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Bills Advance to AFC Championship, Cowboys Slide Further Down Absence List

The Buffalo Bills hadn’t been to a conference championship game since the 1993 season before their big win yesterday over the Baltimore Ravens. Now that Buffalo’s ended one of the NFL’s longest droughts, it drops the Dallas Cowboys one spot lower with their 25-year failure to not get past the Divisional Round.

The Cowboys last appearance in the NFC Championship Game was in 1995, the same year as their last Super Bowl victory. Dallas advanced to the big game with a win over 26-year-old Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.

Only five other teams have had longer waits to return to a conference championship game than the Cowboys:

  • Cincinnati Bengals – 1988
  • Cleveland Browns – 1989
  • Detroit Lions – 1991
  • Washington Football Team – 1991
  • Miami Dolphins – 1992

The Browns have a chance to reset the clock today in their Divisional Round game against the Kansas City Chiefs. It would be a huge upset, but that would drop Dallas into the bottom five.

After a glorious run of three Super Bowl wins and four-straight NFC Conference Championship appearances from 1992-1995 the Cowboys have rarely been close to the same level of success. Since 1995 Dallas has only made the playoffs 10 times and has a 4-10 record in postseason games.

Dallas reached the Divisional Round six times in those 10 playoff trips, four after a first-round win and twice after a first-round bye as one of the top-two seeds in the NFC. Their most recent effort was in 2018 after defeating the Seattle Seahawks in the Wild Card round, but they were defeated and eliminated by the Los Angeles Rams.

One reason that the Cowboys hired Mike McCarthy in 2020 was that the Green Bay Packers reached the playoffs nine times in his 12 seasons as their head coach. They made it to the NFC Championship Game in four of those years.

The Packers have continued to have playoff success without McCarthy, reaching the conference title game in 2019 and 2020. Meanwhile, the Cowboys fell to a 6-10 record this year with their new head coach.

As Dallas fans continue to wonder when they’ll see their team back in the NFL’s final four, they’re also wondering if the current head coach is the man to get them there.

Happy Sunday!

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Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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  1. Start s From the Top till this Day , Why and How Do let coach that Just won Back to Back Super Bowl s go..One Person why this Team is now Bottom feeders in the NFL Jerry Jones

  2. Jerry Jones is the whole problem with this team, a G.M with no clue, if he would hire a qualified G.M. he might live to see another Super Bowl, other then that it’s not going to happen for him, he will go to his grave losing!!!

  3. Way to go Jerry
    Cowboys will never go to playoffs as long as your egotistical butt is there.
    I bet Jimmy Johnson laughs so hard at your ignorance that he gets in floor laughing so hard!
    You are not near as smart as you think!
    Congrats goober

  4. After over a Quarter Century…….Its Plain to See The Jones Family has completely ruined&Purposely Destroyed a Once Proud&Glorious Franchise……Now we are Simply an afterthought or The Butt of 1 of Many Jokes or Memes….I unfortunately am the fool&STILL hope J.J will fall&break a hip&Lay his Completely Egotistical Ass Down Somewhere But……..Steven is No Different…..Daddy’s lil Protégé…….They bought the Dallas Cowboys to continue to get Rich Off of&thus they have definitely done due to fools like me who continue to support a Loosing Franchise&Will Continue to Be Losers UNTIL the Jones Family should EVER sell……..I am a Hometown Boy&Support ALL my Dallas Teams…….But God…….its Getting Difficult to even Garner Up Enough Interest Season in…..Season Out…..No Matter the Coach,Staff,nor Players……..Same Predictable Results……Year in……Year Out……..Thank You Jerry&Family For ABSOLUTELY nothing over the past QUARTER CENTURY
    Been On Board since ’73………Any who Rant Over

  5. I am or maybe was a devoted Cowboys fan of around 40 years bought gear on my bucket list was a trip to see them play in Dallas now I’m ashamed to wear anything thing with their name on it and couldn’t care less about watching them play they have been a joke for 25 plus years all talk and no action

  6. I’m a true Cowboy fan and to me what’s happen to the Cowboys is the fact the way jerry Jones treated Coach Tom Laundry a Christian man a humble man and a family man. some of you might say hey they won three Super Bowls after that is correct but what has happened in that last 25 years. Remember how we used to say the roof was left open so God could watch the Cowboys God hasn’t been watching the Cowboys in the past years

  7. I’ll give this to Jerry , he or whoever is in charge of drafting players has overall done great drafting good players , but the fact of the matter is that if you don’t have Coach to go along with those players and you ignore one side of the ball on D as far as getting high quality free agents and drafting defenders high in drafts then this what you get , an elite offense with an awful D and a Coach who doesn’t make players better and that’s where the cowboys are at RN

  8. and the fact is Jerry isn’t willing to do what it takes to surrender to the demands of a great Head Coach , which is why as ppl highlighted earlier , why Jimmy left and why Bill Parcells was our last actually good Head Coach ,and why Urban Meyer gave Cowboys Nation (in A way) gave us the middle finger on joining the Jags over the cowboys , so yeah until Jerry is gone then i don’t see how we ever gonna turn this around

  9. 2 specific ideas – one very possible and one that may take some negotiating…

    Straight up trade Dak to Cincinnati for Burrows
    Trade Dak, Zeke and #10 pick for the #1 pick, then select Lawrence.

  10. LOL Mark i doubt that will happen , the bengals ain’t taking a QB who i believe is equal to burrow anyways for 35 to 40 mil , where as they can get the same play from a QB who’s gonna have a rookie deal for another 3 years , and the Jags would be fools to take on Dak’s contract and Zeke’s (even though they got Robinson who finished 5th in fantasy , which was better than Zeke) instead of getting T Lawrence who’s the best college QB prospect since Andrew Luck on a rookie deal for 4 years

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