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The Cowboys Should Target Erik Ezukanma in the NFL Draft

If the Cowboys want to draft a receiver in the later rounds of the , a West Texas prospect could be a strong option.

Texas Tech’s , one of the more underrated wide receivers in this year’s draft, is an intriguing prospect. He has a diverse skillset and has a great combination of size and athleticism. With a wide catch radius and strong hands, Ezukanma can haul in almost any pass thrown his way. He can leap to high point a pass or stretch out to catch a difficult pass thrown outside.

Not only does Ezukanma have strong hands, but he’s also dangerous after the catch. Ezukanma lined up primarily in the slot for Texas Tech and was relied on to generate yards after the catch. Thanks to his explosiveness off the line of scrimmage and elusiveness in space, he was able to do that, averaging 24.8 yards per catch. Considering he didn’t get the chance to run many deep routes, that’s extremely impressive. He's a physical receiver as well, able to bounce off tacklers and churn his legs for more yardage.

In addition to his catch radius and yards after catch ability, Ezukanma is also a strong possession receiver. After losing , a possession receiver is a need for Dallas, especially in the where Ezukanma thrives. It’s arguably his strongest trait, as he’s better in the middle of the field than any other area. Able to quickly get open, he’s a reliable red-zone target.

He definitely wouldn’t start for the Cowboys, at least in his first couple of years. But, Dallas severely lacks depth at . Ezukanma can help solve that problem. He’s a dominant receiver who can be used all over the field. Ideally, Ezukanma plays as a where he can show off his skills the best. With and lining up on the outside, Ezukanma can complement them well on the inside. He’s got massive potential and the Cowboys could use a receiver like him.

Nick Coppola
Nick Coppola
Student at the University of Oklahoma. Reporter for OU Daily. Junior Writer for Inside The Star. Contributor for Guns Up Nation.

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I love it!!!

But…in what Round should the Cowboys target Ezukanma?


WR class is very deep and very good this year, which favors our team that needs WR help. This kid looks good and tough, with great size and appears to have good strength. However, these contested catch specialists are a little hard to gauge. If taken in the “right” round, could be a very good addition. Would not “reach” for him, as there will be numerous very good prospects available next week. But I like the fight in him and would not mind at all if he is picked.

BTW Nick, if I’m reading it right, you may want to check that 24.8 yards per catch number.

Robert Raisor

Man we need a quick slot guy to pair with our two outside targets. I’m a huge Kentucky football fan and the last 6 years have been the best I’ve ever seen in my 38 years. That being said I hope if the boys take a Reciever it’s Ron’dale Robinson. The guys electric with the ball in his hands. He would make for that great check down busted play guy. Also great as a high-school running back so he can hit a sweep for big gains. Also a deep threat. Teams will pass him up and it will be a regret. Think Randal Cobb but quicker and more of a big play threat. Also if he is thill around Darian Kinard is a helluva o-line man. We need depth and he could be a big piece for years to come.

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