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2020 Will be the Toughest Draft the Cowboys have Ever Faced

While the world adjusts to how is affecting them, the are in a weird position. Their whole habit has changed. There’s a new , they’ve only had limited in-person contact with players and personnel for about a month and the only time they’ve spent with any prospects was the or who they met with at the Combine. All of this leading up to what will likely be the toughest draft the Cowboys have ever had to do.

We all saw how gave the sporting world a break from what was going on outside and allowed them to forget for a bit. Even though there were no actual sports on, the link to the NFL gave it so much attention. With that in mind, the draft will probably be paid just as much if not more attention to, even despite the changes to the broadcasting format.

Up to this point, the only in-person contact the Cowboys have had with prospects have been the 36 players they met with between the Senior Bowl and the NFL .

Aside from any of these players, all of this year’s official visits have come via Skype. It likely won’t be an all-day thing like most of the 30 official visits are and thus won’t be able to show off the facilities or some of the big names in the organization.

What’s worse is that what was going to be a smaller war room for the draft has all but ended. Originally, the idea was that Commissioner Goodell would announce the picks and each team would allow their facilities to host a draft day team of only a small, select group; likely the owner, , , both coordinators, assistant head coach, etc. in order to comply with the less than 10 person group rule.

However, it was announced on Saturday that not only would the draft still take place from April 23-25 as scheduled but now teams won’t be allowed in their facilities for it either. These drafts will essentially be done with everyone at home, away from everyone else.

More than likely Owners/GMs will invite the head coach and select personnel to their homes for the draft process but it still limits all the people they’d like to be in attendance, meaning phone calls both in and out of the organization will take up most of the time.

It looks as if and the whole scouting department are really going to earn their money this time.

With limited contact with players, all of their picks will have to be largely based on film studies. They’ve done a great job in recent memory of picking great players, but this year they will be relied upon even more.

The number of reasons why this year's draft will be different, bringing on new challenges, difficulties, and inability to be with people in-person is going to affect the Cowboys and the entire league. With this new draft format, no , relying on players to keep themselves in shape, and trying to come to an agreement among player selections when people can’t even be in the same room is going to show its ugly side.

Hopefully, the Cowboys are doing their homework more than ever.

There will always be challenges but when outside forces bring themselves into the room with you, only the strong survive.

Shane Carter
Shane Carter
Lifelong Cowboys fan, who doesn’t mind telling the harsh truth. I’ve got a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Media and Communications from Texas Tech University. I welcome all opinions but I will shut down any troll.

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Ken Lebert

Wonder if the NFL will allow for more time between picks? Would have to think with personal scattered all over, information / data may not be available to them as quick as prior drafts.
Can only imagine the nightmare it’ll cause if a teams loses internet contact with a member of their staff during the draft, especially if their on the clock.

Donald G. Skipper

A great job in recent memory of picking great players? Seriously? Taco Charlton, Leighton Van der Esch, Connor Williams and Trysten Hill were he most recent top picks.

Charlton and Hill are busts. Williams is the very weak link in the OL and Leighton had well known neck issues at Boise State.

Stephen gregory

You are correct in your assessment. I still think the jury is out on Leighton until we see how he has recovered from his surgery. Having had four spinal surgeries myself, it’s hard to imagine anyone coming back better than before but he is young, an athlete and probably has more resources available to him than what is available to the average Joe. Prayers for him and all of us with Covid 19.

Ruben Trevino

Draft your elite Center!! and Safety!! Trade your 3rd thru 7th for late 1st or early 2nd for one of top Safetys !!

Mr. Cowboys 1966

I can see the Cowboys drafting a wide receiver

Tony Baker

I still like the idea of the Cowboys trading for Jamal Adams (Safety, New York Jets). Use there #1 this year. Adams will be a free agent at the end of this upcoming year and the Jets can’t afford to let him walk without some compensation.

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