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2021 Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft: Pre-Playoff Edition

Complete Dallas Cowboys 7-round mock draft.

Nothing seems to pick up spirits after disappointing season more than the potential free agency and the NFL Draft brings each offseason. This especially rings true for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys had a disastrous 2020 season. Early injuries and poor play pretty much doomed them from the get-go and unfortunately they were never able to recover. But, a new year brings new hope and 2021 is full of possibilities.

Free agency and the 2021 NFL Draft will weigh heavily on how this team plays next season. The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of holes to fill on their roster and how they go about plugging those holes will determine their future success.

With that in mind, I thought we had some fun today and use The Draft Network’s mock draft simulator to attempt to upgrade Dallas’ roster. According to TDN, the Cowboys will have 10 draft picks to work with in each of the seven rounds.

Continue reading below to see how things turned out…

Round 1 (10th overall)

CB Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech

Caleb Farley is a popular player being linked to the Dallas Cowboys right now with the 10th overall pick. As far as what NFL teams look for in a CB he checks all of the boxes as far as size, speed, and athleticism are concerned. Because of that he may be off the board already by the time Dallas is on the clock. If he still available though the Cowboys shouldn’t waste any time writing his name on the draft card or turning it in.

Round 2 (42nd overall)

OT Alex Leatherwood, Alabama

The Dallas Cowboys sadly can no longer depend on Tyron Smith staying healthy. No one really knows how he’s going to recuperate from neck surgery. Dallas needs to seriously consider finding Smith’s replacement sooner than later. Alex Leatherwood could very well be that player. He’s gone up against the best of the best in the SEC and come out on top more times than not. Making the transition to the NFL should be relatively easy for him.

Round 3 (74th overall)

LB Chazz Surratte, North Carolina

Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch are both coming off disappointing 2020 seasons and depth behind them is virtually nonexistent. The Dallas Cowboys would be wise to invest in LB help early and Chazz Surratte is an intriguing option. The former QB turned LB is one of the more interesting players in the entire draft and has all the intangibles/tools needed to contribute early, possibly start as a rookie. He’s just so happens to be one of my favorite LBs in the entire draft class.

Round 3 (99th overall)

S Andre Cisco, Syracuse

With Donovan Wilson all but locked in as the starting strong safety next year the Dallas Cowboys can shift their focus to finding his counterpart at free safety. Andre Cisco should be that player in my opinion. He has elite ball production skills and led the ACC in interceptions in both 2018 and 2019. Unfortunately his 2020 season was cut short due to a season-ending ACL injury, but he should be fully recuperated by the time the draft evaluation process gets underway.

Round 4 (111th overall)

QB Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati

The Dallas Cowboys had serious in-depth conversations about Jalen Hurts last year, which leads me to believe they wouldn’t hesitate selecting a QB they like at some point in the draft. Desmond Ridder could be such a QB. He has dual threat ability just like Dak Prescott and a live arm to make all the throws in the NFL. His value as a backup and potential trade asset down the road outweighs what a veteran would bring in experience in my opinion. Plus, the offense wouldn’t need to change much if Prescott had to miss time for whatever reason.

Round 4 (136th overall)

DT Tedarrell Slaton, Florida

The Dallas Cowboys need to upgrade their defensive line in the worst way. They finished dead last in the league in 2020 stopping the run for a reason. Tedarrell Slaton has the potential to step in and immediately help in that area from Day 1. He is the big bodied, space eating DT this defense has missed for years now. His addition would help keep the LBs clean to make plays behind him and free up the Cowboys pass rushers as well. His ability to clog up the middle would be a huge asset.

Round 5 (174th overall)

EDGE Patrick Johnson, Tulane

At this point in the draft I’m looking for players with starting potential who can play special teams and provide depth while they develop. Patrick Johnson is a player who has all of that and more. During his time at Tulane he was used as an off-ball LB, an edge rusher, and even played on the interior of the defensive line as well. He is a developmental prospect with upside who should excel on special teams, which only adds to his value in my opinion.

Round 6 (185th overall)

C Tyler Linderbaum, Iowa

The Dallas Cowboys have found their starting center of the future in Tyler Biadasz, but with Joe Looney possibly leaving in free agency they could use some depth behind him. Tyler Linderbaum is a formal defensive tackle turned center who is tapped full potential. Like a lot of Iowa offensive lineman he is well coached and has a background in wrestling and it shows up on tape. He’s naturally still little raw, however, I believe he has starting potential down the road.

Round 6 (219th overall)

DT Bobby Brown III, Texas A&M

I decided to double dip at DT in this mock draft in order to hopefully upgrade the Dallas Cowboys defensive line. Bobby Brown is another big bodied, space eating DT who has proven he’s more than capable of holding the point of attack against some of the best offensive lineman in the SEC. His motor runs a little hot and cold at times, but I believe he would do really well in a rotational role with the previously mentioned Tedarrell Slaton with the Dallas Cowboys.

Round 7 (231st overall)

CB Josh Jobe, Alabama

I personally have Josh Jobe ranked much higher than this, but the Dallas Cowboys would be getting a steal if he still available at this point in the draft. He’s a big physical CB who took over Trevon Diggs’ starting job in Alabama in 2020. He is a little tight hipped and will probably struggle with shifty/speedy WRs in the NFL, which is why I believe his future may be at safety. It just happens the Cowboys could use depth at both positions. Plus, is an outstanding special teams player.

What do you think?

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Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    Get someone on defense with 1st pick , 2nd and 3rd pick we need more O-line depth and LB depth , and 4th pick get a prospect at QB , 1st pick I believe 4 or 5 QBs will be gone before cowboys even pick so we don’t want to reach with that pick , add another corner that might be what could put this secondary over the top and be elite again , with Trevon Diggs and D Wilson , fix some depth at O-line and LB and get QB with 4th who has potential
    Now whether this is what happens remains to be seen but I 100% AGREE WITH THIS

  2. Pretty good projection but they might go defense in 2nd rd and OL 3rd round. Not sure why they would draft a QB if they resign Dak though?

    But I like the players and the position order u suggested.

    • If they re-sign Prescott they are still going to need a QB too. Drafting a backup is a lot cheaper than signing a veteran. Also, I like the value of drafting an OT in the 2nd, at least by TDN’s rankings. Unfortunately I don’t have faith Tyron Smith can remain healthy any longer. It’s time to find his replacement.

  3. Great mock Brian! Wish we could’ve got a little better edge out of this, but you got excellent value on each of your picks. Love Farley, Leatherwood, Surratt, Slaton. Prefer Moehrig over Cisco, but he’ll be gone in the second come April.

  4. Pete werner LB from the buckeyes if he’s still there in the 3rd. Him and former 5* Baron Browning both run sideline to sideline and cover RB and TE in coverage magnificently. They for some reason are stuck in Tuf borlands shadow but all he is is a downhill run stopper. He wasn’t fast before his Achilles injury and it’s even worse after. Which is sad because he’s really smart and tough (no pun intended) I wouldn’t be mad either browning or werner in the 3rd. Both fast and agile blitzing off the edge also recording sacks in big moments. Keep an eye on both these guys in the championship on monday but I feel werner could be what Vander esch was his first year in the league but more dependable. What I like about him is he makes big plays and walks back to the huddle to go out and make another. You don’t see him wolf calling or running out in front of the camera for recognition.

  5. nice mock draft but i would trade down in the first 5 spot and get an extra second round you still can get a stud corner at 15th the kid horn and with the 2 second rd picks i grab the ot and dt from alabama

  6. Good morning, not feeling much of this mock draft at all.
    1st RD – We need a DT penetrator (Fletcher Cox clone) who can stop the run on his way to the QB and occupy double teams that will allow more one on ones with our DE’s, plus their offence will use a TE to help block which leaves them less options in throwing against our defense. Classic case of the front end helping the backend so the CB won’t have to cover that long.
    2 RD – OLB, if the value is there I will take one. Lee is contemplating retirement and he should. Our LB corps needs an influx of talent.
    Smith isn’t playing up to snuff, plays better when LVE along side which brings me to the latter, health is his issue, especially when dealing with a neck injury. Un upgrade here may give us a quality starter and better depth in case of injuries.
    3RD – Tempted to go OL (C) here, but I will resist as I still need defensive help, CB more specifically. A second round talent always seems to slide into the 3rd RD and we should grab one here. With Diggs and Brown, joined by last years draft pick Reggie Robinson we can add a slot CB into mix.
    3 RD – QB – Surprise here, we need an above average player here has Dak is now vulnerable to lower leg tackles. A dislocated angle is no joke and with scar tissue from ligament damage we have to prepare ourselves in the event of the long term.
    4 RD – DT – This is were I double dip, the big run stopper. He will allow our 1st pick, Gallimore, the improving Hill and Hamilton to be more effective along with our LB core.
    4 RD – C – Finally getting around to the OL. The selection here maybe too rich for some but with Biadazz injury history it makes sense as Looney may bolt in FA.
    5 RD – S/CB We need to address depth here with the ability to play outstanding ST.
    6 – RD – OG/T With our depth at the OL a developmental type will be best suit for this pick. Collins, will be back, Smith is my worry, but we can shift our lineman around if he isn’t back or goes down again. Williams can play tackle and McGovern can play either Guard spot.

  7. BrownLow- You did ur homework, nice job. But we won’t draft a DT with the #10 pick. That likely goes towards a CB or edge rusher. No Fletcher Cox types in this draft. I suspect they will draft one in round 3. 2nd rd one of the positions above or a LB. Agree we really need an athletic LB with coverage skills.

    I’m sure they will double up on CB and maybe safety, DT or OL Maybe an OL in the 3rd rd same with safety.

  8. Brian, like the mock. Covers all the bases, doubling where most needed. Like Farley, Slaton, Leatherwood, Cisco, Surratt, Jobe (in 7th?, if he is there). I might add a RB at some point later on if one looks promising or overlooked. Or may double at LB. One pick is a little puzzling, the QB. If his value is just as a back-up or trade bait, I don’t see that reasoning. Don’t we have enough back-ups now, and how can we assess his trade value now? IMO, if we draft a QB, why not pick one that could push DP, with potential starter ability.

  9. I agree with your picks, except #4, why draft a quarterback to develop when you have Cooper anx Denucci doing that. I would rather draft another safety, lb or end. But i like your thinking herr.

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