The Dak Knight Rises — Dak Prescott and the Cowboys’ offense tame the Bears

    and the Cowboys’ have faced questions all season long, with many people wondering if this offense was ever going to put it together, and if they were good enough to win games without having to rely on the .

    Those questions seemed to have been answered, as Dak Prescott and the Cowboys’ offense were firing on all cylinders during their 49-29 victory over the .

    The Cowboys’ offense scored six touchdowns and fixed their third down miscues, converting on 81.82% of every third down in the game. Dak Prescott and the Cowboys’ offense marched down the field on their first four drives, scoring 28 points and were manhandling the Chicago in the process. Dak Prescott finished the day with a prolific stat record, completing 21 of his 27 passes for 250 yards, two touchdowns, and a rushing touchdown.

    Eyebrows have been raised over the last two seasons when Dak Prescott returned from his ankle he suffered in 2020, wondering when would utilize Dak Prescott’s rushing ability in the . Well, the Cowboys finally re-discovered Prescott’s athletic abilities, as Prescott rushed for 34 yards on five attempts with one touchdown. When the Cowboys get Dak Prescott going and utilizing his legs, that amplifies this Cowboys’ offense and the play-calling possibilities become endless for Kellen Moore.

    Dak Prescott’s performance showcased exactly what the difference is between himself and . Prescott was slicing through the Bears’ all game and making throws that Rush simply couldn’t. Take a look at the toughness from Prescott on his QB sneak that went for 25 yards in the second quarter:

    Dak Prescott brings a toughness and a gritty mentality to this team. When the Cowboys’ offense sees their leader tuck his head and bulldoze through defenders for a long gain – you know they are ready for war.

    When the Cowboys had the #1 offense in the league last year, the Cowboys were averaging 31.2 points-per-game. This year without Dak Prescott under , the Cowboys didn't score over 25 points one time without Prescott in the lineup. In just his second game back from his thumb injury he suffered in week one, Prescott helped this team put up 49 points.

    The Chicago Bears’ defense came into this game as the second ranked defense in the league against the pass, and they simply had no answers for Prescott and the Cowboys’ offense. What we saw from the Cowboys on Sunday should be all the validation we needed to know going into the second half of the season.

    As “The Dak Knight” continues to rise for the Cowboys’ and their offense, this performance will serve as proof that this Cowboys’ team is a juggernaut and they are striking fear into the rest of the league.

    Christian Cline
    Christian Cline
    Cowboys advocate since '96 / WKU Alumni / Former TV Villain / Follow me on Twitter @ChristianCline


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    That was a heck of an offensive performance against the Bears. The only negatives was Kellen Moore calling a pass play with 40 seconds left until halftime with a 14 point lead was just DOWNRIGHT RIDICULOUS!!! Mike McCarthy allowing it to happen was even more STUPID THAN THE PLAY CALL itself. Next, WHAT IN THE HELL is Kelvin Joseph doing on the field with the defense ??? Kid’s a TRUE STINKER!!!!


    “This year without DP under center, the Cowboys only scored over 20 points one time without DP in the lineup”. Really, am I reading that right?

    Dallas 23 – Giants 16
    Dallas 25 – Wash 10
    Dallas 22 – Rams 10

    I get most of the article writers here love to pump up DP, it’s part of the hype machine, but why the need to disrespect Rush, who may have SAVED the season. And BTW, the Bears are not a good team. Their RUN DEFENSE ranks 31st, next to last in the league. TP ran all over them, and that was a big part of this win.

    DP played well, give him credit, and he does run better. But he had 250 passing yards, which is not very dissimilar to a CR “game manager” type performance.

    And DP’s first game of the year, vs Bucs:
    134 passing yards, 0 TDs, 1 Int. and 3 points.


    Hey Christian, when I say “hype machine” I am not singling out anyone in particular. It’s just the NFL, and the sport MSM, that has to keep certain players and/or teams in focus, for their ratings, and the popular Cowboys being one on the top of that list. I’m not rooting “against” any Cowboy player, I just think that DP is one of those players that is not playing up to that hype OR his compensation (and clearly, I am not the only one, as even former Cowboys have voiced negative opinions on this player). That unfounded compensation that has caused the Cowboys to lose many key players due to cap limitations. If a player gets that type of compensation that he squeezed out of his team, and then is not able to produce equivalent results, he is open to fair criticism, as the “most important player on the team”, IMO

    DP has a habit of talking about “accountability” at pressers after losses. What is wrong with fans wanting some accountability also? After all, aren’t they indirectly paying these players’ salaries with their purchases directly to the team (stadium tickets, league/team merchandise, etc, etc, etc) and with the added increases to the sponsors’ products on the networks that carry the games AND thru cable TV bills, etc, etc, etc.

    Is there any denying that he has led the team to only one playoff win, as “the most important player on the team” in now his seventh year? That’s not a small sample size and these overused worn-out excuses are getting old.

    Bottom line, it’s not about CR vs DP, although some will make a case there (especially compensation wise). It’s about DP producing results equivalent to his perceived talent level and his compensation. Up to now, it’s not been there. IMO.