Inside is seeking freelance sports writers to join our team.

We offer experienced and aspiring writers a platform on which to build a following as a bona fide sports blogger. From and in-depth analysis to intriguing editorials, get your name out there and earn the respect of fellow Dallas . There are also opportunities to earn part-time income for the right candidates.


  • Find interesting and engaging Cowboys stories that connect with readers.
  • Deliver factual, well-written stories in a timely manner.
  • Communicate with other staff via private text/voice chat servers while developing stories.
  • Actively appreciate those who take the time to respond to your stories. (reply to all comments, social replies, etc.)
  • Exceed the minimum post requirements for your position each week.


  • Demonstrated ability to post similarly to the requirements of the position for which you’re applying. Provide links for verification below.
  • Ability to meet all minimum duties of the desired position (weekly periods from Mon-Sun).
  • Regular computer access (laptop/desktop). Mobile access also recommended for real-time staff communication.
  • Extensive knowledge of the team and sport (, NFL football).
  • Ability to research, produce grammatically correct copy that is free of spelling errors, and locate relevant cover and content images that support your topic.
  • Basic formatting including headings, appropriate paragraph length, links and anchor text, headline writing, and keyword use.
  • Experience with WordPress a plus. Must learn in order to perform duties.

There are typically two types of people who apply:

  1. Experienced Writers – This person demonstrates excellence in writing compelling articles on a variety of subjects, not just sports, and is looking to make some cash by jumping on breaking news stories and developing rapport with readers.
  2. Passionate Fans – Some fans have a flair for writing and analysis. They may lack formal training, and may not be able to cover every topic on demand the way trained writers might, but they are able to provide more intimate stories due to personal interest.

Whether your passion is for the Dallas Cowboys, or delivering often fast-paced and factual content to readers, there may be a place for you at . The only question is, which role suits you best?

All positions offered by Inside The Star:

Contributor – Contributors are unpaid and unlimited. Post seldom or often, to make a name or just to get something off your chest. Subject to editorial review by rule.

Junior Writer – Must maintain a minimum of 3 new posts per week. This is a paid position. Commissions are paid out monthly and are a percentage of ad revenue equal to the substantive articles provided each month.

Staff Writer – While having a 5 post minimum per week, Staff Writers are encouraged to go beyond the minimum. Paid commissions monthly, as a percentage of ad revenue equal to the substantive articles provided each month.

Senior Writer – Must exceed the 7 post weekly minimum. Position is paid the same as a Staff Writer, only with a slightly higher commission percentage. We are not accepting applications for Senior Writer from new applicants, only from current Staff Writers looking to step up.

Inside The Star is always on the hunt for talent, so while you may apply for Staff Writer at any time, actual openings vary according to the current budget and . Budget is determined by existing staff and their performance. Unpaid positions are always available to the right candidates.

Inside The Star is a Slant Sports Digital affiliate and, as such, each member of the ITS team is encouraged to cover other teams and sports they’re passionate about via our parent site, Motivated individuals will find the extra posting opportunities worth their time above and beyond their ITS duties.

A note from the founder

We’re a grass-roots organization that began in the Dallas Cowboys market and grew to a full sports network. We’ve accomplished everything to date because of the dedicated team members who have been a part of this site. As the owner and managing editor of ITS and Slant Sports Digital, I have a vested interest in being involved on a daily basis, which is why I call us a team.

Being a team requires that people work together to achieve common goals. In our case, such goals include recognition, trust, and circulation.

The purpose of Inside The Star is to provide fans with news and commentary about the Cowboys through a grounded and relatable approach. We’re about more than just who’s starting and who’s benched, we’re about enhancing the fan experience with honesty, integrity, and intelligence. We leave the headline-baiting to our corporate competitors.

Inside The Star is the largest independent Dallas Cowboys blog — a fact owed entirely to the dedicated fans who fill our pages each day. If being a part of what we’re doing sounds like something you can get behind, I welcome the chance to speak with you.

Apply today to get started

To submit your information for consideration, please complete the following form. Include any and all information that may be relevant to your fitness as a Cowboys blogger including who you are, why you’re here, and what you’ve done prior to warrant further consideration.

I will personally evaluate each application received and respond to those who seem like a good fit.

Applicant Information
Enter up to 5 URLs to your work. This can include profiles listing articles on other websites, or links to specific articles that you feel best represent the kind of writing you can produce on demand.
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