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5 Early Bold Predictions for the Dallas Cowboys in 2021

The Dallas are just 68 days from the against the and 101 days until the regular-season opener against the Tampa Bay . The Cowboys have a lot of work to do to get ready for the and make a run at getting back to the .

Though we have a long time to wait for an actual game of football to be played, here are 5 bold predictions to help you look ahead to the start of the 2021 season. These predictions are meant to be a little bit out there but hopefully based on some semblance of realism.

1. Randy Gregory Hits Double-Digit Sacks

The stars are aligning for to have the best season of his career in 2021. Primed with a full for the first time in his career and coming off a strong end to the 2020 campaign, Gregory has a chance to finally show why he was so highly regarded as a pass rusher coming out of Nebraska in 2015.

Gregory was arguably the ’ best pass rusher in the second half of the 2021 season. He was productive and effective, creating pressure and recording .

With continuing to get the respect of the league on the other , Gregory will get the benefit of far more single-blocker pass-rush situations. Of course, it’s only a matter of time until Gregory begins forcing teams to double him.

2. Damontae Kazee Leads the NFL in Interceptions

With an improved from a full offseason for Randy Gregory, the Cowboys will be getting after opposing quarterbacks, creating more pressure, and creating more turnovers. Coming off of a torn Achilles, Damontae Kazee has a shot at having a huge bounceback season.

Just a few years removed from a seven interception season, Kazee could benefit from the pressure Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence will create off the edge. The interior pass rush will be better in ’s second year and ’s third. will help make the Cowboys’ 3-technique rotation formidable for opposing offensive lines.

The Cowboys’ should create more turnovers in 2021, and Damontae Kazee will be a big part of that playing the deep middle third of the Cowboys’ cover-3 defense.

3. Three Wide Receivers over 1,000 Yards

Last year, it felt like wishful thinking to imagine the Dallas Cowboys’ three-headed monster at of Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and CeeDee Lamb, each going over 1,000-yards receiving. However, with the way Dak Prescott and the were humming in the first five games of the season, it was possible.

Through five weeks of the season, Amari Cooper was on pace for 1,356 yards receiving, Michael Gallup was on pace for 1,113 yards, and CeeDee Lamb led the way and on pace for 1,385 yards.

The to Dak Prescott killed that dream in 2020, but with a 17 game season in 2021, it doesn’t feel like much of a stretch to think those three could eclipse 1,000 yards each in 2021.

4. Dak Prescott Throws for 5,000

Speaking of pace stats, before his injury, Prescott was on pace to throw for 6,700 yards. Like the wide receivers, it’s doubtful that Prescott would have kept up that pace over a 16 game season as games became more reasonable and not a full-blown shootout every week.

Even if he wouldn’t have thrown for 6,000 yards, I do not doubt that he would have thrown for at least 5,000 yards in 2020. Fast forward to 2021, and the addition of the 17th game makes this an even higher likelihood.

5. Dallas Cowboys Win 13 Games

The NFL is (now) a 9-8 or 8-9 league. A big portion of the NFL will finish one or two games of the old .500 that won’t be .500 anymore. The Cowboys’ defense will be better. The schedule combined with the influx of talent and a newer, more familiar scheme should help the defense be better. And if the defense is better, the Cowboys will win a lot of games.

The Cowboys will have better health along the , which will lead to more consistency in both the and the . Prescott will be better protected, which should lead to more sustained drives. looks lighter and more rejuvenated heading into his sixth season in the NFL. The Cowboys have all kinds of talent on the offensive side of the ball and upside on the defensive side.

The Cowboys are poised for a bounce-back season as a team. 10 or 11 wins seems like the most popular landing spot for the Cowboys in terms of win totals, but the Cowboys will surprise some folks. Hey, it wouldn’t be a bold prediction if we played it safe here, right?

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What bold predictions do you have for the 2021 Dallas Cowboys?

What do you think?

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Written by John Williams

Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could.

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  1. Fantasy Island.
    Maybe Dak will throw for over 5000 yards since Cowboys figure to be playing behind a lot which is how he got a lot of his yards before his injury.
    Meanwhile, opposing quarterbacks will likely continue to torch the Cowboys lackluster secondary.

  2. Pollard did pretty damn good behind that broken offensive line last year, hell of a lot better thazn Zeke..So yeah dont blame all off Zekes issues on oline and Dak being hurt, he was out if shape, fat and slow!!! Point blank period….NOT WORTH 15 MILLION A YEAR, HE GOT OUT PLAYED BUY A SMALLER, MUCH CHEAPER BACK….

  3. You wanted him to prove it with no tackles? Are you serious? Name one running back that has had a good season with no tackles and honestly no offensive line? All our starters were injured which led to Dak getting injured, which led to Zeke not being effective. If you honestly think Zeke is a bad rusher or past his prime than you honestly don’t know anything about football. That goes for anyone who wants to bash Zeke, if you don’t know or can’t figure out the real reason Zeke had such a bad season last season and you think we should trade him, then you don’t know jack about football either. Everything starts with a healthy o line, which we didn’t have, which equates to us getting Dak injured and Zeke having a poor year. There isn’t a running back in football that could run with second and third string replacements in at the oline and be successful. It starts and stops with our o line and if it stays healthy, we have a good chance of winning if it doesn’t you can garauntee a season like last season, so get off blaming Zeke and blame the real problem, the o lines health. Is it that hard for most people to see? I don’t get it?

  4. I’m sorry but Ezekiel Elliot being worth that contract ended before the pre-season he sat and got his money. He knew he was close to outliving the benefit of a #1 run offensive line. I’d settle for a 2 to 3 million dollar free agent and spend the extra 10 mil on a corner or safety. Sorry he was great but that’s because we had the best o-line. If he was worth all that cash he would have proved it with no Dak and no O-Tckles or 9 games with no Zack Martin. We could have let Byron Jones go and got Kendall Fuller or John Johnson this off-season. That or got dsk for about 32 million since he should have actually got hus money before Zeke. He was on a 5 year deal N screwed up the time we should have focused on signing dak considering he needed a deal then
    But zeke is a crook. Got his money knowing the o line was getting old. Ppl blame Jerry for not signing dak sooner. Personally I blame zeke getting fat and slow in cabo(See zeke waving out of the game after 1 or 2 snaps this whole last season) which took the jones minds off of dsk so he could start the ’19 season with three incredible games and raising his price.

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