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Report: DeMarcus Lawrence Wants Dez Bryant Back in Dallas

It seems like the energy towards a return to the has now spread to the 105 million dollar man . In an AMA with Bleacher , Lawrence was asked about the former All-Pro receiver and the possibility of him once again wearing a star on his helmet.

“If 88, the X factor, wants a shot we gotta give him a shot,” Lawrence said. “Cowboys are home to Dez and he's always accepted in my book.”

Bryant himself has made it very clear that not only is he salivating about a return to the NFL, but his preference would be to sport the blue and silver of the Cowboys once again.

Bryant has been working out like a mad man in hopes of getting back on the field. The perfect end to his story would be to return “home” so to speak and end things the right way. Will the Cowboys give him that opportunity? Only time will tell.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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If they must lose 19 then Dez may work out just fine for the Cowboys if he is anywhere near what he was. This way they will be able to keep RCobb, sign Jones CB IMO.


If you accept Dez, the way he was, then you’re viewing him through rose-colored glasses. He did not work on his craft until he knew he was in jeopardy of being cut. Once he lost physical gifts, he had nothing to fallback on. Terrible route runner. A big distraction with his social media obsession. I would accept him back, if he was a better player mentally and techique-wise.


Just look at the production bruh. Numbers don’t lie. Plus nobody wants to play football with a bunch of soft yes men.


Whats wrong with giving him another chance i am sure some where in jerry jones and his son life somebody gave them another chance on something…If God Can Give Another Chance Then Why Cant Man

Louis Miller

Bring in Dez, let Austin and Byron Jones go

Cowboys fan


Casey Coleman

We kept guys on the team like randy Gregory for god sake , like damn dez a was a passionate dude on the sideline,

Every time a guy roar we call him a problem

Idk if you noticed BUT WE HAD NO ROAR and look what happened




Demarcus Qee

Cooper Gallup Cobb Bryant Austin ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Will work for me they already know the plays the quarterback and the team it’s all about staying healthy. And plan like Super Bowl caliber receivers.

Cowboys fan

Dez is worth giving another shot!! Imagine having him, Gallup and Cooper on the field at the same time!! There’s not one defense out there that can stop all 3 of them!! There would be at least one of them open on every pass play!! Plus they have Tavon Austin coming in to backup Cooper…. Idk about all you people that say you don’t want Dez back, but if you ask me, I’d much rather have Dez on the field for us than Tavon Austin!! But that’s just me…. Apparently there’s a lot of people out there that would rather have Tavon over Dez….. Which is crazy to me!! But anyways, this is my opinion and I say bring Dez back on a 1 year “prove it” deal!! He’s done enough for this team to where he deserves at least that much!!


Lawrence shouldn’t worry about Dez. He should worry about how he is going to earn the salary he is getting paid. He sure didn’t earn it this year.


Dez should get another shot. I think he is humbled and still an acceptable athletic specimen. We Cowboy fans loved him when he put the team on his back. Remember the catch? He gave it his all to ensure a win but he got robbed of the glory. He still a Cowboy in my book. He loved being a Cowboy and he could help create an offensive force to be reconed with. Come on Cowboy fans he one of our own. Give him a shot.


Amazingly, these comments I see from people, show their age, fandom, lack of objectivity. People should come to grips with analyzing his game, not his passion. I have tons of Dez jerseys, but I dont let my fandom deceive my eyes. Garrett and Romo destroyed his career. He should have been much better, than what he was utilized for.


Man I would love to pull my 88 Jersey out the bacc of my closestcomment image

John Catbagan

Absolutely bring Dez Bryant please…there is a reason why my #88 jersey is still hanging high in my Cowboys altar. That will be dope if he gets another shot welcome back party for all the Boyz and fans.

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