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It’s Time For A Hard Reset In Dallas

Let’s flashback a couple of months.

The Dallas are 3-0, dominating three of the worst teams in football three straight weeks. Ahead they have games with the , , and . Two of the top teams Dallas expects to see in January, and a “gimme” win against the Jets.

Since that very moment, post-celebration against Miami, the Dallas Cowboys have been one of the worst teams in all of football. Since that moment they are 3-7, and now look to be headed towards their first losing season in the era.

Thursday’s loss was a new low for the Jason Garrett-led Cowboys, though. Never has a Garrett coached team looked so flat, so unprepared, and so completely uninterested in such an important contest. Thursday’s loss to the Chicago Bears was the Cowboys’ third straight defeat, but this was the most pathetic of them all.

It’s time for wholesale changes in Dallas.

The Cowboys, a billion dollar franchise valued higher than any other NFL team, is run like a mom and pop shop. is the owner and , and his family members have many of the other positions of power. Jason Garrett, seemingly an extended member of the Jones family, has been the for nearly a decade. And within that entire decade, the Cowboys have yet to reach a single championship game.

Spoiler alert: it ain’t happening this season either.

Jason Garrett has to go. His message has clearly run its course in Dallas, as the players look to have tuned him out and potentially quit on him. , once thought of as one of the top head candidates in football, also needs to be on his way out. must join them, as his has been downright awful as of late.

The Cowboys desperately need an outside voice to join this organization. Someone who will come in with a fresh point of view and set of ideas. Someone who can break the bad habits which have seemingly creeped into this team. And, of course, someone who can salvage whatever talent is remaining on this .

And if hiring this someone means losing some promising young coaches like and , then so be it.

Because it is clearly time for a hard reset with the Dallas Cowboys. And while it starts at the top, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cowboys move on from some high profile players this as well.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. Totally agree on Will McClay and the coaching options (although I’d ad the Ravens OC as another choice).

    It is still beyond me why Zeke was made so rich when the line has to produce most of your yards and he can’t break tackles and no longer has breakaway speed. Jaylon clearly isn’t playing to his contract and can’t get off blocks and doesn’t understand breaking down under control and then launching the tackle.

    The fact Keith O’Quinn is not fired is the most telling evidence of front office ineptitude (except McClay). Who would think special teams would kill us so much. Tavon Austin (Mr. Do-Nothing ever) could have taken a punt late in a recent game to the house or deep into opponent territory very easily by a run up his left sideline, but makes a fair catch. The time he would have used running had to be used anyway on a subsequent play with less likelihood for success, and he had a clear path. We catch New England in a 10 man rush with Edelman as the safety who was on the other side of the field from the wide-out. The line was set and the ball could have been hiked with a command word for such an eventuality and a quick pass to the sideline to the wide-out who could have ran forever as Edelman would likely not have caught him. We weren’t prepared for such a special teams blunder from New England. We never seem to be outwitting anyone. Maher leads the league in missed field goals and now can’t keep kickoffs inbounds. We are the worst team in the NFL at starting position.

  2. Fire Garrett!

    Fire Marinelli.

    Fire Richard.

    Cut Maher.

    Demote Jerry Jones to Owner (only).

    Demote Kellen Moore, and fire him if necessary.

    Promote Will McClay to GM

    Hire Urban Meyer or Lincoln Reilly as Head Coach.

    Trade Dak, Zeke, and DLaw – all to the same team if necessary to get a top 5 pick. Pick up Burrow, Trevor Lawrence, Hurts, or even Tua as the team’s new qb – let the new head coach choose his favorite.

    Fire Garrett again.

    Give new head coach full latitude in staffing all coaching positions.

    Use the hundreds of millions dollars saved by trading Zeke, Dak, and DLaw to bring in top FA talent. RB, DE, Safety,, and decent backup qb.

    Ban Garrett from The Star and AT&T Stadium. Forever.

  3. I have been a cowboys fan for over 50 yrs , I usually know when they have bad teams. But I was excited about this year. It’s one of the most disappointing years that I have watched them . Jason Garret has to go now not tomorrow now. I watch the team on the side lines only player getting mad is Jason witten , Jaylon Smith waving to the cameras on the sidelines

  4. Totally agree, Kevin. Having grown up in Houston/Austin, I was always a Cowboys fan—but, not anymore. Jerry Jones has truly gotten senile, and is close to paranoia right now as well. Forget about the forest through the trees, he’s so oblivious now he couldn’t fall out of a boat and hit water!
    Jason Garrett simply can’t coach there, anymore. He’s a nice guy, but clearly the players don’t respect him and won’t play for him… Most guys don’t get 10 yrs to figure things out….. Time to really shake things up, and hold EVERYONE accountable… And, I wish the fans would send Mr. Jones a strong message by NOT showing up for any more games…..make him lose a few tens of millions $$. JB

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