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Countdown: Rayfield “Big Cat” Wright Is the Greatest #70

We're officially 70 days away until the Cowboys take on those pesky Buccaneers, and we're back again with another Countdown to Week 1 post. Two days ago, I crowned Ed “Too Tall” Jones as the Greatest #72, and if you like to check out why, click here.

Skimming through all players who have worn #70, you quickly find two players who stand out more than their peers by a mile in terms of excellence and dominance during their respected careers, but before I share who those two are–check out all players who have donned No.70:

Players who have worn #70: 

T Ethan Brook; T Javier Collins; DE ; T/G ; T/G Dale Hellestrae; DT Frank Kearse; DT Jerome Long; G ; T Bob McCreary; G/T Dale Memmelaar; DL Drake Nevis; G/T Howard Richards; T Bill Sandeman; C/G ; C/G Bob White; and T

As mentioned, you realize quickly two players stand out more than most, but if you haven't figured out who they are, then I would have to think you're not a real Cowboys fan. 

I'm just kidding. 

All jokes aside, after establishing Zack Martin and Rayfield Wright as the best two players at #70, I got stuck in a funk on who I wanted to choose.

With Martin, you have a player who has shown elite play since entering the league in 2014 and is arguably the league's best guard today. 

Additionally, you could argue that Martin is currently your most important player on the Cowboys, so that could mean more for his selection, but that conversation is for another day. 

However, although Martin has a star-studded resume, Wright got the nod in today's selection.

Wright started his career in 1967 with the Cowboys after getting drafted in the seventh round (182nd overall) as a TE. A !!! 

And for those who like fun facts: Wright spent his first couple of years as a Tight End, , and Is there anyone in the league that could do that today? Or even on the Cowboys that you all would consider? 

Anyways, Wright's dominant career wouldn't begin until his third season, as he got his first career start at .

From there, Wright would hold down that position for 13 years and snag several All-Pro awards (6), Pro Bowls (6), 2 victories, and later get selected as a member of the NFL 1970s All-Decade Team and inducted into the 2006 Pro Football following his career. 

Wright was a player who was praised for doing it all and was instrumental in paving the way for the 1970s Cowboys offenses, which had multiple 1000-yard rushers.

Although I never saw Wright play, seeing his dominance in the below blew my mind. I would argue he's the second-best lineman the franchise has ever had (behind ).

Wright did everything right as a player, no pun intended, but he got the honor of being my Greatest #70 ever in Cowboys . He, unfortunately, passed away this past year, but “Big Cat” will forever be a legend in and fans' hearts.

May he rest in peace.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Cowboys fan

Didn’t you read up on Mark Stepnoski?? He was one of the linemen that was part of the “great wall”…. He was one of the reasons Emmitt Smith is the all time leading rusher in the NFL!! And he was one of the players to help us go to the Super Bowl 2 years in a row, while obviously playing for Jimmy Johnson!! He went to 5 straight Pro Bowls, and is a member of the NFL 1990s all decade team!! And the only reason he’s not in the Hall of Fame (I think) is cause of a couple of things he believes in!! He was a nominee in 2007 I think it was, but has never been brought up again!! But the best part about him is that he was the best center to play in the 90s, probably one of the best centers to ever play the position, and he accomplished all of that while weighing only 269 pounds!! I’m not saying Rayfield Wright wasn’t good, and I’m not Zack Martin isn’t one of the best to ever do it either, I’m just saying that you said “there was 2 players that stood out more than their peers by a mile in terms of excellence and dominance”…. And that’s just not true!! And that’s why I brought up Stepnoski!! And to be honest, if I had to choose between all the players you listed, I actually think I would’ve chosen Stepnoski!! It would have been a really hard decision to make, and I probably would have taken most of the day trying to decide which one to choose, but by the end of the day, I believe I would have chosen Stepnoski!! Like I said above, he only weighed 269 pounds…. And he still dominated the way bigger DTs, and to do that while being that much smaller than your opponent…. You have to be really smart really technical and really good!! That’s why I think I would have chosen him as the best number 70!!

Cowboys fan

Now that I think about it, You’ll have a chance to pick Stepnoski later…. Cause he also wore #53!! I can’t remember all the players that wore that number right off the top of my head, but I do know that Stepnoski wore it, so maybe he can be the best player to wear the #53 when that time comes!!


All those accomplishments Stepnoski had were when he wore 53, he only wore 70 as a rookie in ‘89 when he started all of 4 games.
No way would he be in the running for best 70.


Rayfield Wright was great he’ll always be recognized as one the best Cowboys but I have to say that Martin has passed him for best 70 in team history.
Martin already has more Pro Bowls, 7 to Wrights 6, more All Pros, 5 1st team & 2 2nd team to Wrights 3 1st team & 2 2nd team, & like Wright he’s been selected to an All Decade 2010’s. The only individual honors that Wright has that Martin doesn’t is being put in the Cowboys Ring of Honor & being elected to the Hall. Given his accomplishments those are all but certain to happen once he hangs his cleats up.

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