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3 Cowboys weaknesses last season that could be strengths in 2023

When it comes to the , it feels like something always gets in their way of capturing the end goal.

Despite all the and question marks at various positions, the team still won 12 games for the second straight season.

As we inch closer to the , the is over, the schedule has been released, and Dallas made three of the weaknesses from last season better. Not only improved them, but they have a chance to be a strength this year.


As we all know, even with the Cowboys having one of the best defenses in football a season ago, the biggest problem was stopping the run.

Believe it or not, they did everything correctly this , trying to improve it.

The resigned Johnathon Hankins to a one-year deal in March. The doesn't fill up the box score, but when Dallas traded for him, he brought exactly what was needed. A big body to plug up some running lanes.

Although it wasn't the sexiest draft pick, Dallas selected defensive from the University of Michigan with their first-round pick.

The value of Smith is going to be noticed right away. When you look at the box score, you aren't going to see two or three , but if you watch the game, you will see the difference he makes.

Along with Hankins, and with Parsons moving to the full-time, the run might surprise some folks.

Wide Receiver

This team was banking on and for week one a year ago.

Did anyone think that was going to work?

It got so bad near the middle-end of the year they had to for an aging T.Y Hilton, who immediately became their second-best option.

Trading for was an awesome move. If it were any other team outside of the Cowboys, the media would have said how great he and would be together.

Cooks has produced at an enormous clip everywhere he has been. He is a walking 1,000-yard receiver.

With trading for Cooks and getting an entire offseason of , the Cowboys now have one of the best trio of wideouts in football.

What was a MAJOR weakness at this time last year is now a strength for this team.


This is likely the next weakness last season that has the chance to be resolved in 2023.

Right before trading for Cooks, they did the same thing for former , .

Sure, he won that award four years ago, but to add someone like him on the other side of is massive.

wasn't the greatest corner, but did we see how bad they got when he got hurt? Teams continued to attack the other side of the field, and Dallas didn't have an answer for it at times.

and others will benefit from being able to line up with the opposing team 3rd best .

For the first in a long time, the Cowboys did everything they needed to do this offseason to give themselves a chance to win the .

For a team that won a playoff game a year ago, they got better where they needed to, and although they still have a lot to prove, they have a chance to do great things.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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