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Dallas Cowboys are the “Most” in Many Areas

Sport is one of the most lucrative branches of the global entertainment industry. No matter what sport we're talking about, it usually has fans and followers all over the world. You'd be surprised how many punters check out the betting odds in Vietnam when the NFL season starts. There are many high-profile sports teams in the world – and the most valuable of them is, for the fifth year in a row, the . According to Magazine, the team is currently worth $5.7 billion, growing a bit compared to last year's $5.5 billion, and showing a staggering 43% growth in the last six years.

The Dallas Cowboys are the “most” in more areas than just value, though.

The Most Popular NFL Team

When asked about their preferred team in the NFL, the majority of fans pointed at the Cowboys. But to make things a bit more quantifiable, though, and less subjective, here are a few numbers: the Cowboys have 8.73 million Facebook likes, 3.9 million Twitter followers, and 3.6 million followers on . But here's another statistic that shows how dedicated the Cowboys' fans are: had a total attendance of 197,313 fans for the team's home games, a full 70,000 more than the second-placed Jacksonville, representing more than a quarter of the NFL's total live attendance in the pandemic-ridden 2020.

The Dallas Cowboys are – and have been for quite some time – in the lead when it comes to NFL-related online searches and primetime TV appearances.

The Most Reliable Fans at Home

Did you see the numbers showing stadium attendance above? This shows that the Dallas Cowboys' fanbase is perhaps the most reliable today. fill the grandstands game after game, celebrating the team's victories and taking their defeats with pride.

The Cowboys can rely on their fans even when they can't come to the stadium in person. Even when the NFL's TV ratings lag behind their glory days, you can expect the Cowboys' fans to tune in whenever their team is on the glass: according to , the Cowboys' game against Washington on was the most-watched sports broadcast of the year since the in February. The broadcast attracted more than 30 million viewers. And this was not just something caused by the pandemic or something: the Cowboys had similar viewership numbers when they faced the Bills on Thanksgiving Day a year prior.

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