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Cowboys Awarded 4 Compensatory Picks in 2021 NFL Draft

The Dallas Cowboys need all the help they can get this offseason to recover from last year and return to competitive status in 2021. One avenue for that help will be through the NFL Draft, and today Dallas officially received four additional selections through compensatory draft picks.

The Cowboys already had their original selection for the Rounds 1-4 and Round 7. They also have a 6th-round pick from the Detroit Lions after trading Everson Griffen to them last October.

Their original 2021 5th-round pick was used to trade up last year with the Eagles and select Center Tyler Biadasz. Their 6th-round pick belongs to New England as part of the 2019 trade for Defensive Lineman Michael Bennett.

I doubt anyone will be thinking of those picks now.

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This year’s comp picks, issued today:

Thanks to losing free agents like Byron Jones, Robert Quinn, and Randall Cobb in 2020 and not signing commensurate replacements, the Cowboys were awarded a compensatory pick in each of Rounds 3-6 of the 2021 draft.

This gives Dallas 10 total draft picks right now for 2021. They will have multiple selections in the 3rd, 4th, and 6th rounds barring any trades.

This gives Dallas some incredible ammunition for April. Unlike in the past, compensatory picks are tradeable and could allow the Cowboys to be aggressive in pursuing specific players they like.

If nothing else, more picks equal more dice rolls in the NFL’s ultimate crapshoot. Just look at 2016; Dallas’ original 4th-round pick was used on DE Charles Tapper and he only lasted two seasons.

A 4th-round compensatory pick that year was used to select QB Dak Prescott. You may have heard some news about him recently.

Between Dak’s contract news the last few days and now these compensatory picks, excitement for the Cowboys’ 2021 offseason is reaching a fever pitch. Hopefully Dallas does it’s best with these assets and reestablishes as a contender in the NFC.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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  1. Yeah agree with your article Jess , I’d lIke to see the boys make some trades and be aggressive though that may not happen ,

    I think the best way to go around it is find someone that would want to trade for 10th pick , maybe the Bears at 20 would try and trade up , cuz of the desperation with GM and Coach on hot seat , maybe they want to try and get the tail end of the QBs , then at 20 , we can get Barmore or best case scenario Horn is still their who might be best CB in draft , we then pick up another 2nd pick which we then can use to go get the guys we want in 2nd to 4th rounds

    Not likely to happen but you never know , it’ll be interesting how they go about the draft , also think we should pull a Carolina and just draft Defensive players and see who sticks and who doesn’t

  2. Yea I like the idea of trading down with a QB needy team. Not sure we could get a 2nd rd pick to move down 10 spots but maybe a 3rd. I think alot of players in the 10-20 range are comparable….so moving down makes sense. Just don’t wanna move down too far. We need a blue chip player with that 1st rd pick.

  3. According to the Trade Value Chart, the Cowboys at 10, (1,300 pts.), trading down with the Bears at 20, (850 pts.), should command the Bears’ 2nd round pick at 53, (370 pts.), plus either their 4th this year, or their 3rd next year. Just an FYI.

  4. It’s borderline on trading down 10 spots and getting a 2nd round pick out of it , probably would have to just settle with a 3rd so that they’d be willing to do a trade like that and feel pretty good about it ,

    it’s like that in fantasy football , if you always go into a trade trying to win the trade , you’ll never get one done , sometimes you got to be willing to give up something in order to gain something that’s better fit for your team in return

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