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Cowboys 2021 Playoff Scenarios: Week 11 Impact Games

Now that we've crossed the halfway point of the , the playoff picture is starting to take a more-defined shape. Your Cowboys are one of the current frontrunners in the conference and make this a much more intriguing topic for Dallas fans now than in some other years.

Of course, with eight weeks left in the schedule, a lot can still change. But that's why we will be coming back to this weekly and updating you on all the shifts in the seedings as we work through the remainder of the season.

As a reminder, we're now in Year Two of the new playoff format with seven teams for each conference making the tournament. There are now three wild cards and only the top seed get a first-round bye.

If the season ended today, these would be your NFC playoff standings: For now we're including every team with four wins or more, but that scope will narrow the closer we get to January.

  1. (8-2)
  2. (8-2)
  3. (7-2)
  4. (6-3)
  5. (7-3)
  6. (5-4)
  7. (5-5)
  8. (4-5)
  9. (4-5)
  10. (4-5)
  11. (4-6)


  • The Packers are ahead of the Cardinals due to a head-to-head victory.
  • The Vikings (3-2) are ahead of the 49ers (4-4) and Falcons (2-5) based on a superior record in conference games.
  • The 49ers are ahead of the Falcons thanks to a superior record in conference games.

Though it's still early, it's starting to feel like a five-horse race in the NFC between the four division leaders and the Rams. Even with their big letdown last night against the 49ers, L.A. still feels like a much more legitimate contender than the Saints, Panthers, or anyone else behind them in the standings.

Week 11 Impact Games

Dallas Cowboys @ Kansas City Chiefs

This marquee matchup is a fun one for the media but ultimately may not be impactful to the . The Cowboys can take a road loss here and not suffer much in the standings, but obviously they'd love to keep pace with the Packers and Cardinals in the competition for that first-round bye and homefield advantage.

Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings

These longtime rivals meet for the first time in 2021. has won eight straight as the starting QB and loves to stick it to the rest of the NFC North. The Packers can deliver a big blow to Minnesota's postseason hopes if they get the road win.

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks

Will return or will Arizona keep him out through their Week 12 bye? That's the big question here and one that could make this a winnable game for the floundering Seahawks. Arizona's gone 1-1 in Murray's absence but can't afford to slip too much in their race with Green Bat and Dallas.

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Washington did the rest of the NFC a big favor by upsetting the Bucs last week. Can the Giants keep the generosity going? It's hard to see a team getting embarrassed two games in a row, and especially with one of Tom's most-hated rivals coming to town.

New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles

The Saints would be Dallas' first opponent in the playoffs if the tournament started now. The Eagles are fighting to stay relevant and may get some help this week from the struggling Saints. A head-to-head win here could wind up being very relevant for either team come playoff time.

Washington Football Team @ Carolina Panthers

Even with their big win over Tampa, Washington lost Chase Young and are unlikely to make the kind of run they did last year. But this battle for the hearts and minds of southern Virginia is always a good one and comes with the added intrigue of 's return to Carolina. Can the Panthers stay above water in the standings?

San Francisco 49ers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Last night's huge upset over the Rams pumped some life back into the Niners' season. They get a chance to build on the momentum and push closer to a spot with the 2-7 Jaguars next on the schedule.

New England Patriots @ Atlanta Falcons

It probably doesn't feel like it after the beating they took from the Cowboys, but Atlanta is still just outside of the wild card race and not even that far off from the division-leading Buccaneers. But with the Patriots having won four straight and QB Mac Jones getting better by the game, the bleeding may not stop for the Falcons this week.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
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