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Amari Cooper: Could the Dallas Cowboys Have Buyers Remorse?

Do the Dallas Cowboys regret locking up Amari Cooper long-term?

I’ve had this thought tumbling around in my head for a few months now and decide to finally share it with you. After landing former Oklahoma Wide Receiver CeeDee Lamb in the first-round of the 2020 NFL Draft, I’ve been wondering if the Dallas Cowboys have had a little buyers remorse extending Amari Cooper’s contract about a month prior to the big event?

That’s a lot of equity and money to invest in one position. If they knew then what they know now, would they have even bothered locking up Amari Cooper long-term? Would they have been just as happy pairing CeeDee Lamb with Michael Gallup? It’s interesting to think about, however, there’s really no way of knowing one way or the other.

For the fun of it let’s pretend the Dallas Cowboys weren’t able to lock up Amari Cooper prior to the 2020 NFL Draft and things still turned out the same. CDee Lamb is still the Cowboys 17th overall pick, leaving them in a lot better shape salary-cap wise without Cooper’s hefty price tag on the books. Think about the possibilities…

Odds are without an Amari Cooper extension, Dak Prescott is the one locked up on a multi-year deal or is in same boat he is now under the franchise tag. Either way, the Cowboys would have quite a bit of salary-cap space at their disposal to sign any free agent they choose.

Everson Griffen or Jadevon Clowney anyone? Maybe CB Logan Ryan? All three would arguably be upgrades over what Dallas currently has on the roster. Without Cooper’s hefty contract on the books, anyone of these players could’ve been more plausible.

Trading for a certain safety from New York would be a lot more realistic as well. That money they could’ve possibly saved from not extending Amari Cooper could’ve been used to trade and sign Jamal Adams long-term. But with Cooper already locked up and the unknown of the 2021 salary-cap, it’s going to be a difficult trade to complete now.

All of this is just talk of course. Amari Cooper isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so whether or not the Dallas Cowboys have any buyers remorse doesn’t really matter. But with little else to talk about or discuss I thought it would be fun to share with all of you something that’s been tumbling around my head for a while.

What do you think? Do the Dallas Cowboys have any buyers remorse?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. Why would the cowboys have buyers remorse!? Cooper is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL!! We mite have gotten Ceedee Lamb, but there’s no guarantee he’ll be as good as he was in college, and there’s no guarantee he’ll have the chemistry with Dak as Cooper does!! And another thing is that Coopers contract is only guaranteed for 2 years, so he’s not really locked in long term!! And even if we did have all of that extra salary cap to work with, Jamal Adams is not worth trading all that draft capital for, so we’d still have all that salary cap left, unless we did sign a free agent, but even then there’s not really any free agent we need to get!! Clowney isn’t worth the price he’s asking for and we already have 2 really good nickel corners, so that means we wouldn’t have any interest in Logan Ryan, and we already have more than enough edge rushers so that takes Everson Griffen and Clowney out of the picture too, so that would leave us with all that salary cap to use, so why not give it to one of the best receivers in the NFL and at the same time gives us one of, if not the best trio of receivers in the NFL!!

    • Cooper is complicated as to cost and performance. Cost wise, Cooper cost first round pick and got extended but the extension is actually for just two years. The cost means the Boys used a first to get a player for 3.5 seasons. That is reasonable. Cooper is massively overpaid in 2020/2012 , but that is Jerry being Jerry.Jerry always has his pets and overpaying his pets is Jerry’s way.
      The problem is on Cooper’s performance. Cooper is extremely limited by his chronic foot injuries and bad hands and his significant lower production depending on who he plays.
      Cooper misses games and performs very poorly against top competitors and on the road.
      Those trends go back to Oakland . Gruden and Carr both wanted Cooper out because of these deficits .
      Dak has done a super job taking gentle care of Cooper’s mental fragility and so he gets all there is to get from Cooper where Carr just yelled at Cooper and Gruden simply never babies weakness.
      What will happen is Cooper will over time move to the slot where he can be a part time player and not have to be relied on as the main guy since Cooper due to physical and personality issues has shown he cannot be relied on .
      CeeDee and Gallop will be the wideouts and both will function as #1 .
      Cooper will only play about 12 games due to his feet and Cooper will still have big games against lesser competition just as always.

      • Dude are you stalking Coop?? Cause your literally hate towards Amari Cooper is serious. Are you a under cover butt hurt raiders fan?? You go on every Amari Cooper post saying the same dumb lies. Talking about a chronic foot injury like Coop has missed 7 games every year. Talking about drops and horrible hands. Guess what WR’s had more drops than Coop last year? Michael Thomas, Odell Beckham, Mike Evans and Devante Adams. Every elite player considers Amari Cooper a top 10 WR, Coop has had four 1,000 yd seasons and made four Pro Bowls in his first 5 years. Now where are you in your hugely successful NFL career?? SMDH clown

        • Reality is reality. Hype is not reality and you have to get past hype with being a Cowboy fan.
          Cooper missed all training camp and almost 3 games due to his worsening feet last sesson. That is a chronic issue. Cooper has a bimodal performance curve that has been unquestionably documented where Cooper plays poorly against good competition and when on the road. Those are facts. I bring those facts up because they are facts. That Cooper has been near the league worst over his career on drops is fact.
          Put away the hype and when talking of Cooper’s actual performance, you have to consider that Cooper does not perform in big games. That matters.

  2. Look at it this way, all the no-names fighting for that 4th and 5th receiver spot? Well, had Cooper not been signed, one of those duds, er … I mean dudes, would be your No.3 (a starter?) receiver right now. This worked out perfectly … no remorse! A future decision is coming when they’ll have to make a choice between Cooper or Gallup, but I’ve still got no issues with this.

  3. It depends

    In the next 3 years, can Da Boys win a Super Bowl. If they do and Coop is a factor, he’s a bargain.

  4. It’s hard to ignore the fact that he was MIA in several key games last yr but Cooper is alot like Dak in that the conditions have to be just right for him to succeed. His success is dependent on several factors lining up for him, and he’s easily thrown off his game. I do think he’s on the right team with the right QB and since we’re only obligated to him for 2 yrs he’s still a bargain

  5. Next time, keep that thought in your head! It’s a stupid idea. No way to know how the draft would‘ve gone. Having 3 terrific receivers this year is why the season is more exciting than past seasons. Having a better position group than most of the NFL feels great! It automatically gives you a fighting chance against any of the top teams. It’s how the KC Chiefs feel about their weapons. Every draft from now on, we need to add more strength on top of strength, offensively and defensively. Stay ahead on with our draft picks. Keep each group full.

  6. Let’s looks at the possibilities. Had they not signed Cooper but gotten Lamb in the 1st, I think they would’ve double dipped wide out in the deep wide out class. Maybe someone like KJ Hill or James Proche to play slot. I’d like to think that they would’ve tried to resign Byron if Cooper wasn’t signed. That wouldve allievated or Corner need. I believe they would’ve went Diggs in the 2nd, since he had a first round grade plus Lewis and Awuzie on expiring deals. Not sure if Robinson wouldve been drafted. Jones, Diggs and Brown wouldve made a solid trio. Plus we can save future cap room for Vander Each and Gallup extensions. Plus if we didnt have to pay Coop maybe we could’ve gotten Quinn back on a shirt deal.

  7. My apologies if I got Jones resigned we wouldn’t have afforded Quinn. Honestly If I had my choice I would’ve preferred Quinn over both Jones and Cooper. To me a successful Superbowl team needs at least 3 positions with great talent, a QB, LT and an edge rusher. Quinn and Lawrence would’ve been a good bookend. I think the Cowboys might have made a better run at Cobb had they not resigned Coop or looked more in FA

  8. The question behind this question is would other teams drafting behind the Cowboys in the draft traded up because they knew the Cowboys were looking for a WR? The mindset was that the Boys were hunting a CB; WR was already a strong point, hence the reason those teams did not trade up, in particular the Eagles, who coveted the acquisition of Lamb to their WR corps. The fact that the Boys strengthened their roster w/ a skill position, and denied the Eagles that player cannot be ignored.

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