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Cowboys Need to Return to Dominance up Front

Former starting tweeted something on Friday that rings true.

He said the for Dallas was inconsistent last season, yet they still finished first in yards and points per game.

For the Cowboys he noted that for them to win games when it matters, they need a few things to happen, some of which I have harped on all . The needs to stay healthy and return to dominance.

Run the offense through and . We all know how this has to go, the team is built to run the football, and you have possibly the best backfield in all of football. Find ways to make it work.

People who study the game understand what they have to do, it's not so much the Cowboys don't stick with this , but it feels as if sometimes they shoot themselves in the foot by not even giving themselves a chance to stick with it.

The Cowboys have dealt with numerous to their offensive line over the years, so RG3 has a point here. They'll also have to hope Elliott stays healthy. Even though Pollard is capable of stepping in for him, it's a lot harder for teams to gameplan for them when both are healthy.

When next season gets here, it becomes much easier said than done. Unfortunately, that seems to ring true. Game plans become different, legs get tired, and injuries start to mount.

This was a topic of conversation last season, and here we sit talking about it again. It will never go away. It seems so simple for us fans to talk about it from afar.

Pollard has been vocal about wanting to be featured more often so I expect Dallas to get back to what they do best next season.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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