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Analyzing Chris Trapasso’s 7-round Mock Draft for the Dallas Cowboys

How did Chris Trapasso do drafting for the Dallas Cowboys?

NFL Draft writer Chris Trapasso for CBSSports recently dropped his complete 7-round 2020 NFL Mock Draft, and being the curious person I am I decided to take a look to see who he selected for the Dallas Cowboys. To be completely honest, I really liked what I found out.

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but Chris Trapasso must be a Dallas Cowboys fan. He hit several homeruns with his selections and I think a lot of Cowboys Nation would agree. But, let’s not dillydally anymore. Below is Trapasso’s picks for the Cowboys and my personal analysis about each selection.

Chris Trapasso’s Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft

Round 1, Pick 17 – Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama

Analysis: I don’t think anybody can argue with Chris Trapasso selecting Xavier McKinney here for the Dallas Cowboys. McKinney is an excellent player who not only fits a need on the backend of the Cowboy secondary, but upgrades it as well. The only questionable thing I can think of here is the fact he passed up on both EDGE K’Lavon Chaisson and DT Javon Kinlaw. Would the Cowboys do the same?

Round 2, Pick 51 – Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn

Analysis: Chris Trapasso once again addresses a need for the Dallas Cowboys with their second-round pick in former Auburn CB Noah Igbinoghene. I’m actually a big fan of this pick because I have Igbinoghene as my Top-5 CB in this year’s draft class. He’s a former WR turned CB and is still learning the position, but his physicality and athleticism are top-notch. Plus he brings the added value as a returner on special teams.

Round 3, Pick 82 – Davon Hamilton, DT, Ohio State

Analysis: Davon Hamilton is another excellent selection for the Dallas Cowboys by Chris Trapasso. He’s not only one of the big bodied, space eating defensive tackles Cowboys fans have been hankering for, but he has surprising pass rushing ability from the interior as well. His addition would help free up DeMarcus Lawrence on the outside and help keep Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch clean to make plays behind him.

Round 4, Pick 123 – Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame

Analysis: I’m starting to think Chris Trapasso has been reading my Dallas Cowboys mock drafts. Chase Claypool is somebody I’ve mocked to the Cowboys as well. I love the mismatches he creates in the passing game. He can be utilized as a big slot, an outside WR, a red zone weapon, or as a move TE in the passing game. His addition would allow OC Kellen Moore to get really creative with the Cowboys aerial attack.

Round 5, Pick 164 – Dalton Keene, TE, Virginia

Analysis: Dalton Keene is someone I had to go back and study after the performance he put on at the NFL Combine. He’s currently my 10th-ranked TE in this year’s draft class and could challenge Blake Jarwin – if re-signed/tendered – for the starting gig this offseason. He’s an excellent weapon in the passing game, but still needs to grow and develop as an in-line blocker.

Round 5, Pick 179 – James Smith-Williams, EDGE, NC State

Analysis: James Smith-Williams is an interesting selection here by Chris Trapasso. Smith-Williams shows good upper body strength and handles himself well against power and the run, but numerous injuries has hindered his production/development. He tested well at the NFL Combine proving his athleticism, and if he can stay healthy he could be worth developing.

Round 7, Pick 231 – Ke’Shawn Vaughn, RB, Vanderbilt

Analysis: I don’t know if the Dallas Cowboys will use a draft pick on a RB with Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard already in the mix, but Ke’Shawn Vaughn provides good value at this point in the draft. I personally think he’s a mid-round selection, so he may be too good to pass up here. He already has a pro-ready build and he’s tough as nails to bring down when he has the ball in his hands.

Overall, I think Chris Trapasso did an excellent job with his selections for the Dallas Cowboys. I’d personally be happy if this is the way things turned out. I think he hit some homeruns with his first four picks, while also adding some solid depth who should be able to contribute as rookies in the mid-to-late rounds as well. I don’t know about you, but I’d sign off on this.

What do you think of Chris Trapasso’s 7-round Dallas Cowboys mock draft?

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. I would make an argument against taking Xavier McKinney. He isn’t at a game changing position and isn’t game changing talent. They would be better served taking DT Javon Kinlaw there. The drop off at 3-technique after Kinlaw is MUCH greater than a Safety that you could get in 2nd or 3rd round (Ashtyn Davis, Terrell Burgess, Jeremy Chinn, Antone Winfield Jr, Brandon Jones).

    If Kinlaw isn’t there at 17 should look at CB, which is really more of an impact position and we will be losing our best player. OR truly go best player available which might be WR (e.g. if Lamb or Jeudy are there). A Safety at pick 17 will be a mistake because talent isn’t really there. Scouts are saying that there are no Derwin James, or Jamal Adams level players this year. I like Kinlaw, CJ Henderson (Byron Jones 2.0), or Trevon Diggs at pick 17.

    I do really like addressing NT in 3rd round, and taking a WR in 4th or 5th (though I am partial to KJ Hill, or Michael Pittman Jr). If possible would go for a LB to add depth and special teams talent somewhere.

    • Aaron, I tend to agree with you about Xavier McKinney, although I disagree with you about Javon Kinlaw. I think the Cowboys can find a safety or 3-tech on Day 2 without much drop-off from McKinney or Kinlaw. I personally like one of the Top-3 WRs or CJ Henderson at 17, but if they’re not there I’m trying hard to trade down.

    • I disagree…. We have ignored the safety position for far too long and we need safety more than anything!! And Mckinney is my top option at 17!! Personally I like the first 3 picks in this mock draft, but everything after that I don’t care for!! But that’s just my opinion

  2. Think we need a top notch offensive lineman for when the big guys back spasms start acting up , we don’t have Dak back there with no protection from his blind side !

    • I wouldn’t rule it out. I think the Cowboys would probably look for more of a developmental guy though. Maybe someone who can be the swing tackle this year, but also capable of stepping in for a few games if needed. I wouldn’t rule out Brandon Knight or Mitch Hyatt. With a year of experience and in the strength and conditioning program they could be in play.

  3. I’m just ehhh about this mock. I would’ve went:

    17) Delpit – I’m not sold on McKinney’s athleticism, I see him more as a box safety instead of the next Fitzpatrick as some have claimed.
    51) Trevon Diggs – I like Diggs better than Igninoghene. Both are still relatively new to the corner position, but Diggs has better ball skills in my opinion.
    82) Michael Pittman Jr – Claypool is a mismatch but I feel Pittman is the better all around receiver. Good bloodlines and route running, should have a long career.
    123) Jordan Elliott – Hamilton is an underrated DT, especially athletically as a 1tech. But I’d rather sign a good 1tech in free agency and let Elliott rotate with Hill at 3tech. Plays a little high, but has some good pass rush.

    Anything after the 4th is a crapshoot. I’d rather take a chance on Tipa Galeai or Garvin at edge. Not sold on any of the late round TE’s in this class either. I’d rather sign a bridge like Eifert and draft one high next year, once the defense is fixed.

    • I kind of lean towards Grant Delpit over McKinney as well. It’s really hard to find rangy free safeties. I personally don’t really like Diggs. I think he’s really going to struggle against speedy WRs in the NFL. And I think Pittman and Claypool are similar players. I like Claypool just a little more, but would be happy with either. Lastly, I think Elliott is more of a 3-tech and makes more sense if the Cowboys sign a 1-tech in FA. However, I like the idea of Hamilton and another space eater in the middle of the Cowboys deal.

    • We already have a a free safety in Xavier Woods!! A box safety is what we need and Xavier Mckinney is better for that position than Delpit is!! And we already have enough problems with tackling we don’t need more players with that problem!! Xavier Mckinney is by far the better option at safety!! And Trevon Diggs won’t make it to us in the 2nd round, he’s too good to fall that far!! And we need a DT more than a wide receiver, so if we waste a draft pick on a WR it don’t need to happen till the 4th or 5th round!! It wouldn’t make sense to draft a wide receiver that early when we already have more wide receivers on the team than we know what to do with!!

  4. I don’t want to see anymore drafts that include more wasted picks thrown at the wide receiver and tight end position. Cedric Wilson was everybody’s darling. We have Devin Smith, who is very underrated. What about Noah Brown? This draft needs to be all defensive players, unless they can find a game-changer like Tyreek Hill.

    • Like it or not, the Dallas Cowboys need to both upgrade and add depth at both WR and TE. The WRs you mentioned cannot be relied on and might be a longshot to even make the team to begin with. None of them have been able to stay healthy enough so far in their professional career.

    • I agree with you!! I don’t understand it either…. It drives me crazy every time I see a mock draft with a wide receiver in it for us!! Especially when they have one selected this early!! As much help as we need on the defense it would be a wasted draft pick to draft a wide receiver that early

    • That’s always a possibility, but it’s easier said than done. A team first as to be willing to trade up, and then you have to think about who you are trading away from and who could be there after you trade down?

  5. I like the first 4 picks…. Especially Xavier Mckinney in the 1st round and Davon Hamilton in the 3rd round and Chase Claypool in the 4th round!! I don’t mind Noah in the 2nd round, but I think there mite be a better CB option for us in the 2nd!! I kinda lean towards Aj Terrell or Damon Arnett over Noah in the 2nd round!! But as long as we get Xavier Mckinney in the 1st round I’ll be happy!!

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