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Anthony Brown Lands on PFF top Press Coverage List

On Monday, Pro Football Focus released its list of the top 10 press cornerbacks, and and both made an appearance.

Brown started all 16 of his appearances for the Cowboys last season and played 91% of the snaps on , the highest percentage of any player on Dallas’ defense.

Brown has become a player that most forget and still plays a solid role on this team. I was surprised to see two Cowboys corners fall into the top ten though.

Dating back to Day, we all wanted him off the team. He did not have a good day against Las Vegas. These things happen, and players have some tough days, but that was not ideal for his liking.

I say pump the brakes on some of that talk. His physical coverage is why he found himself being flagged four times that game for pass interference, those things happen.

Recently, according to Bleacher , Brown would be a “surprise” veteran cut.

Even so, I still don't think Brown should go anywhere. I can't see how Dallas would be able to afford to cut a guy who knows the defense and started 91% of snaps last season and will start close to that same percentage again next season. It is hard to just replace someone who spends that much time on the field.

In conclusion, it is hard to tell what Dallas will get from brown next year, but I think he would be more likely to bring more upside than decline. The second year with is going to help everyone on that defense. With him being able to shadow a ball hawk like Diggs, Brown will have his games where we want to rip apart, but he will make plenty of plays that help them next season. I look forward to seeing how the Cowboys' defense can improve even more so than last now that Quinn has been around a bit longer. You have to take the good with the bad.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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DBs will always get criticized probably more than other players because when they get beat it’s there for us to see. And if you miss it at real time, the umpteen replays make it impossible to miss.

EVERY DB gets beat. Holding and interference calls are sometimes debatable. Many sport media talking heads and fans piled on Brown at certain times during last year, but IMO, I don’t think he is as bad as the rhetoric.

Ironically, Diggs, fairly or unfairly, gets a lot of love, but he gave up the most passing yards and had the most penalties for a CB in 2021. Obviously, his 11 INTs helped his overall perception. He is an exciting player, cat quick, and can turn a game around with those TOs. BTW, two of those INTs went right through the hands of receivers and three were thrown right at him. He is very susceptible to double moves, hence the most yardage tag. It will be very hard for him to repeat that INT total this coming year, as teams by now have done their homework on him.

That said, he hopefully has done his homework on opposing QBs and WRs and will continue to be a game changer that defense definitely needs.

Cowboys fan

Brown did get a lot of crap talked about him for that Thanksgiving game, but I don’t think all 4 of those penalties were actually penalties…. The way a couple of them looked, I think 1 or 2 of them were BS…. I remember the one that was in the end zone or right before it, they threw the flag on him, but he had his head turned around looking for the ball, but they still called pass interference on him!! I thought that one was a bad call!! I think there was 1 more that shouldn’t have been called, but I can’t remember exactly which one it was!! But either way, I think Brown is a good corner, and I really don’t think we’ll let him go before his contract expires…. Especially with this Kelvin Joseph situation going on!! We mite let him walk next year if Joseph can stay out of trouble, but if not then I think we’ll end up resigning him again, or we’ll draft another one in the 1st or 2nd round of the next draft, or both!! But it depends on how Joseph turns out!! I have no faith in Nahshon Wright…. I still think we should’ve taken Elijah Molden, or Ifeatu Melifonwu, or even Ambry Thomas in the 3rd round over Nahshon Wright!! But that’s in the past now…… Now all we can hope for is that Joseph can stay out of trouble, and Brown can keep playing the way he did last year!!

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