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Dak Prescott Ranked as Third Least Consistent QB in NFL

Mauricio Rodriguez



Jekyll or Hyde: Year 3 "Prove It" Season For Dak Prescott?

Last season could've gone a lot better for Dak Prescott. After a remarkable rookie season, he wasn't able to meet the very high expectations put on him after leading the Dallas Cowboys to the #1 seed in the NFC in 2016.

Inevitably, the "sophomore slump" managed to get to Dak, even though the numbers make it seem worse than it really was. From his 13 interceptions in 2017, not even half can be completely blamed on him. However, even though he made improvements in his game, it's fair to admit that there was indeed, a slump in his second year in the NFL.

Earlier this week, published an article listing the most and the least consistent quarterbacks in the league last season. The way the list works is measuring "their average 2017 swing in week-to-week passer rating." In the list, Dak Prescott is listed as the third least consistent QB in the league, with only Cam Newton and Derek Carr behind him.

Just like the Dallas Cowboys' had a roller coaster for a season, constantly shifting between winning and losing, Dak Prescott also struggled at remaining consistent. It makes a ton of sense, of course, for the Cowboys' 9-7 season had a lot of swings throughout the year.

Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott (Ashley Landis / The Dallas Morning News)

At times, the team was missing its most important defender in Sean Lee. At others, Tyron Smith and/or Ezekiel Elliott weren't on the field either. This is not an attempt to excuse Dak, for he is partly at fault here, as is the entire team.

From week 10 to 12, Dak failed to throw for a touchdown but ended up throwing five interceptions. Later in the season, failing once again to get a TD pass in two straight weeks, he threw for two interceptions at Oakland then another two when hosting the Seahawks in Dallas.

In a season that will likely determine his future with the Dallas Cowboys, Dak needs to find a way to be more consistent week after week regardless of circumstance. Hopefully, with an improved offensive line and with Ezekiel Elliott leaving every suspension drama behind him, his offense will put him in position to have his best year yet.

In 2016 and in 2017, his Total Quarterback Rating has been in the top 4 among all quarterbacks, per ESPN. Now, this is not a stat that tells the whole story, but it does give you an idea of each quarterback's play. In a run-first offense and with a safe passer like Dak, I'm sure consistency will not be hard to deal with for the young QB next season.

As long as he takes advantage of the new set of targets he'll have at his disposal and his offense's powerful running back with recently-signed draftee Connor Williams, this offense will look a lot more like the one we saw in 2016.

We know Dak Prescott has a lot to prove. He has to make longer throws, throw more aggressively to get his receivers open, and more. But consistency is just as important. In order to be continuously successful and to be a contender year after year, you need that in your signal-caller. Even if key players on the team are down, he needs to be able to shine. It's a sixteen-game season, after all.

It's time for Dak to prove he can handle that.

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  • Steve

    IMO Dak will come back with a vengeance in 2018 and make all those haters/doubters look foolish. He did however have to take accountability on his poor decision making/play last season! He had a lot more going on than just him making bonehead moves, with T. Smith and Zeke missing for several games and a LG that will have to give his starting job up to a rookie this year( if that tells ya anything) made a difficult year even more difficult! Yes those are the times that Dak will have to put the entire offense on his shoulders and move forward and make plays but that what learning is all about and I’m positive that he will come thru this year and with the help of our Defense getting more experienced/better, IMO Big D will compete with the Eagles and make a playoff run….

  • Matt

    Please, Dak prove me wrong. Make me look foolish. I would love it. But so far he has proven me right. I’ve been saying since his steady decline at the end of the “greatest rookie season ever” (give me a break) The 2017 numbers actually look good compared to the tape and the results. He was awful. And don’t give me all the excuses; who was hurt, who was suspended; don’t care, not an excuse. I’ll be pleasantly shocked if he and this horrible collection of no-threat receivers along with his woefully inaccurate and his no-deep noodle arm can do any damage.

  • Fighter15

    Giving any credance to this incredibly poor correlation and statistically meaningless measure of a QB. It’s as relevant as total yards.

    And to dismiss the absence of Tyron and Elliott as only peripherally important, plus omission of LG substandard play is not objective.

    The first eight games were actually better, statistically and in the opinion of pundits, for Dak. It was actually quite impressive that Dak & Co were able to win a few after severe growing pains, though they hardly had a good performance.

    No. Dak has nothing to prove. It should be noted that years 3-4 are usually the most important and best indication of whether or not a player can be great. See Landry/Parcells maxim for players evaluation.

    Rather than give any credance to the money ball analytic society that has yet to get a single statistically significant or accurate predictor for football success (because it can’t be done), give some opinions about how and what Dak needs to improve and maybe why or why not will he succeed?

    • Sexcdex Xfact

      A tremendous YESSSSSS

  • Sexcdex Xfact

    Although that analogy may prove accurate that from “week to week” Dak was 3rd least consistent
    Later the same day PFF stats show this very same Dak as the #1 QB,
    (of ALL the current NFL Qb’s),
    #1 in best QB under duress if the blitz

    So although he was an inconsistent QB week in & week out
    He’s the best QB being blitzed
    #1 !!!
    The guys 22-10 in his 32 regular season starts & over half NFL starters who have lesser impressive stats should be in question moreso than him
    We cannot shine negative light on Prescott without shaming all the others franchise Qb’s with lesser stats than his

    I rest my case,,,, ,for now anyway

  • Dr Freedom

    A Cowboys fan for over 40 years. Dak is absolutely crap. IF you give him a great line, he’s ok. IF you give him an NFL leading running back, he’s average. Now he should have had at least another dozen interceptions, but they were overturned on penalties, Dez slapped them down, or Witten did. I know you want to believe in him. He got into a simple target game with Carr at the Super Bowl and was blown away, he got two. His excuse, Its been a long day. This is a child’s game at the NFL experience. This year will only be saved by the running game, and teams will learn, stack the box, Dak can’t throw downfield.

    • Fighter15

      Hard to believe that you are 40 years old. Either your family tree doesn’t fork or you simply don’t have a clue.

      Staubach and Aikman both had the best OLines in their times, best RBs, and far greater talent at WR. Oh, and great Defenses to boot.

      Dak’s first 24 games are among the best in history. Going 4-4 after without LT,LG, WR1 injured and catching less than 50%, and the 28th ranked pass defense is quite an accomplishment in itself.

      Does he have a cannon? No. But he’s just reaching the point where QBs actually start to play to their potential. Is he a great fantasy QB? Of course not. But neither was Aikman or Montana. Romo and Danny White were far better numbers guys. I’ll take Dak at this point

      As Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln have said, “It’s better to be silent and thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt “

Dallas Cowboys

Maliek Collins Activated From PUP, Cowboys’ Front 7 Looking Great

Mauricio Rodriguez



The Cowboys Defense Have Young Foundation Players To Build Around
Ken Blaze / USA TODAY Sports

There are tons of reasons to be excited about the Dallas Cowboys' defense with the regular season less than a month away. The most recent one is Defensive Tackle Maliek Collins is coming off the PUP list after passing his physical and is now activated and practicing.

After suffering another foot injury in May, Collins had to undergo surgery and his return to the roster before the season began was questionable. But things are looking good now as the Cowboys expect him to be ready for week 1 versus the Carolina Panthers.

David Helman on Twitter

On the same day he was taken off PUP, Maliek Collins is participating in pre-practice walkthrough. Not sure what that means for his practice regimen, but that's a positive sign #cowboyswire

Collins missed quite some time, so one has to wonder how fast he will be reincorporated to the defense and whether or not he'll get back his starting role or not. The defensive tackle room seems to be loaded with various talent that should be capable of at least giving #96 a tough competition before he can reclaim his spot as if he hadn't been missing any practices.

David Irving may not be a factor on the roster until he comes back from suspension prior to week 5's match-up against the Houston Texans, but there are other young players Collins should be expecting to fight for the starting role.

Antwaun Woods, Jihad Ward, Brian Price and Datone Jones will provide this team with an interesting debate going forward. But even if not one DT emerges as a clear-cut starter above the rest, the Cowboys have serious depth at the position.

To be honest, the entire front seven is very exciting. Not only do the Cowboys count with good DTs, but just take a look at the defensive end room. Led by 2017 second-team All-Pro DeMarcus Lawrence, there is also a deep group of DEs.

Randy Gregory is coming back after a long comeback journey and should earn a lot more snaps as the season progressing. Taco Charlton has made a ton of progress and fourth-round rookie Dorance Armstrong isn't far behind. Not to mention captain Tyrone Crawford, who despite being criticized by many due to his huge contract, is a more than decent DE.

Now, let's talk about the linebackers for a moment here. Before the 2018 NFL Draft, this was seen as one of the weakest units on the team. Fast forward to mid-August and this should be one of the most exciting groups on the team.

Sean Lee will be playing alongside a Jaylon Smith that we've never seen before. Smith is doing things that he wouldn't been able to do a season ago. What he's shown in training camp and through one preseason game should have any Cowboys' fan eager to watch him play in a regular season game. The Jaylon Smith the front office envisioned when taking a risk on him in the 2016 NFL Draft has arrived.

Also in the mix is first round pick Leighton Vander Esch. We haven't been able to watch a lot of playing time from him but we'll sure do pretty soon. He's a week 1 contributor who will play behind what could be one of the best LB duos in the entire NFL.

And just like in the defensive line, the depth seems to be great. Joe Thomas and Damien Wilson have shown what they're capable of and they could be more than special team bodies when needed.

The Dallas Cowboys shouldn't be very concerned about their front seven going forward. It's loaded with talent and even if they rotate their players a lot, this seems like a group that will give any offense a big headache.

Tell me what you think about "Maliek Collins Activated From PUP, Cowboys’ Front 7 Looking Great" in the comments below, or tweet me @PepoR99 and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Sign WR Darren Carrington Following Workout in Oxnard

Sean Martin



Dallas Cowboys Sign WR Darren Carrington Following Workout in Oxnard

The Dallas Cowboys have signed another one of the six players worked out on Monday in Oxnard, adding to their already deep group of wide receivers. Most recently with Utah, Pac-12 Wide Receiver Darren Carrington has signed with the team.

Carrington began his college career at Oregon, where he was on track to make it to the NFL before being dismissed from the Ducks for a DUI. This led Carrington to Utah, where he played as a graduate transfer and put up a team high 908 yards and six touchdowns on 70 receptions last season.

Adam Schefter on Twitter

Cowboys signing former Utah WR Darren Carrington, per source.

At 6021 (6' 2 1/8") and 199 pounds, Carrington is yet another athletic target with long speed for the Cowboys to work into their new-look offense. He joins Ricky Jeune as the second receiver added to the team in training camp, bringing the number of WRs on the roster to 11.

Marchie Murdock, who had two catches for the Cowboys in their preseason opener, was waived (with an injury designation) prior to these roster moves.

Tell us what you think about "Dallas Cowboys Sign WR Darren Carrington Following Workout in Oxnard" in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!

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Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Workout 6 Players, Sign OL Jacob Alsadek

Sean Martin



Dallas Cowboys Workout 6 Players, Sign OL Jacob Alsadek
(Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports)

The Dallas Cowboys did not receive good news on first-year offensive lineman Marcus Martin, as his injury suffered in San Francisco will likely require season-ending surgery. Martin was signed this offseason as a backup guard/center, and without him the Cowboys have a need for further depth up front. Working out six players at positions of need today, the team has signed former Arizona lineman Jacob Alsadek.

DEC Management on Twitter

Congratulations to #TeamDEC client @jacobalsadek on signing with @dallascowboys

This is Alsadek's second stop in the NFL, as he spent most of May with the Green Bay Packers before being released. Alsadek was the cut when the Packers signed former Cowboys Tackle Byron Bell.

Jon Machota on Twitter

Players Cowboys worked out today: Darren Carrington, WR Jacob Alsadek, OL Daronte Bouldin, OL Dominick Sanders, S Ryan Murphy, S Deron Washington, S

The 6'7", 312 pound guard went undrafted in this year's AT&T Stadium hosted draft. He was set to play in the Alliance of American Football League, with an inaugural season scheduled for February.

Now, he's a member of America's Team with a real chance to compete for a backup spot on the best offensive line in the league.

Tell us what you think about "Dallas Cowboys Workout 6 Players, Sign OL Jacob Alsadek" in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!

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