short piece like this one that parades as a real article with real info and interest. These little pieces that generate all the clicks and discussions are actually considered journalism. SMFH

  9. be receiver ever only resson i joined football was because hes the best and jason garret should have never let him go. so if he is back the here we come superbowl 55

  10. I think the team sure lacked emotion and fire at the end of last season, but I also believe we’re overblowing that narrative because of our frustration of an 8-8 season. Which is pretty understandable, of course.

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