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Austin to Dallas: 3 Longhorns the Cowboys should consider drafting

We're officially 18 days until the 2023 Draft begins. This means that we only have wait about 432 hours (maybe add an extra 30 minutes) until the are on the clock with the 26th pick — barring they don't up or down.

With Pick 26, the Cowboys arguably have the luxury of targeting the best player available on the board, as they have addressed their weaknesses through and trade — and they don't need to target a specific position.

While I'm not here to tell fans which player they should target with their first pick (because I'm sure you have read endless articles on why “X-player makes the most sense here”), I instead wanted to discuss something else draft-related.

And that something else is about three guys that played football at the University of Texas that the franchise should consider drafting.

These three guys were leaders and major play-makers during their time on the “Forty Acres” in Austin, and because of that, they could continue that trend for the Boys.

So to ease your curiosity, check out three former Longhorns the Cowboys should consider adding to the team below.

Bijan Robinson

Any football fan knew Texas would be talked about here. I mean, c'mon.

If you look at ten , I can guarantee you will find Robinson's name mocked to the Cowboys at 26 in a couple. It makes me feel like the pairing is destiny waiting to happen.

Does the team need to spend a first-round pick on a running back again?

Probably not. But it's Robinson, whose a generational talent.

Don't get me wrong — I understand the fans who believe the team has other needs — but the team would be setting themselves up for years, and running backs are replaceable.

So why not let Running Back walk after this season and slide Robinson in? Maybe I'm just a Robinson homer. But if it's not Bijan, let's talk about his former running mate, who could be an option on Day Two.

roschon johnson

If Robinson is off-the-table, no worries because another Texas running back is available.

Everyone, meet Texas running back .

Johnson, a former high school who transitioned into a running back, was Robinson's running mate at Texas. If anyone watched Texas football during his time, you saw a ferocious runner that would grind out those tough yards for the team — and someone who had underrated speed.

If the team were to target Johnson, he could be a player that could grind out the tough yards for Pollard and be the option on third down.

Beyond Johnson's tape, the team could add a big-time culture player to their lockerroom that not only puts 110% effort on-and-off the field but is willing to contribute in any way possible to help win.

To clarify, this isn't a knock on Robinson, who's also a huge-effort player that contributes a lot to any team. But if they strike out on him, then Johnson is your guy.

demarvion overshown

Hopefully, fans didn't think I would bombard them with running back editorial the whole time in this piece.

Because if you didn't know, “running backs don't matter.” (Shoutout to Marcus Mosher)

Anyways. The one personnel group that looked shaky entering this was the linebackers. While fans pleaded with the to go after LB , the team shifted a different direction and re-signed LB for two years — shoring up their group for next season.

But does this mean the team shouldn't add new faces to the room? Nope, because if you want to be a successful team, you should strive to improve all groups on the team because that's what good teams do.

This is where Texas comes in, as he could be a Swiss Army player that the team could utilize. Whether it's putting him in the game to blitz or using him in particular personnel packages, Overshown has freakish athleticism that can make scary.

A former-highly rated recruit, Overshown started as a in Austin before transitioning to linebacker. Add that he was a highly-productive college player, it wouldn't hurt to have a solid player like him on the .

To clarify, I'm not calling for the team to draft him, so they could possibly start him either — since the team is already set.

Additionally, I love the LSU linebacker duo ( and ) behind Vander Esch and . But snagging Overshown in later rounds adds more talent to the team's defense.

So there you have it. Those are three Longhorns the Cowboys should consider adding in this year's draft.

I admit, the player I almost threw in this piece was DT , whose a massive body that successfully disrupts an opposing team's on any given Sunday.

However, if I had to make a draft prediction, it would be that the team targets a in earlier rounds, which means Coburn will be passed on. But he's not a bad honorable mention.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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