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Are Cowboys Done Addressing Wide Receiver?

The Dallas Cowboys paid Amari Cooper a five-year $100M extension and drafted CeeDee Lamb with the 17th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Michael Gallup is heading into his third year in the league. As Mike McCarthy’s coaching staff gets ready to take this offense to the next level, it seems like they’re set at wide receiver.

But should they continue to address the position? It’s clear the team has its starters for the season, but with three wide receivers formations becoming the norm in pro football, one shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having a solid backup.

With Mike McCarthy taking over at head coach, it’s only fair to assume the Cowboys will be betting on their wide receivers way more than before when Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan called the shots. 11-personnel snaps should increase as well as the team’s aggressiveness in the play-calling department.

That means the team will have to play number four and even number five guys frequently.

The truth is, as strong as the Cowboys’ top three receivers are, there are not many options behind them. Cedrick Wilson, Noah Brown and Ventell Bryant will all likely fight for a roster spot this offseason. However, even though some have shown flashes of promise, it hasn’t been enough to prove they belong in the league.

One has to wonder if the front office is still aiming to build the position.

Tavon Austin, who played for the Cowboys in the last two seasons is still available in free agency. Austin would help in special teams. Also available in free agency are veterans such as Jermaine Kearse, Taylor Gabriel, Demaryius Thomas, and Paul Richardson. There are younger players as well, like Chester Rogers.

Plenty of these guys are likely better than what the team currently has.

It seems less likely, but the front office could even explore other team’s trade blocks and see if they can get a cheap buy.

It’s clear now that the Dallas Cowboys’ strength in 2020 will be on offense. The team has even invested in a quality backup quarterback by bringing Andy Dalton. For a unit set to contend this season, the team has found a significant upgrade over Cooper Rush. Watching Teddy Bridgewater win five games for the New Orleans while Drew Brees was out with an injury should be enough to highlight how big of a deal Dalton signing with Dallas is.

What if Cooper, Gallup, or Lamb gets injured? The team must be prepared to keep its biggest strength from being such. I’m not sure their current roster will be able to help them do that. Being concerned about depth is way better than being concerned about not having quality starters, but it’s an issue nevertheless.

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What do you think?

Mauricio Rodriguez

Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.


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  1. WR is the LEAST of the Cowboys concerns. If they can’t win if one of the top three goes down that’s on Dak! Wentz went to the playoffs last year throwing to a stock boy, a burger flipper and an Uber driver! LB depth behind 3 injury risk starters and TE after Jarwin are much more pressing needs. Plus S is far from settled and CB looking toward 2021 is a big concern.

  2. how about dez as a 4 or 5 for a year tryout, now that would really frustrate the def coordinators,,good luck stoping that in the redzone….except for cedric wilson, the others just can’t take a hold, give dez the shot already!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree with you 100% give dez a 1yr deal. He already said he doesn’t have to be the main guy and he still has a hunger for football. A top 4 of coop/gallup/dez/lamb!!! Everything will be open they can’t stack the box and they bet nt try to double anybody. Asfar as our defense haha is a good safety for the box leave woods as the free. The cbs don’t have to be stars they just need to compete for the balls, cause we will be sending more pressure wit the new coordinator. Not to mention mccoy and poe up the middle.

  4. Devin Smith not even mentioned? He can play very well when healthy. New coaching staff, new start. The Dez idea would be cool too. I think he would come back hungry, humble, and ready to contribute. His work ethic has never been questioned.

  5. Please gawd no one mention Dez. . ..out of shape locker room cancer and every snap he takes, reduces a future players reps. So pleased so far he’s been a hard pass

    Devin Smith is a great option. . .if healthy. . . .same can be said though not at the potential of Smith with Cedric Wilson. Dallas can even go 5 WRs this year as Tony Pollard has YUGE position flex.

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