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Kellen Moore Will Face the Most Critical Season of his Coaching Career in 2022

has been the architect of two No. 1 offenses in the last three seasons for the . That has led to him being one of the most sought-after potential head coaches across the NFL landscape for the .

Moore has interviewed with the , , , and for their head vacancies. He's scheduled for a second with the Dolphins, but according to Aaron Wilson of Pro Football Network, Moore isn't expected to get a job as a at the moment.

Now that Moore will likely stay in Dallas, the 2022 season is the most important of his career. It's obvious that he wants to be the head man someday for an NFL franchise, but if he can't show that he can consistently get one unit ready, there's no way he'll be able to handle all three phases of a football team.

In the first six weeks of the , the Cowboys' was on fire averaging 34.1 points and 460.8 yards per game. They finished as the top unit in both categories, but after their (Week 7) the numbers started to dwindle a bit. Ultimately, Moore's offense picked the worst time to look flat when they took on the in the wild-card round. They produced a minuscule 17 points, nearly half of the 31.2 points they averaged for this season.

The main reason for this decline was predictability. Teams started to figure out some of Moore's concepts, and when things didn't go well, he failed to adjust far too many times. His running plays lacked any creativity and he didn't scheme to get the ball to his playmakers in the enough.

only had one reception for 21 yards on just four targets against the 49ers in the . Hall of Famer and Cowboys legend was critical of his former team and how they abandoned Lamb, which is an indictment on Moore.

“There was a lot of single coverage on CeeDee Lamb,” Aikman said. “If it was back when I was playing — and I hate going back to that point because nobody cares — but what I see around the league… a lot of these offenses, they want to scheme things. The coordinators, it’s all about scheme rather than this corner is playing soft, he’s scared to death. Just run the route tree. Just run a comeback. Run a dig route. Run a curl. Run anything. And you’re going to complete the pass whenever you want, and [Michael] Irvin would have had 10 catches at halftime if they played us the way that they played CeeDee Lamb in that game. So, I just don’t quite understand that.”

It's things of this nature that will keep Moore from getting a head coaching job. No team, regardless of the state of the franchise, will feel confident giving Moore the responsibility to handle an entire roster if he can't have his offense prepared or make adjustments during the most important time of the season, the playoffs.

Moore has to take his play-calling wizardry, which he does have regardless of his struggles from time to time, to another level. Not only because he wants to be a head coach someday, but he needs to make sure he keeps his job as offensive coordinator in Dallas for the foreseeable future.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Ethan L Chazin

So predictable play-calling citing all of one example, Ceedee against the 9ers and precitable running plays?


It’s amazing how in the early games when the offense looked good, most folks were raving about Moore. Then when things go south, “teams figured out Moore”??? Genius to goat. Not totally buying it. If DP sees “soft single coverage” on a WR, he can switch the call, right.

Players ON THE FIELD have to execute. When they don’t, they usually lose. Enough with the excuses, it’s always something every year.

Lawrence C. Baker

Dak Prescott is not the Offensive Coordinator! Kellen Moore is! There’s a reason he’s still in Dallas and not a Head Coach elsewhere. He’s overrated first of all. It’s amazing how he became the Cowboys Quarterbacks Coach after he couldn’t beat out Prescott for the Quarterback job in the first place. Good enough to supervise someone, but not better than that person when it comes to actually doing the job. He should have go e back to Boise State as Head Coach. If he’s as smart as everybody thinks he is, the NFL would’ve been ringing his phone off the hook at Boise State.


I am not suggesting Moore is not culpable in the way the offense seemed to stagnate, but I think a lot of focus needs to be on the qb who cannot execute when needed. I would like to see what Moore’s offense and play calling would look like with a qb who can put it on a dime rather than behind or over his receivers many times.


More time in the pocket would help immensely!

Chuck DiPasquale

The Cowboys need to rebuild their offensive line. Zack Martin is the only good asset we have. Smith is done. He is constantly hurt and when he plays he is a shell of what he once was. The other 2 are not worth mentioning. Until this is solved, forget about Moore.

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