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Time for Cowboys To Use Dak Prescott’s Running Skills?

While many changes are expected to take place in the Dallas Cowboys organization pretty soon, one thing seems to be clear. Dak Prescott will remain the starting quarterback for years to come, despite having yet to sign any kind of extension. Whether he's franchise tagged before next season or signed to a long-term contract, he isn't going anywhere.

Through almost four seasons in the NFL, Prescott has proven he's a good quarterback. He's far from an elite player, but that's not something bad at all. Sure, every team in the league would love to have an elite signal-caller but you can be a serious contender without one.

Dak has a lot of areas to improve on, but he's shown fans around the league that he has the arm talent, skills and poise to have success. However, there's one talent he hasn't exploited in his professional career.

As we've watched the take the league by storm with QB , I can't stop wondering about Prescott's skills as a runner. Jackson has been unbelievable running the ball as well as passing it in a season in which he has positioned himself as a top candidate. Many have compared him to the likes of , but Jackson seems different… better.

You see, the Ravens as an organization have bought in to let him run the ball. In a league that's widely scared of watching quarterbacks tuck it and run it, Johh Harbaugh's team has shown confidence in Jackson's body.

The game of football is often compared to a long, long chess match between offenses and defenses as they try to evolve to beat each other out. I've always been intrigued about the future of the NFL and what's the next “big thing.”

With filled with dual-threat quarterbacks, I'm a firm believer that soon that will be the main style of quarterbacks we'll be watching on Sunday. A guy who can keep defenses on check by running the ball is a huge advantage from a strategic standpoint. But the fear of having your star QB injured is a reasonable one.

The Ravens fear not, though, and it's paying off. .

I'd love to watch the Cowboys bet on Dak Prescott's legs to exploit his talent even more. Now, I'm not saying he'll be as effective as Jackson has been this season, but Dak has had success as a dual-threat guy since he was at Mississippi State.

In his short NFL career, Prescott has thrown on the run accurately. He's put on a few extremely impressive plays when scrambling. He has a strong body and has never been seriously injured in his career. But we don't see him run that often, let alone on designed run plays.

The Cowboys staff is not known for being aggressive, but I wonder if that'll change when the team brings in someone new. Prescott is pretty good, but perhaps he could be even better if the Cowboys let him be a dual-threat QB.

What do you think?

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Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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  1. I think with a serious offensive coordinator Dak could be a elite QB, he has all the skills but the Cowboys under Garrett have ALWAYS underperformed. There is literally no reason why the Cowboys can be stopped on offense with a great rb, o-line and serious receivers and a confident thinking Qb named Dak Prescott

  2. I’m sure everyone wants to be paid top money regardless of your profession. When you sit before your superiors evaluation time you want top dollar. Each of you want top dollar and you should ask for top dollar because one thing is for darn sure if you don’t …. you sure as heck will not receive it. And I guarantee some of your peers will think you don’t deserve it. Dak deserves every penny he can get. You always start your bidding from the top. They claim to be America Team. Top NFL Franchise in worth. You darn right he should ask for the money. You can’t blow yourself up. Then turn around and say I’m broke. No no no. It doesn’t work that way. Pay Papa Jerry. Some of you stop being afraid to ask for more the money. You may be able to quit that part time job. Just saying.

  3. I’ve been saying this all year.. he’s needs to run just enough to make the defense worry about him taking off.. not saying he needs to run 10 times a game!!!! Just a couple RPOs or QB draws..

  4. Running NFL QBs are a flash in the pan, they’re exciting for a short time then they are either hampered by injuries, or gone, or both.
    College teams run QBs more because they are not long term, big money investments. 3-4 years maybe, then it’s someone else’s turn.
    Elite QBs like Brady, Brees, Rogers, P. Manning rely on their line to protect them and give them time to find a weakness in a defense. If the Cowboys end up paying Prescott big money, and they will, they better find a way to protect him. If they start exploring his running abilities they better find a good back-up QB.

  5. I have wondered all year about his lack of running. I believe he is protecting himself by not exposing himself to being hit. He does not have the security of a long term deal so why should he put himself at risk. The problem for the Cowboys is that Dak and his agent believe he is elite and want him to be paid accordingly. He is a great leader, an above average passer but not elite and could be an effective dual threat qb if he wanted to be. He is not in Brady’s, Wilson’s or Lamar Jackson’s league and the Cowboys must not be conned into paying him like he is.

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