5 Random Pre-draft Thoughts for the Dallas Cowboys

    In a normal fans around the NFL would have a better understanding of which players their favorite team may be targeting in the upcoming 2021 . But, this is nothing like a normal offseason. Due to the pandemic there is a lack of information out there about who the or any other team may or may not be interested in.

    Lack of information is a bit frustrating for those of us who absolutely love all of the aspects of the entire draft process. There's no need to cry over spilt milk though. We have to endure and gather what information we can in the hopes of understanding what the Dallas strategy might be.

    With that in mind I thought I'd share with you a handful of my pre-draft thoughts. I thought it would be a good way to pass the time and maybe provide something to keep in mind when they Dallas Cowboys are on the clock at any point on Draft Day.

    Let's get started…

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    One:  or … I wonder if the Dallas Cowboys will consider drafting one of the two positions with one of their four draft picks in the Top 100? I know the majority of would be against the idea considering the need to upgrade the , but I'm not so sure it should be completely ruled out. The Cowboys look all but set at both positions for the , but only , , and are under contract beyond this year. It might not seem like an immediate need right now, but smart teams draft with the future in mind.

    Two: Since were already kind of on the topic of receivers, I wonder what the Dallas Cowboys plans are regarding . Entering a contract year it will be interesting to see whether or not he's dangled as a possible candidate at some point on Draft Day. If he is he could completely blow up the draft. If a contender believes he is the missing piece he could possibly net the Cowboys as high as a late 1st-round pick or at the very least a good 2nd-rounder. That's much better than the compensatory pick they'll likely receive if they let him walk next year.

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    Three: I don't think it's been discussed enough, but I wonder how the Dallas Cowboys view both Greg Newsome and ? As potential trade down targets they both carry the “red flag” label. Newsome has never played an entire season at Northwestern due to injuries and Farley has back issues that could be a reoccurring problem. Investing a 1st-round pick on players with an injury might not be the wisest way to use their draft capital. It wouldn't surprise me if they have a set spot they feel comfortable taking them or if they're off the board altogether.

    Four: Another area that's probably not been discussed enough is the Dallas Cowboys depth. They are an injury away from starting , , or in 2021. and should be a good starting duo at DE, but how much faith do you have they can stay healthy for an entire season? Because of all of that don't be surprised if we see the Cowboys target the position early with one of their four picks in the Top 100. It's definitely an under the radar need heading into the draft.

    Five: I wonder if the Dallas Cowboys might have some informal agreements in place with a few they plan on after the draft. After May 3 the Cowboys can sign anybody without it affecting the compensatory pick formula. We all know how much they seem to factor that into the equation every offseason. I wonder if players like , , or KJ Wright are waiting in the wings. If they are it could factor in to Dallas' draft strategy. That could be something to keep an eye on when the 2021 NFL Draft finally gets underway Thursday, April 29.

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    Like it or Not, It’s Time to Give the Front Office Credit

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    Don Howard

    Like the article my man everything you discussed is a legitimate concern or could actually happen no pipe dream just reality good read

    Dave SC58

    I like the idea of adding KJ Wright. I’m neutral about Sherman and McCoy. If they could bring them to camp without being on the hook for a ton of money if they get cut, then I’m fine with it. However, if their salaries are prohibitive then we won’t see them anyway. I am very invested in the draft. I think you build a contender through the draft. When Dallas traded Herschel Walker to Minnesota, the eventual result (involving Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Raiders, and Houston Oilers), was a wave of draft picks that they used to get great players Emmitt Smith, Darren Woodson, Russell Maryland, Kevin Smith, and Clayton Holmes in the 90-91-92 Drafts. They also gained a number of veteran players (LB Jesse Solomon, LB David Howard, CB Issiac Holt, DE Alex Stewart, RB Alonzo Highsmith, and DB Stan Smagala). Only Issiac Holt was of any consequence for the Cowboys as he went on to be a three year starter for them. Jimmy Johnson was more interested in the Draft picks than he was in the veterans he acquired, so Holt was really just icing on the cake. But the point is, they used the additional draft picks to build their team. To go along with those draft picks, they made the most of their regular picks in the 1989-1992 drafts. In 89, the Cowboys acquired Troy Aikman, Daryl Johnston, and Mark Stepnoski. In 1990, they got Jimmie Jones and Kenny Gant. In 1992, they grabbed Alvin Harper, Dixon Edwards, Erik Williams, Godfrey Myles, Larry Brown, Leon Lett, and Tony Hill. Quite a fruitful draft! 1992 saw them draft Robert Jones, and Darren Woodson. That is an incredible four year run! I wish we could see something like that again!

    Sandy Faulkner

    Great article!! On point 1, if Pitts is at 10 then picking him would not surprise me but unless a truly difference maker at WR falls into the 3rd don’t see one there although would not rule it out on the 3rd day of the draft. On point 2, a Gallup trade should surprise no one for the right price. On point 3, to me Farley fits more of Quinn scheme than Horn or Surtain so if they trade down I could see him as the target and with the thought or also coming back into the 1st for either LB or a DT or a S. Point 4, we probably will see a DE although anyone’s guess as to where in the draft. And last point 5 is what I have been discussing with other Cowboy fans for weeks and I would throw in Sheldon Richardson and Malik Hooker into that mix also. Again great article.

    Justin harshman

    Good thoughts …. only issue I have is the cowboys won’t get a high first for Gallup . I think they would be lucky to get a high 2nd . Most teams are going to draft a wr that will be on a rookie deal . I get he is proven but he only has one year left before he would need a deal .

    Ruben Trevino

    You just paid your Quarterback $160 million!! You may just want to protect your investment Jerry!!! Plus opening up running lanes for your two backs!!


    Six: How many of the current draft picks is the team willing to part with in possible efforts to move throughout the course of the draft? They have ample capital to make a move the picks 33, 34, 35, etc to get Day-2 started. Maybe players like Farley, Moehrig,, or others who fall thru the cracks on Day-1. I’ve always believed that holding the No.33 pick is extremely valuable as soon as Rd-1 ends and GM’s have a whole night to mull over the outcome …

    Seven: Does the QB that Dallas have ranked as QB6 or QB7 warrant a Day-2 selection if he falls to that realm?

    Eight: Will Jones bypass the War Room for the opportunity to showcase his yacht again?


    Great article, and spot on with legit questions. #3 impacts their entire draft strategy IMO, and there’s just no way to know what they’re thinking.

    As you pointed out, the Cowboys have both obvious and not so obvious (but none the less real) needs at numerous positions.

    Even with 5 picks in the top 115, would sure be nice if they could work some trades and squeeze in 1 or 2 more picks.

    Cowboys Win

    Thought Brian was writing over at BtB. I can see him with a full team of writers in a big warehouse with bad lighting, and he is throwing out topics from a megaphone as they widdle away at their grade school desks, with outdated PC20s desktops. That Brian is a real dictator!

    Gary b

    Really good article Brian. Touched on alot of topics many cowboys fans are probably contemplating, with no outlandish scenarios suggested.

    Yea a key FA signing could change the whole approach draft wise. I’m with Justin though, I don’t think we can get much more then a low 2nd rounder for Gallup (if that). It’s a deep WR class.

    I would be very leery of Farley and his injury history. How high are you willing to go to get him? Cowboys been burned too much in recent years. Will that influence Jerry or will he wanna roll the dice to look smarter then all the other LEGIT GMs?

    Ethan L Chazin

    Cannot use the Herschel walker trade to MN as an example or lesson learned to apply to today’s team. Why? B/c Jimmy J leveraged the Viking’s desperation to pick the top players from the 3 FL power schools which he was intimately familiar with from his time as Head Coach of the U. That was one of the most lopsided trades in NFL history. The Cowboys have never and will never apparently be on the right side of a deal like that again if Jerry and Stevey are in control of player/roster decisions.

    Ethan L Chazin

    I really enjoyed this Brian. Well done! As far as worries (“thoughts”) as draft day arrives, a few things I wonder/worry about:

    How creative (AGGRESSIVE) will the FO be in using those 10 picks. See #2…’
    Will the team try and use picks in later rounds to draft players, or pckg into move up’s to get the best players in the 1st 4-5 rounds’
    How committed is the FO to getting day 1 starters at CB, Fs, and DT-1 tech plus contributors at DE & LB;
    to point #3 notice those are not one , not two, but FIVE positions of need on D;
    Will the team stick more to BPA or BPA at position of need;
    Will they be future-focused on 2022 for WR, TE and OT?; and
    Will the team go for players that fit a certain profile or possess attributes the staff is looking for at specific positions (see Dan Quinn)