Beginning In June, Texas Governor Says Outdoor Stadiums Can Hold 25% Capacity

As the country looks to re-open during the COVID-19 pandemic, sports have been one of the hottest topics of discussion. Texas governor Greg Abbott made no mistake about his plans for the return of sports today, reportedly issuing a revised order on professional sports arenas.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued a revised order: not only will professional sports leagues be allowed to resume play in June, but outdoor stadiums will be allowed to host fans up to 25% of their capacity.

Abbott’s order will allow up to 25% fan capacity at outdoor stadiums in Texas. This goes against what’s become the popular discussion lately, where most seem to expect the leagues to all resume without any fans in attendance.

The NFL is yet to have a stance on the topic, but the governor of the state that hosts America’s Team (the league’s biggest brand) issuing an order like this is certainly big news.

Plus, given this order is effective as of June, who knows the level of capacity the governor will recommend come September when the season really gets going.

The Dallas Cowboys do not have a scheduled home regular season game until September 20th against the Atlanta Falcons. Their season opening opponent, the Los Angeles Rams, are dealing with much different political guidance in the state of California around the re-opening of stadiums.

At this point, the only thing that’s certain is uncertainty.

What do you think?

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Written by Kevin Brady

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  1. Going on the assumption that everyone has been to a Pro game in any sport.
    25%……. So will team only sell seats (max 4 together let’s say) 3 rows / min 3 seats away from anyone else?
    This is laughable if teams close off half the seats and 50% fill the remaining half – technically only selling 25% of seats but people still packed together.
    AND are you going to have security enforcing 6′ apart at all times in the bathroom lines and using only every 3rd urinal?
    Vendor lines keeping distance when game is on and people trying to get back to their seats fast as possible?
    Season tickets…. how do teams decide which holders get refunds?

    I am a season ticket holder but will give this year a hard pass, as I am too old to play political Guinea Pig.
    This will be extremely interesting to figure out!

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