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CeeDee Lamb Graded as One of The Best Offensive Players Under 25

When you look around the NFL, there are stars everywhere.

From , who's arguably the GOAT QB, to , who, to some, is the “best ” in football–age doesn't matter when it comes to identifying uber-talented players. 

Well, on Monday, age did matter when Sports Writer Dajani created an All Under 25 Offensive Team that featured 11 players who he felt were the most talented at their respected positions. 

And, if you haven't guessed yet, Cowboys WR got the nod for Dajani. 

In Dajani's analysis of Lamb, some things he said were: 

It didn't take long for Lamb to establish himself as one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, and his outlook for 2022 is bright.

With Amari Cooper gone, Lamb is the unquestioned No. 1 target for Dak Prescott

In fact, bettors see him as a best bet to lead the league in receiving yards in 2022. 

WR and Cinncinatti Bengals WR were the other two wideouts chosen by Dajani. 

But back to the part that Dajani said about “bettors seeing him as the best bet to lead the league in receiving yards in 2022”, that intrigues me because this season will be the first time Lamb is penciled in as the true WR1. 

While I'm not claiming that Lamb isn't talented enough to lead the team as their WR1, I think fans shouldn't expect a heavy volume to go towards Lamb right away.

You have TE , WRs , , RBs , and all vying for targets–so a little hit in his overall volume may occur.

Add in that defenses will likely zero in on Lamb with their best CB or possible double coverage–possibilities exist where we could see Lamb either not “produce big-time” in fans' eyes or be a complete non-factor in some games.

While that may sound like hell to fans' ears, I wouldn't freak out.

It's a long season, but Lamb will likely adjust to the new attention directed towards him after a few games. 

Add in that OC will likely scheme for ways to get Lamb the rock, don't go bonkers thinking I'm predicting Lamb to have a poor season.

Just don't get your hopes over the moon, you feel me?

(Btw, he's still a solid fantasy add, haha.)

My only hope is the does everything in its power to retain him in the future because if not, we could likely be talking about who's stepping up as the Cowboy's new WR1 in two seasons.

And for the fans who are likely thinking that I'm getting way ahead of myself around Lamb's contract, I covered why extending Lamb could become expensive soon

With the way more wideouts are getting “their bag,” and based on the franchise's of dropping money on their players–I'm hoping they don't play hardball with Lamb because they will lose one of the most-talented young wideouts in the NFL if he doesn't get his payday.

But shoutout to Lamb for getting his recognition, and I hope he makes me eat my words and goes on a terror this year.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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