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Jalen Ramsey: Should the Cowboys make a play for the playmaker?

Many still think he is the best cornerback in all of football. Trading for him would solve a huge problem the Cowboys have going into this off-season. This would put two stars on each side of the secondary.

Imagining If the Cowboys Actually Drafted Jalen Ramsey in the 2016 NFL Draft

In a recent interview with the Pivot Podcast, hosted by former NFL stars Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor, Los Angeles Rams Cornerback Jalen Ramsey said the Dallas Cowboys were promising...

WR Michael Gallup: “Just Trying To Get My Hand Free” Vs Jalen Ramsey

The Cowboys' season opening loss to the Rams ended in one of the more controversial ways possible, with the referees deciding to take away what would've set up at least the game...

Amari Cooper Ready for Challenge vs CB Jalen Ramsey

The Dallas Cowboys top receiver Amari Cooper has been dealing with a hamstring issue that has limited him in training camp. Fortunately, though, all signs point to him playing Sunday in the...

Could Cowboys Have Another “Ezekiel Elliott vs. Jalen Ramsey” Debate?

The debate over "Ezekiel Elliott vs. Jalen Ramsey" for from the 2016 NFL Draft has never really stopped in Dallas. From before that draft until now, Cowboys fans still argue over which...

Tweet Break: Best of #Cowboys Twitter for May 20th

It's currently one of the slowest times in the NFL off season, as we drudge through May while looking ahead to the Dallas Cowboys' training camp later on this summer. The great world of Twitter is helping Cowboys Nation get through this downtime with plenty of great -and at times not so great - Cowboys content. With that, let's jump right in to this week's best of the best. The Cowboys had their home run derby to raise money for the Salvation Army on Tuesday, and above are some of the best tweets from the event. While Mike Fisher's Cowboys news is always on point, we may need him to find an additional source to confirm that Tyron Smith is actually swinging a baseball bat in that first video and not a toothpick.

Cowboys Draft: Please Say No To Jalen Ramsey

It's finally that time. The 2016 NFL Draft is just hours away and we will finally know exactly who the Dallas Cowboys will be adding to their 2016 roster. By now you've probably already heard the names that have been linked to the Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott, Joey Bosa, and Jalen Ramsey. If you're anything like me, you've done as much research on these three prospects as possible and should have a pretty good idea of each player strengths and weaknesses.

Tweet Break: Best of #Cowboys Twitter For Apr. 22nd

Today is April 22nd. You already knew that, though. You also knew that, despite the NBA and NHL playoffs being well underway, the NFL has dominated the news over the past couple of days. Reason being, the draft is just 6 days away, Josh Norman is suddenly a free agent, and players are reporting back to their team's facilities to being preparation for the 2016 campaign. Of course, all of these things drew plenty of attention from Cowboys Nation faithful on Twitter.

Rumor Mill: Dallas Cowboys Coaches Like Ezekiel Elliott

When you're approximately a week away from the NFL Draft... any and every thought that is said out loud, mentioned to a friend, or floated out as a hypothetical is worth a discussion. The latest...

Tweet Break: Best of #Cowboys Twitter for Apr. 15th

What a past couple of days we have had in the National Football League! Since it goes without saying you've been reading everything we have to say about the Dallas Cowboys here...

Cowboys Sign RFA Jeff Heath to 4 Year Deal

It has been said throughout numerous NFL off seasons that the teams that re-sign their own free agents are the ones that win. By that logic, the Dallas Cowboys should be doing...

Full List Of NFL Draft Attendees

The NFL Draft kicks off on April 28th and we will all be watching very excitedly. 25 young men will be watching in person hoping to hear their names called so that they...
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