Promotion & Events

Effective date: May 1, 2015.

Inside the Star (“we” or “us”) may engage in promotional activities on behalf of this site, clients or partners and other third parties to be named at a later date. We will provide rules for participation in promotional events on the medium and at the time of said events, and shall place any additional rules for or terms of participation on this page.


@CowboysNation Giveaways

We conduct frequent giveaways and contests (collectively “events”) on the Twitter account, @CowboysNation. These events may be held with or without notice and are subject to the terms provided on this page and any terms made available by the sponsor(s) of said events on their Web sites.


All entrants must be at least 18 years of age at the time entry. Entries submitted by minors with or without the guidance or approval of a legally recognized parent or guardian may be subject to immediate disqualification without notice.

All entrants must hold residence at a physical address inside of the Continental United States at the time of entry and maintain that residence for a period of up to 90 days following the close of the event.

All entrants must adhere to the stated terms of entry, both on the medium chosen and on this site, at all times. Any entries deemed made outside the terms of entry may be disqualified without notice.

Terms of Entry

Terms of entry will typically be made available within or in close proximity to announcements respecting events. We commonly employ one type of entry:

Follow and Retweet
Entry requires that the announcement tweet including all graphics, mentions, and hashtags be retweeted (“RT”) on the entrant’s own account. The entrant must have a valid account in good standing with Twitter and may not use an account that appears to have been created for the purposes of gaining additional entry into the event. The entrant must also follow any and all accounts whose username (i.e. “@Username”) appears in announcement tweets by @CowboysNation.

Additional forms of entry may be used at any time with different criteria for entry. At such a time as is needed, complete terms of entry for an event shall be amended to this page without specific notice of the amendment.


In addition to other terms for disqualification on this page or elsewhere, entrants and their agents may be disqualified from event(s) for engaging in any of the following behavior:

Fraudulent Entries
An entry may be deemed as fraudulent should the it be discovered that the entrant has entered the contest from more than one account. Each entrant must possess a unique account in good standing with Twitter. Use of third party giveaway entry services is not permitted. Use of accounts created for the purpose of gaining multiple entries is not permitted.

Entrants may recruit other people to enter the event with the intention of relinquishing any prize(s) to them after the close of the event, as long as all other terms of entry are met and there is no cause for disqualification.

Personal Conduct
Engaging in abusive or otherwise harmful behavior toward @CowboysNation, its sponsors, partners, and followers, or other entrants is not permitted. Any entrant or their agents engaging in behavior outside the standard of good sportsmanship may be disqualified from event(s) with or without notice.

While entrants are not required to follow @CowboysNation to enter, they are required to follow the accounts specifically mentioned by @CowboysNation in event tweets from the time of entry and for a period of up to 90 days following the conclusion of the event. Failure to continuously follow all accounts required during this time may result in disqualification from current and/or future events.

Any person(s) violating the terms on this page may be removed from any and all currently open events and/or a set period of time after as deemed appropriate by @CowboysNation.

We may, at our sole discretion, prohibit an entrants participation from current and/or future events as a result of violating the terms on this page.

All events held by @CowboysNation may include announcement, notification, or other official function on a Cowboys Cast podcast. Unless otherwise noted, all events conducted by @CowboysNation are subject the full effect of all terms on this page.

Prize Redemption

Following the conclusion of an event, we will contact the winner(s) on Twitter by Direct Message from @CowboysNation to request the winner email to an address provided in the Direct Message. We handle claims in this manner to circumvent the limitations of the Twitter platform. At such time, we may request the following information, depending on the type of event and prize available:

Full name
Postal Address
Phone number
Any other pertinent information deemed necessary

The winner of an event is responsible for providing us with complete and accurate information. We are not responsible for any shipping or fulfillment errors that result from the negligence of entrants.

Unless otherwise noted, P.O. Boxes are not acceptable addresses for prize redemption.

Prizes requiring shipment services are not able to be sent outside of the Continental United States.

All travel and living expenses related to ticket prizes are at the expense of the entrant, unless otherwise noted. If you have been selected to win tickets, you must verify your availability and ability to use the tickets yourself and as prescribed and notify us immediately of any issues that may prevent your successful use of the tickets. We strive to to provide a service of value and cannot offer that value to those unable or unavailable to use the tickets at the appropriate venue on the specified date and time.

We commonly host events while acting as an intermediary between entrants and sponsors. Unless otherwise noted and noted in writing, all prize fulfillment is provided by the sponsor. We will forward all information obtained from entrants to the sponsor of a particular event. We will not share obtained entrant information with any parties not directly responsible for a portion of the fulfillment of claims against events.

We may represent sponsors or act on their behalf during the normal course of conducting events, but we are not responsible for sponsors or their actions. Please consult the sponsor’s policies regarding privacy, terms and conditions as they sponsors are not covered by these policies.


Cowboys Cast

The Cowboys Cast podcast (“Podcast”) is a partnership between us and Bobby Belt, also known as @SportsByDallas on Twitter, to provide full sponsorship that includes but is not limited to promotion, marketing, web development, social network activity, email hosting, and guest acquisition for the podcast. The podcast is the exclusive sports talk radio partner of Inside The Star and is exclusive to us as primary and title sponsor. You may find more information about the podcast by visiting the Web site at:

The podcast may present and broadcast segments of audio with interviews of and commentary about third parties and/or their agents and sponsors, well known or otherwise. Said audio segments are provided exclusively for the purpose of entertainment and under no circumstances shall be construed as an endorsement of the third party, their agents, or any enterprise they engage in.

We are not responsible for the podcast or content thereof. We are responsible for the Web site and accounts and/or profiles representing the podcast on Twitter (@CowboysCast), Facebook (Page CowboysCast), Tumblr (Username CowboysCast), and Google Plus(+) (Username CowboysCastShow). If you need to report a problem with one of these properties you may email your request to