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Inside The Star is seeking new blood. We’re looking to expand our reach and range of viewpoints, as well as for the general growth of the site’s weekly content output. Are you up to the challenge?

Opportunities are not limited to seasoned bloggers, but paid positions require a skill set that only comes with experience. The General Contributor position is a great starting point for those with writing skills that may be lacking the online production capabilities needed for a paying gig. The term “professional writer” still means something, and few actually fit it.

ITS offers reach to millions of readers, distribution of content across our social media accounts, and the chance to earn a little money for just being a vocal fan. If you’re ready to take it beyond conversations with your buddies, then here endeth the sales pitch. Seriously, the rest of this page is important and maybe a little blunt.

Summary of Responsibilities —

Experience original thought. Write. Publish. That’s the gist of it, anyway. You come up with interesting topics, write, proof, and spruce; then get it out to the front page. It’s daily and ongoing. Posts should be 500 words or more. You need not be a wordsmith, but competency with the English language might help. Any formal training on composition is basically useless as writing for the web breaks any traditional teachings of sentence and paragraph structure. And don’t ever misspell names. Just don’t.

The experience doesn’t stop at merely writing content. Content includes everything: titles, categories, tags, images, embeds, proofing, formatting, SEO; i.e. a whole post. You don’t need to be a coder, but you do need to understand the platform. We use WordPress, not because we like it, but it’s what we’ve been using for over a decade and I don’t have time to code a new solution from scratch. It works okay, and you’ll get pretty familiar with the post editor. You’ll also work with a daily editorial schedule, filling slots based on current conditions.

Each position comes with a number. It could be 3 or 5, depending on the title, and it’s the bare minimum number of posts you’re expected to publish each week (Mon-Sun). Half of any money you earn here is specifically about meeting this number (exceeding it is better for everyone). You will not be nagged about keeping up with it and falling short washes the whole week. You’ll receive money based on post count, so doing more than the bare minimum will get you more of it. **So you want me to wear more pieces of flare?**

Discord. We use Discord for team communications. This is a collaborative environment for the simple fact of having multiple writers creating content at the same time. Effective communication is therefore paramount. We keep it loose, and casual. Discord is free and has excellent native apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Sadly, I have to say this — your first and last names are required on Discord (must match your name here on the site).

We’re fans, not mercs. If money is your primary motivation for sports blogging then you can just move on. You may earn decent money here, or you may not, that really depends on what you do, but money isn’t the point. And here’s a tip: professional writers aren’t applying to an independent site. Don’t submit an application here looking for money. We’re fans, we enjoy the game and love the team, and we want to be part of something we can grow with and make better.

Side note. Do not ask me about things that are already stated on this page. I know it’s kind of long — deal with it. If digesting the information on this page is too complicated, how do you think you’ll fare coming up with and researching topics and proofing your work before publishing? Phrases like self-starter and attention to detail are often overused these days — throw in common sense for good measure — but they are crucial to what we do. If you do not possess those three traits, it will show. Furthermore, sloppy writing is infectious. If you send messages via email or on our Discord server that are filled with typos and errors, your content will be as well. Take pride in your words.

Positions Offered —

General Contributor. The General Contributor is an unpaid position ideal for those needing to up their game, or those who aren’t able to commit to three or more posts per week. You can write as little or as often as you want as a General Contributor but will be subject to mandatory manual review. Involves a lot of handholding; romantic walks on the beach are optional.

Junior Writer. In the least time-consuming paid role with ITS, Junior Writers must publish at least 3 posts per week and are responsible for thorough self-review of their work. You must produce error-free copy that is appropriately formatted and optimized for search engines. Junior Writers receive a split of monthly ad revenue based on post count.

Staff Writer. Staff Writers have a minimum of 5 posts published per week. That’s the only difference between Junior Writers and Staff Writers.

Other Important Information —

What does “paid position” mean? A writer receives a percentage of ad revenue each month that is equal to their part of the staff’s post total for that month. Only paid positions are included. If we run 100 posts in June and you wrote 25 of those, then you get a 25% split in September. Yes, September. The ad network pays out two months behind, and you get paid from what’s received. Ad networks like to change things as well (usually dumping Twitter hits), so calculations are only done once the money is in the bank. This makes for a slow start, but then it’s monthly payouts after the initial holding period. Writing more gets you more because the extra content gets us more, understand?

Training. There is a two-week trial period for all paid positions. It’s a good time to find out if you fit ITS and if ITS is a fit for you, while also training you up on the platforms and guidelines. You’ll be responsible for one post over half the weekly minimum the first week [JW 2, SW 3], and the full boat in week two [JW 3, SW 5].

A Personal Note from Me —

Inside The Star is still a small independent organization, and we’re looking forward to bigger and better things. What we’ve accomplished to date is due to the dedicated team members who have devoted their time and energy to this site.

As the owner of ITS and its parent network, Daily Rival, my interest in being involved on a daily basis is absolute, hence why I call us a “team.” A team requires people to work together to achieve common goals. In our case, such goals include greater recognition and trust and increased circulation.

The purpose of Inside The Star is to provide fans with news and commentary about the Cowboys through grounded and relatable content. We’re about more than just who’s starting and who’s benched; we’re about enhancing the fan experience with honesty, integrity, and intelligence.

Inside The Star is the largest independent Dallas Cowboys blog — a fact owed entirely to the dedicated fans who surf our pages each day. Thank you!

Apply Today to Get Started —

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Include any and all information that may be relevant to your fitness as a Cowboys blogger including who you are, why you’re here, and what you’ve done prior to warrant consideration. Links to your own published works are appreciated.

I will evaluate each application received and respond to those who seem like a good fit.

** Be aware that it may take weeks or longer for me to respond to applicants due to factors such as training time, staff levels, and even the time of year (i.e., holidays, dead of the offseason, etc.).

[Revised February 4, 2023]

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