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Cowboys WR Amari Cooper Ready For Explosive 2020 Season

There's been a lot made about the corps this . After drafting Oklahoma wide out in the of this year's draft, Dallas made a clear commitment to their in a way we worried they never would.

But given of all the hype surrounding this group of Lamb, , and – they will need to perform to an incredibly high level to meet the lofty standards.

The eldest of this group, number one receiver Amari Cooper, spoke to the media this week about this hype and the weird offseason the league is facing as they prepare during a pandemic. Cooper made sure to mention that regardless the situation outside of football, he will be ready.

“Whatever the situation is and whatever the circumstance is I feel like we're going to be ready. I know I'm going to be ready” – Amari Cooper.

Cooper also went on to speak about his love for the Cowboys culture, saying he loves everything about being a Dallas Cowboy. On the field, that love for being a Cowboy is usually clear. After hitting a wall in Oakland earlier in his career, Cooper revitalized his numbers as soon as he was paired with .

Amari Cooper has made the each season in Dallas, totaling over 1,900 yards and 14 touchdowns over 25 games.

Cooper will need to be more consistent on the road in order to elevate himself to top 3-5 status in the league, but with reinforcements beside him like he's never had before, Cooper may have even more one-on-one opportunities to dominate in 2020.

So while it's possible his counting stats take a hit with the addition of CeeDee Lamb, he should be as efficient as ever in this new-looked Dallas Cowboys .

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Cowboys fan

Cooper had 1 bad season in road games and everybody acts like it’s the norm for him!! IT’S NOT!! How did he do the season we traded for him!? That’s right, he took us to the playoffs after we started 3-5 without him!! Just because he did bad on the road this past season it doesn’t mean it’s how his career is gonna be!! People need to drop that narrative of him!! He had a few bad road games this past season, so what!! I guarantee you can watch those games and see that most of them wasn’t all his fault!! And even if they were he still ended the season with over 11 hundred yards!! That sounds like a top receiver to me!!

Cowboys fan

And I forgot to mention the fact that he played most of the season injured too!! So even in the games he did play bad on the road it wasn’t his fault!!


Folks do the same with Dak’s stats. They harp on his success against winning teams last year only. For his career he has a winning record against the NFC East and the entire NFC conference. Those are the most important games played every year.


I agree with both. This offense is going to be hard to stop bc it pick your poison.

Cowboy Fan Ed

All I can say is when we were without AC we had a hard time moving the football but once we picked him up the light came on and we became Competitive on the offensive side of the ball! Sure he has had some injuries but most guys do! I’m just glad we have him!

Gary b

Ur absolutely right cowboy fan Ed, we wouldn’t have made the playoffs that yr were it not for Cooper, he saved our season. And just as impressively for him (and Dak) it was done with a QB he had no familiarity with whatsoever. He’s too talented not to have an impact. Hopefully he heard all the criticism and comes in with a chip on his shoulder this season.

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