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Amari Cooper’s Offensive Snaps Continues to Decrease Week to Week

Anyone know what's going on with ? He's just five games into his five-year, $100 million he earned from the this , but already he's seeing less and less playing time from week to week. In fact, his offensive snaps have continually decreased since the season opener.

Whether by design or mistake, the Dallas Cowboys aren't using Amari Cooper like the No. 1 he's getting paid as. Instead it looks as if he slowly seeing his role decreased and with the way and have been playing it's not all that surprising. But, the question I have is whether it's intentional or not.

Amari Cooper's snap counts through Week 5

Week 1 – 94.4%

Week 2 – 91.5%

Week 3 – 79.3%

Week 4 – 76.8%

Week 5 – 63.6%

As you can see, No. 19 has seen a dramatic dip in his playing time since the season opener against the . His offensive snaps have dropped by nearly 31% and for someone who's who's being paid like he is that's completely unacceptable. There's been no announcement made as to why Cooper's role is being slowly diminished, but there has to be some underlying cause.

The most logical answer to this conundrum could be the fact Amari Cooper has once again been dealing with nagging throughout the early portion of the . That would mean the Dallas Cowboys are playing it safe with him and limiting his playing time, quite possibly putting him on a pitch count.

If that's true, the Dallas Cowboys are just playing it safe with Amari Cooper to keep him from further injuring himself. It's definitely plausible, but what if they are purposely decreasing his offensive role? What if it has nothing to do with him being banged up at all?

The emergence of both Michael Gallup and CeeDee Lamb no doubt could be the reason why Amari Cooper's offensive continue to nosedive. Both these youngsters have been highly consistent through the first five weeks of the season, which could explain Cooper's decreased playing time.

Whether it's nagging injuries or the emergence of Gallup or Lamb though, the Dallas Cowboys continually to diminish Amari Cooper's offensive role is without a doubt concerning. You don't pay someone the kind of money he's making only to start phasing them out of the . I don't know about you, definitely something I'm going to be keeping an eye on moving forward.

What do you think is behind Amari Cooper's decreased playing time?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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I’m wondering if part of it is a staff that FINALLY gets to watch and see a healthy Ced Wilson plus being willing to give Noah Brown a chance to actually BE a WR?
But even if it’s either of those 2 things, or a combination, when a WR has a $100 million contact, he NEEDS to be on the field on every passing play.


Cooper nearly missed the entire first half the past week, I thought he was hurt or being disciplined. I didn’t realize his snap count has been going down since week 1.


I have to believe he is dinged. But the Cowboys have to like what they see with him having a reduced snap count and the young guys filling the void. Should help keep him fresh for the long haul…if there is indeed something to play for…and give them a good look at what the future might be like without him. Gallup is the real deal and money is going to have to be found to keep him around.


he got paid ,that’s what happpened to him plain and simple,,,no they just sit back, collect check, and play to just get by like the rest of the rich ass lazy paid dudes in this league and the other sports too,,,no go kneel for the flag and tell the rest of us we live wrong , …f…. them never support them again


Cooper has ongoing issues with his feet and inevitably was going to be playing less.The Boys are a team that hides injuries and does not put out complete injury reports.
Also, Cooper caused 2 interceptions by quiting routes when covered closely and nearly caused a third …in just the first 4 games.
Cooper was a huge overpay and is deteriorating even faster than expected.

Carlton Watson

yamean88 it’s crazy by your comments I can tell you’re white and not athletic lol…Go Cowboys!

Nicholas kober

I think there’s no excuse for it to be honest. We’ve been running a lot of three wide receiver sets And having Dalton shaultz Out there. Instead of putting your best players out there, who can stop a A four wide receiver send of Amari Cooper, cd lamb, Michael Gallup, and cedrick Wilson???? We could also have five at a time and throw Noah brown out there as well. With the way our line has played we need people that are fast and can run Quick crisp routes. Even line Tony Pollard up out there. Sometimes the playcalling baffles me, because your best players should always be on the field unless they need a breather!!!

A Valerio

Just an ok article. Maybe he isn’t playing as many snaps but his production is still high. He also has the second most targets in the league. Obviously he is still very heavily involved in the game plan.

Perry D. Hagen

He’s healing up. Once he’s healed he’ll be back to his snap counts. Why risk him being injured with the talent we have at WR?

Martin FM

I hope I’m wrong but players who get payed don’t play as they should.

Gary b

Another player Jerry Jones overpaid for and who will most certainly be on the sideline AGAIN towards the end of the season when we need him the most.

Antwan Goins

Everyone calm down! It could have been match up or the coverage he has faced, after all he is still the number one option… Don’t forget that since Andy got the ball the first person he looked to was Cooper. Also Zeke hasn’t really been getting the ball for someone who is getting top money , so lets see how the rest of the season goes

Yarie Leake

They got a lot mouths 2 feed. Lamb, wilson and Gallup is moving at another speed. Cooper is still the one 2 stop. When he’s out there he opens the door for everybody else. Don’t take to much stock n him resting, for the later part of the season. I do get the feeling Wilson ain’t going no where, he’s just floting out there. Also coop goner b coop. He’s goner have a game this week and the next. Put him n uor line up.

Ruben Trevino

When you have a group of talented recievers !You can expect a decline in production in one of your recievers! So, do you change your production??


Maybe just nicked up, plus more mouths to feed. Combination of those two things. I don’t see a big problem of spreading the ball around. Actually it may be a good thing, keeping comps D off balance. And don’t forget Ced, he is really coming around.

DP Johnson

Btw, have u really felt more and more that we have been in it, or that our QBs didn’t have targets? Coop speaks high of his whole room. MG and Ceedee don’t question pecking order so why do you keep trying?

Dexter Redd

13 88 19 they are group of receivers with the wild factor. I believe Cooper stand up when they need him, on the football field. Kelen Moore need use his skills and get more involved, I BELIEVE THIS WILL GET TURN AROUND QUICK. Go Cowboys.


Why is this money issue coming up now. NONE of these HIGH priced players are worth this stupid compensation. Been saying that for years. Including Prescott. If he were not so greedy, he would be kicking back right now with the security of a long term deal under his belt. So now Cooper is not worth his money. Well he was SMART, HE TOOK THE DEAL when offered. Look, no one knows exactly why the lowering snap count, but is it unusual? No. WR position is the least of our worries.

Gary b

Fair point about Dak VAM. He should have taken that money, but remember the cowboys couid have locked him up for much less and much earlier.. Other QBs were being locked up early but the cowboys kept putting it off, and now here we are. But I agree he has been offered a fair price. I’m disappointed he turned it down. I didn’t think he was that guy that would be chasing every dollar.

I like Cooper but I worry about his injuries and durability. He seems to be on the sidelines alot for such a high priced guy. Will he be healthy and available at the end of the seasons when u need him the most?

Mike Cannaday

Daks greed might be more his agent than himself . Bigger pay check for the player the more compensation for the agent .


Some of you guys and your comments just piss me off. Dak has earned the right to ask for and receive the contract I believe he’s earned. If it were you out there playing your ass off like Dak Prescott, you’d ask for the same damned thing so don’t lie and shut the hell up.
Now…onto the subject of this post, Amari Cooper. As far as I know, Cooper doesn’t call the plays. He may be a little banged up but he doesn’t tell the coaching staff what plays to call. There’s no doubt he wants the ball on every snap just as every other WR but he’s not a drama queen. You won’t see him on the sidelines crying or throwing his helmet when he doesn’t get the ball. He’s still our # 1 WR so everyone needs to just settle down. We have a lot of youngsters on our team that needs to get the ball right now so we can evaluate them and they get the experience.

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