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5 Bold Predictions for Dallas Cowboys vs. Cleveland Browns in Week 4

Week 4 bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Week 4 matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Browns is an interesting one on multiple levels. For the Cowboys it’s a chance to get back to .500 and for the Browns it’s a chance for them to improve to 3-1 and keep pace with the rest of the AFC North. As such, there’s a lot on the line for these two teams this week.

The Dallas Cowboys are no doubt under more pressure. If not for a fortunate onside kick recovery they could very well be 0-3, a record you’d expect more from the Cleveland Browns. Hopefully the Cowboys rise to the occasion rather than the alternative. Whatever the outcome, I have a few bold predictions to throw at you today.

Here are 5 bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys in Week 4…

✭Ezekiel Elliott rushes for 100+ yards✭

Through the first three weeks of 2020 season Ezekiel Elliott has yet to have 100-yard rushing game. He came close in Week 1 against the Los Angeles Rams with 96 rushing yards, but hasn’t come that close since then. After rushing for 34 yards last week I’m expecting him to have a bounce back game and be the focal point for the Dallas Cowboys offense against the Cleveland Browns. I think he’s going to go for 100+ yards this week and score at least one, possibly two touchdowns.

✭Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are neutralized✭

As frustrating as the Dallas Cowboys defense has been through the first three weeks of the season they have at least not allowed a 100-yard rusher yet. Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt might be the best two running backs they’ve faced to date, however, I believe Mike Nolan’s defensive game plan will be to neutralize them to put the ball in Baker Mayfield’s hands. Chubb may be coming off back to back 100-yard games, but I don’t think the Cowboys are going to allow that to happen again.

✭CeeDee Lamb scores first career TD✭

Of the Dallas Cowboys Top 3 wide receivers, only Michael Gallup has found the end zone so for this season. With Amari Cooper banged up and playing at less than 100%, I think CeeDee Lamb is the next Cowboys WR to score a touchdown. Lamb has been fantastic so far in his rookie season. He’s leading the team in yards after catch right now and should join Gallup this week with his first career TD. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he doubles up on TD receptions against the Browns.

✭Trevon Diggs notches first career INT✭

With the exception of maybe Trevon Diggs, the entire Dallas Cowboys secondary is a mess. Not only are they dealing with multiple injuries at the cornerback position, but Xavier Woods and Darian Thompson aren’t living up to expectations either. Only Chidobe Awuzie as an interception so for this year, although others have been close including Diggs. Baker Mayfield is averaging almost in INT a game and I think that trend continues this week with No. 27 notching his first career INT.

✭Aldon Smith has multiple QB sacks✭

Not only has Aldon Smith been one of the more pleasant surprises in the NFL so far this season, but he’s also leading the league in quarterback sacks right now with four. He doubled up last week against the Seattle Seahawks by sacking Russell Wilson twice and I think that trend will continue this week against the Cleveland Browns. Baker Mayfield is a much easier target to pin down than any of the other QBs the Cowboys have faced this year, which plays right into Smith’s hands.

What are your predictions for the Cowboys vs. the Browns in Week 4?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. Chubb will run for 100 yds, Odell, Jarvis and Hunt all exploit Cowboys secondary for touchdowns, Miles has 3 sacks. Browns win 35 to 24.

  2. I know this is a Cowboy site, but come on Martin.
    None of these predictions except CeeDee getting a touchdown make any sense.
    Cooper got shoved out of the way allowing an interception last week and he is ongoing injured.
    The Dallas receivers are not getting TDs because Moore has proven very bad at designing short yardage and red zone pass routes. The contrast against Seattle was obvious as the Seattle scheme created wide open receivers inside the ten while Dallas scheme created no open receivers .
    Elliott is only getting two TDs if he gets multiple chances from inside the one. He has slowed down again this year and is not even showing short yardage power.
    This defense is not stopping the run unless the Boys put 8 in the box at which point even Mayfield can hit OBJ deep.
    Looking at the talent difference in the two teams, Cleveland has to make multiple errors for Dallas to win. That would require a good pass rush on Mayfield but Dallas is next to last at pass rush.The
    If both teams p!ay well, Cleveland wins 34 -24.
    The Dallas offense line gets Dak killed once Cleveland gets a lead

  3. First off, Aldon Smith got 3 sacks last week against Seattle, not 2, and I don’t agree with these people that’s already commented…. I do believe he’ll get more sacks this week against Cleveland!! It happened last week against Seattle and they have a better offense than Cleveland does, and a much better QB!!
    And I do agree that Ceedee will get his first touchdown of the season too!!
    And as bad as I think Baker is I believe we will get an interception, and the way Trevon Diggs has been getting so close to one lately he’ll have the best chance to get it!!
    And I think Zeke has a good chance at getting his first hundred yard game this week, if he can get 96 yards against an Aaron Donald and that rams defense he can do it against the Cleveland Browns, if he don’t it’ll be close!! And I think he’ll have a touchdown too!!
    The only thing I don’t agree with is our defense stopping Chubb and Hunt, we have stopped some good RBs this season so far, but I think if it wasn’t for Seattle’s RB getting hurt last week he would’ve gotten a hundred yards, and Chubb and Hunt are both better than he is in my opinion!!
    Now I have to say something about these ignorant comments above…. Both of them have us scoring only 24 points AT HOME against a crappy Cleveland secondary that even Washington scored 20 points on and Cincinnati scored 30 points on, and both of them have terrible offenses!! We have a much better offense than those 2 teams do, so how do you guys expect us to score less than them!? And to further argue my point, we scored 40 against a falcons defense and over 30 against Seattle, my point is our points are usually around 30 or better except week one where every team was trying to get into the groove of playing since there were no preseason games!! And another thing is that we’re playing AT HOME!! With OUR fans in the stands!! Come on now…. With those statements, there’s no way these guys are Cowboys fans!! I have us winning 35-24!!

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