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BREAKING: Dallas Cowboys Sign Former Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton

The made a move to add some security to their situation this evening by former and Quarterback to a one-year contract worth up $7 million. Per Adam Schefter of , the former starting quarterback will also receive a $3 million signing bonus.

The move solidified the position for the Dallas Cowboys and gave them a veteran arm if the contract situation with starting quarterback lingers.

Passing Table
Year Age Tm G GS QBrec Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int Y/A AY/A Y/C Rate QBR Sk
2011* 24 CIN 16 16 9-7-0 58.1 3398 20 3.9 13 6.6 6.2 11.3 80.4 46.9 24
2012 25 CIN 16 16 10-6-0 62.3 3669 27 5.1 16 6.9 6.6 11.2 87.4 47.7 46
2013 26 CIN 16 16 11-5-0 61.9 4293 33 5.6 20 7.3 6.9 11.8 88.8 55.1 29
2014* 27 CIN 16 16 10-5-1 64.2 3398 19 4.0 17 7.1 6.3 11.0 83.5 48.5 21
2015 28 CIN 13 13 10-3-0 66.1 3250 25 6.5 7 8.4 8.9 12.7 106.2 70.0 20
2016* 29 CIN 16 16 6-9-1 64.7 4206 18 3.2 8 7.5 7.5 11.6 91.8 50.8 41
2017 30 CIN 16 16 7-9-0 59.9 3320 25 5.0 12 6.7 6.6 11.2 86.6 45.7 39
2018 31 CIN 11 11 5-6-0 61.9 2566 21 5.8 11 7.0 6.8 11.4 89.6 62.3 21
2019 32 CIN 13 13 2-11-0 59.5 3494 16 3.0 14 6.6 6.0 11.1 78.3 37
Care Care 133 133 70-61-2 62.0 31594 204 4.6 118 7.1 6.8 11.5 87.5 278
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Generated 5/2/2020. 

Dalton comes to the Dallas Cowboys with a tremendous amount of experience and has even played in the . Throughout his nine-year career, he's averaged 3,510 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, 13 interceptions, per season and has a career of 87.5.

The Dallas Cowboys placed the on Prescott back in March to prevent him from hitting . However, all parties are confident that a deal will come to fruition.

, who’s been the backup quarterback the last two seasons, could potentially be the odd man out with his $2.1 million cap hit for 2020.

If the Dallas Cowboys were to keep a third quarterback on the roster for 2020, it would likely come down to seventh-round pick , who has a connection to .

While this acquisition will cast doubt on the progress of a Dak Prescott extension, it should instead be viewed similarly to the signing during the era. A veteran presence to add insurance if your highly paid starter were to get injured and miss time.

Andy Dalton gives the Dallas Cowboys a legit starting quarterback in the event Dak Prescott were to suffer an in the season. They also have a veteran available to them for their virtual practices that Dak Prescott is not attending, per reports.

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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Cowboy Fan

Finally Finally The Boys have a Back up QB that has had success in the NFL! Dak if by chance you are home and sooo bored you are reading this post take some advice and quit listening to your agent ! Sign a contract that will help you and your team to be successful before you lose your starting position to a pro that can compete at an high level especially behind the OL that we have! Ole AD might come in and jump start his career and return to pro bowl form! Just saying!! ….. By the way looks like this coaching staff is starting to do the things it takes to be better than a 500 team!


Start Dalton and he will no worse than 8-8 with this offense. Probably better. Maybe the front office finally woke up out of the Prescott coma. One playoff win in four years and thinks he is the best QB in the NFL. Hilarious!

John Dixon

Maybe not.. but they should. Dalton can win with this team. His problems in Cincy were crappy coaching and crappy teams.


It should be viewed as a direct challenge to Dak. Sign for less or hold out and watch someone else do your job better! Love the move.


Thumps up!


Finally, we get a real backup and maybe more. The Red Rifle. Love this!

John Dixon

Calm down. Would think you were on his payroll. Truth is an average QB could win with this team. DAK needs to realize he is not the wheel. He is a cog on it.


John, you’re fighting a losing battle trying to infuse logic and a practical set of objective facts. Yes the signing is an insurance policy but it also does give back a modicum of leverage to ownership for a seeming stalled negotiation process.

Clinton Wells

Coaches might see The Red Rifle with this offense at 7 million and say it don’t look too different than Dak at 35+ million. Cowboys now have the leverage in contract talks, Dak can’t afford to see what Dalton looks like running offense before he decides if he wants to sign contract


Guess dak better rethink his next move. I’m sure this wasn’t to threaten dak but it sure puts a little thought in his mind that all is not lost if he’s not behind center this year. Great move by the cowboys even tho I do like dinucci playmaking abilities.

Robert Griego

I hope Andy does good in Dallas and put pressure on dak.dak is not even that good he is for sure not accurate has not won a super bowl not even a championship game if i was the owner he would be gone asking for all that money dak you are not worth it.aikman is alot better three super bowls proof your self first before you open your mouth it’s a sin to be greedy i hope Andy takes your job


Thank you very much for this signing. Dak may choose to hold out of some games like Zeke did. Now please get me a true box strong safety to help stop the run.

Stephen A Geiman

Finally have a back up QB with experience,playoff experience! Dak sign the damn contract stop thinking your the most elite most QBs that want money like your wanting have been to the championship game just saying DC4LIFE!!!

Joe DaValt

I think a lot of people need to quit blaming the Cowboys for Dak not having a contract. If he was offered a top 5 deal then that’s more than generous.

Cowboys fan

Agreed…. He was actually offered top two or three QB money and he still turned it down!! I hope he decides to hold out so Andy Dalton can start in his place!! Even Andy Dalton can take this team past an 8-8 record with the team we have!! He’s done more with a team that was way worse!!


when Dak heard about the signing of Andy Dalton he was in his backyard boiling crawdads and drinking Pearl lite beer. I heard he hopped in his pickup truck and headed back to Dallas on I-20 with a signed contract in his tackle box.

Robert Watkins

Maybe Dak would look good in tiger stripes


Who starts at quarterback in the season opener? Dak or Andy?


Bill Parcells would rate Dak Prescott’s quarterbacking skills as “bus driver”. I think he would write Andy Dalton closer to Phil Simms.


Settle down folks, Dalton never was a game changer. He just drove the bus. Came into the league with limited athleticism and a BB gun arm. He’ll be a great backup for Dak and can sub in for Dak if he were to miss time. That’s about it. If your expecting to to see the Red Rifle reappeare. It’s not gonna happen. Dak will get paid and we can all go about our cheering on Sunday’s It’s gonna be an interesting season.


What is an average NFL QB? Y’all act like these guys just fall out of trees. You wanna start Andy Dalton over Prescott? Please. Or maybe you would rather have Cam Newton? He’s a real team player and a great guy. Seriously fellas. Realize that we have all been flustered over this abomination of a coaching staff for years and we now have hopefully,a new and improved staff. This talented squad now has a coaching staff with Super Bowel winning experience. Stop hating on Dak and get on this train. Don’t miss out on the fact that we are all fans of the Dallas Cowboys. One of the greatest sports franchises in the history of sports. We are STACKED this year and ready to roll.

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