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Way-too-early 2021 Complete 7-round Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft

Dallas Cowboys 2021 mock draft prediction.

Suffering from the bye week blues? Miss watching the Dallas Cowboys downward spiraling 2020 play? Well, I have the solution that will hopefully brighten your day or at the very least give you something to think about for the future. It comes in the form of a way-too-early 2021 mock draft for the Cowboys.

If you’re anything like me, probably not, you used the Dallas Cowboys bye week to evaluate potential positions of need beyond the 2020 season. Not only did I do that, but I took it a step further and started playing around with The Draft Network’s mock draft machine to try to fill those needs. Below is an attempt I would be more than happy to see come to fruition.

Let’s take a look… Shall we?

Round 1, Pick 4: OT Penei Sewell, Oregon

With Tyron Smith’s inability to remain healthy for an entire season and his long-term health in question after undergoing neck surgery, finding his replacement is important and it could start and end Penei Sewell. The Oregon LT has been described as a generational type player and should be able to step in Day 1 as the blindside protector for the Dallas Cowboys long-term QB Dak Prescott.

Round 2, Pick 36: CB Shaun Wade, Ohio State

Shaun Wade somehow slips out of the first-round and right into the lap of the Dallas Cowboys in the second. This would no doubt be a dream come true. Wade (6’1″, 194) is the next impressive Ohio State CB to take their talents to the NFL. He would bring inside/out versatility to the Cowboys secondary and would give them a really good young duo if paired with Trevon Diggs.

Round 3, Pick 68: DT Tyler Shelvin, LSU

Dontari Poe didn’t quite work out as the big-bodied DT the Dallas Cowboys had envisioned, but at 6’3″, 362 pounds Tyler Shelvin has the makings to be just that. He doesn’t offer much as far as a pass rush is concerned, but he’s a massive and powerful run defender who is not going to be moved easily. The Cowboys LBs wouldn’t have to fight through trash with him clogging the middle.

Round 4, Pick 99: S Caden Sterns, Texas

The Dallas Cowboys will need one, possibly two new starting safeties in 2021 and Caden Sterns has ability to step in immediately as a Day 1 starter. He is instinctive and smart in the passing game and is equally as comfortable in a man or zone coverage. He needs to work on his physicality as a downhill run defender, but that should improve once coached up better in the NFL.

Round 4, Pick 105: EDGE Shaka Toney, Penn State

At 6’3″, 240 pounds Shaka Toney is an impressive natural athlete. He is a twitched up edge rusher with good first step quickness and speed to challenge opposing OTs around the edge. He will likely need to add a little muscle to his frame to help him as a run defender, but that’s easily enough accomplished. He’s an ascending prospect with a high ceiling worthy of a mid-round pick.

Round 4, Pick 136: LB Baron Browning, Ohio State

At 6’3″, 248 pounds Baron Browning would fit right in with Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch as far as a height/weight/speed LB is concerned. With need for more depth Browning’s side to side line quickness and read/react skill set could earn him an early role as a rookie with the Cowboys. He has the makings of a three-down LB if he can become more consistent.

Round 5, Pick 174: OL Alaric Jackson, Iowa

There’s something about Iowa offensive lineman and Alaric Jackson is as intriguing as any of them. Jackson played LT with the Hawkeyes, but will likely have to kick over to the right side if he remains at tackle in the NFL. Long-term kicking inside may be in his best interest and that’s where I think he would be most impactful with the Dallas Cowboys.

Round 6, Pick 190: CB T.J. Carter, Memphis

Double dip at the CB position!? I think so. T.J. Carter is a loose hipped, quick footed CB with good long speed. The 5’11”, 190 pound DB was left on an island during his time at Memphis and excelled due to his man coverage skills. He also has exceptional ball skills. He would provide much-needed depth with the Cowboys and could potentially earn a significant role as a rookie.

Round 6, Pick 219: WR Dazz Newsome, North Carolina

With Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and CeeDee Lamb the Dallas Cowboys are pretty set at WR, but with only Cedrick Wilson as the only proven commodity behind them depth could be needed in 2021. Dazz Newsome would provide just that. The 5’11”, 190 pound receiver is a threat on all three levels of the field from the slot and easily creates separation. He is extremely QB friendly.

Round 7, Pick 225: S Leon O’Neil Jr., Texas A&M

Leon O’Neill Jr. could reunite with former teammate Donovan Wilson and DB coach Maurice Linquist if drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. He is a fiery hard-hitting safety prospect with traits worth developing. He will initially make his mark on special teams, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he emerges as a starting caliber candidate at strong safety.

What do you think?

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Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. Like your draft except for your to safety picks. And I am a big Texas fan but I am not a Caden Stearns fan at all he is weak in both man and zone coverage and has regressed his entire career. The Aggie safety too slow to play at the NFL level

  2. Not bad Brian! I’d rather have a better safety, possibly in round 3 as I feel like we have no true starting caliber safety on the roster right now. Really like Moehrig from TCU but he may be gone in the 2nd. Like Cisco from Syracuse too, as both are true center field type free safeties. Then go DT in the 4th since you’re right, we need a big bodied 1Tech to pair with Gallimore and Hill. I’m really digging Slaton from Florida.

  3. Like this draft with a small exception. After round one I would suggest all defense and special teams. We have enough invested in offense and the defense needs a lot of improvement

  4. I’d be happy with this haul, I might’ve taken a running back instead of a receiver with the second pick in the 6th, but that’s nitpicking.

  5. I know many will disagree with going offense with P Sewell from Oregon. But if he offers the most value it’s certainly a position of need. He may be the best player in the draft all things considered. T Smith is done and we saw the domino effect on our team when our OL fell apart.

    I still think there is a good chance we trade down. We have alot of holes to fill so extra picks would be nice. But with that said we need a high impact player with that 1st pick and I suspect it will be on the defensive side of the ball unless we opt for Sewell or luck into one of the top 2 QBs.

    I wouldn’t take DBs Surtain or Farley in the top five, but if we trade down they might be a good choice. Again the two top QBs and Sewell would be the only one’s I would consider in the top 5 or (maybe Parsons). Otherwise try to trade down and fleece a QB hungry team that wants to teach for Wilson or Lance, then see what value there is in our positions of need. We have so many needs at so many positions (especially D) we shouldn’t need to “reach” for players.

  6. I really like the baron Browning pick. He was 5 star outta high school and has been playing outta position at SLB the last couple years which hurt him tremendously. He still put up good stats but not where he should be. He’s at weak side linebacker this year where he always shoulda been. So he’s basically a 3rd DE and a fast side line to side line coverage LB. He could be our TJ Watt that we never drafted and should have.

  7. I would’ve went in a totally different direction!! I understand why you would choose Sewell in the 1st round, but we need a shut down corner too bad to pass on one early in the draft!! I do like Shawn Wade, but he’s not gonna be that kind of corner!! If it was me I’d take Patrick Surtain in the 1st round and then pick Javon Holland in the 2nd round and then go with an OT in the 3rd round and then take defense the rest of the way!! We’re gonna lose Chido, Woods and Lewis in free agency, so we’re gonna need at least 2 corners and a safety!! And another thing is that Diggs is gonna be a good corner, but he’s not gonna be that shut down corner that we need and lost in Byron Jones, so that’s why I think we NEED to pick Surtain in the 1st round!!

  8. If one of top two QBs are gone, I would consider Wilson. Outside of that, you could get a game changer on defense and also get a very good OT (btw, who played well against Chase Young). Of course, our draft position is fluid.

    LB, M Parsons, Penn St
    OT, J Mayfield, Michigan
    CB, D Kendrick, Clemson
    S, A Washington, TCU
    DT, T Slaton, FL
    LB, J Cox, LSU
    RB, J Patterson, Buffalo
    CB, C Bynum, Cal
    G, R Newman, Miss
    QB, KJ Costello, Miss St
    DT, J Scott, OR

  9. VAM- How high would you be willing to draft Wilson? Top 5? Are u willing to risk burning what may turn out to be the highest draft pick the cowboys may have for many yrs on a QB who competes against Northern Alabama, Western Kentucky, Texas St and Univ of Tx at San Antonio. Weak conference and weak opponents. He seems to have good tools and the experts are high on him, but curiously they never mention his level of competition. For that type of investment a comprehensive assessment is imperative.

    I’m on board with Lawrence or Fields if we get lucky enuf to be in position to draft one of them, but Wilson seems like a reach especially in the top 5. I could be wrong about him, but I know we have to hit big time on that 1st pick. If we can’t get one of the top two QBs I would consider trading down a bit, pick up extra picks and hope Parsons or Surtain is available. Teams get desperate for QBs as the top of the 1st rd progresses. Rather than reach for Wilson maybe entice a team to make u a sweet offer to move up for him?

    But with all that said, as I’ve said all along any and every thing should be on the table. I’m willing to consider any scenario if it benefits the team.

  10. Hey Gary b, you make some good points, as usual. I would probably not draft him in the top five. Top ten, maybe. I do not think we will have a top five pick. I may be optimistic, but I think we will get two or three more wins. That would put us maybe somewhere in the top ten. Then would have to really crunch the numbers on this guy. I want to see the best possibly draft result for our team also. I get BYU does not play the better teams, however that is what on their schedule, and he really beats these teams up badly, as he should. So his evaluation should take all this into account. Again, I do not see us with a realistic shot at top two, so if front office wants to unload DP and his potential contract badly enough, than Wilson may be the logical player. If they don’t, then probably load up on defensive picks as I did in my “way to early” mock. Parsons would be a great start then, if available, IMO.

  11. Maybe strike a deal with miami at 8 and 21 for the 4. If Penei fals draft him and kick tires on Tron offers. Last years rumors of Tron for Jamaal Adams really makes me regret not kicking those tires. When healthy he’s lights out, but only for 6-9 games a season

  12. Just about every player you picked up through the 4th Rd I have also picked in several of my mock drafts. There’s one player I would LOVE for us to draft but the way it’s looking we would have to do so in the 2nd Rd. Chazz Surratt LB from North Carolina (UNC)
    What do you think about Chazz Surratt from UNC?

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