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Bye Week Adjustments the Dallas Cowboys Should Consider Making

Bye week adjustments a Dallas Cowboys could make.

At 2-7 the Dallas may be busier than usual during their bye week, despite not having much left to play for the remainder of the . This week provides the perfect opportunity to reevaluate everything from top to bottom to find out the direction this to take to better themselves for the future.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share with all of you a few adjustments I think the Dallas Cowboys should seriously consider making during the bye week. None of these adjustments I’m suggesting should have much of an impact on the remainder of the season, but the ramifications they could have on the future could prove to be substantial.

Let’s take a look… Shall we?

Increase Tony Pollard’s Workload

It’s time for the Dallas Cowboys to quit basing playing time on pay and start basing it on production, at least as far as the position is concerned. Anyone with a brain can see is clearly outperforming this season. No. 20 has without a doubt been the more elusive and explosive of the two and it’s time his workload reflects that. I’d personally like to see more of an even RB timeshare between Zeke and TP coming out of the bye week and the rest of the season for that matter.

Start Looking for Mike Nolan’s Replacement

’s has been performing better the last few weeks, but that doesn’t excuse the fact they’ve been one of the worst units to step foot on the field in the of the league the rest of the time. Firing Nolan now would be a bit extreme, but the bye week provides the perfect opportunity to do so if that’s the direction the Dallas Cowboys want to go. They could easily turn things over to to find out if he’s a better long-term solution or start the process of looking into outside options to pursue in the .

Jumpstart Evaluation Process for the Future

Coming out of the bye week I’d really like to see the Dallas Cowboys start giving more playing time to a few players who could be more in their future plans. The remainder of the season provides the perfect opportunity to get some game film on players like rookies Reggie Robinson and , both of which could be significant contributors next season. I’d also like to see inserted at left and moved to right . Not only do I think that’s their best starting five, but also provides a chance to evaluate McGovern more.

What bye week adjustments would you like to see the Dallas Cowboys make?

What do you think?

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Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. Naa we shouldn’t pay dak that kinda look at the Eagles starting quarterback, big pay day bad results, look at Ezekiel Elliott, big pay day poor results, draft a quarterback, keep Pollard

  2. This is a QB league,so better find a way to pay,Dak. There have been a lot of promising quarterbacks coming out of draft that turn into busts. It is one position you can’t skim on, or your team becomes irrelevant. Trust me, Dak’s not going anywhere, not only for his ability…but his leadership of men.

  3. I agree with everything, except firing Nolan. We as fans, atleast wanted to see progress, and we got that. I would have liked Nolan, to light up Big Ben, being in empty back field set. Nolan should have forced the cornerbacks to press and blitzed the hell out of him. Big Ben was hurt and blood was in the water. Nolan didn’t take advantage of that.

  4. It’s funny how everyone thinks that Trevor Lawrence would be better for Dallas than Dak at this time when the draft starts,Please.You’re gonna mess around and lose a Franchise QB fooling yourself with a hopeful,This is the NFL not College.With the numbers Dak was putting up before he got injured there will be a lot of takers especially San Francisco who could win a Super Bowl easy with Dak.

    • Dak is no doubt a known commodity, but having said that how often will the Dallas Cowboys have such an opportunity to draft one of the top QBs? There of course risks involved in making such a move, which is why this decision will likely come down to money. That’s something that’s kept both Prescott and the Cowboys from reaching a long-term extension for a few years now. I doubt those contract talks will get any easier this offseason, meaning all options need to be explored IMO.

  5. When Zeke held out a couple of years ago, I would have traded him. There are 3 reasons behing my thought process…#1 You would have saved yourself a ‘ton’ of money…#2 You had a running back in Pollard who is not only more elusive the Zeke, but has shown incredible balance and a surprising amount of power for his size…#3 You could acquire draft pick/s on the high side presumably in a trade. Zeke was considered one of the top running backs in the league at the time, he’s young, and would have garnered a top pick in order to acquire him. Missed opportunity…BIG TIME! Now we are stuck with a mediocre running back with a ‘HUGE’ contract. It is evaluation time people! Play all the rookies and see what you’ve got. Jaylon Smith should be benched and bring in Bernard…Robinson needs to see the field. The offensive line should be tweaked. Move Connor Willimas to right tackle and see what he’s got. He is a complete failure at left guard and gets tossed around like a rag doll…he looks underweight for the position. Bring on McGovern at left guard and see if he is the answer. This season is over and tanking is the strategic move at this point. If we can acquire a top 2 pick, we can trade down from that spot for a plethora of high draft picks for a team in need of a quarterback. It is amazing what teams will give up for the ‘chance’ of drafting a franchise quarterback. I love Dak, but if the asking price is to high, we could trade him for draft capital and than select one of the top quarterbacks with our pick, thereby saving ourselves a ton of money and using that capital to upgrade other positions in free agency.

  6. I agree with everything accept replacing Mike Nolan. One season with no real off-season to properly insert schemes in an onfield setting is very tough. Especially when you are completely changing the mindset of the defense. They made cuts and players stepped up. You don’t reset that and start over. That’s a progress stopper. Tony Pollard should start if you ask me. So should Gallup and Lamb. Sounds like a law firm . Coop gets depressed too much. The offensive line shuffle I think would be perfection.

  7. I agree totally with letting the younger players play, Anae needs more reps and so does Robinson now that Diggs is pretty much out for the season.
    Mike Nolan can savage his job if the DT play better. Gallimore has shown flashes in the last couple weeks, we need to continue to build upon that.

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