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Cowboys Can’t Overcome Loss of Cooper, Lamb, and Penalties in 2nd Straight Loss

For the first time this season, the Dallas Cowboys lost their second consecutive game, on a short week to the Las Vegas Raiders. Again without or , the Cowboys responded to being held out of the end zone at Kansas City on Sunday by scoring 33 at home. This wasn't enough to avoid a third straight loss, as the Raiders flipped the field in overtime and kicked the game-winning field goal.

The Cowboys have seen their East lead drop to two games by losing three of their last four games, and are still in search of a signature win entering week 13. Penalized 14 times for 166 yards, the Cowboys had every right to be upset with the way this game was called, but they also saw their opponent get flagged 14 times as well.

It was a crucial fourth pass interference foul on in overtime that sealed Dallas' faith. Derek Carr underthrew Zay Jones, which didn't allow Brown to turn his head and avoid the . Three plays later and after three on the FG attempt, the Raiders drew within a game of the Chiefs in the AFC West – the division that's handed the Cowboys three of their four losses on the season.

Here are the rest of my notes from yet another game the Cowboys will be quickly looking to forget.

was criticized for playing man coverage on the third down throw against Brown in overtime, but his zone coverage got beat on a previous third down to give the Raiders a two-score lead. The Raiders once again had the Cowboys playing from behind with a second quarter FG to go ahead 17-6. Jones settled into a window away from and converted a third and ten at the Raiders' 30 yard line. The Cowboys would be chasing this lead until the fourth quarter, when tied the game at 30 on a strike down the middle from .

Speaking of Schultz, I was surprised to see him not targeted on the Cowboys three-and-out in overtime that started from their seven. On a previous drive where the Cowboys were backed up, kept his tight ends in to protect, forcing Prescott into check downs. On this drive, Schultz was in the pattern, but a crucial second down throw to Elliott felt forced. Elliott had a similar short reception on first down, but on the next snap it appeared Prescott didn't even look the way of on the other side of the field, who had more room to work.

The Cowboys also saw put up 32 receiving yards on four catches, carry ten times for 36 more, and return a kickoff for a touchdown that quickly cut into a 24-13 Raiders lead. After scrambling right and missing on third down, the Cowboys may second guess not giving Pollard one of Elliott's two touches in OT.

Cowboys Can't Overcome Loss of Cooper, Lamb, and Penalties in 2nd Straight Loss

Terrence Steele's missed block killed a great play design from Moore on the Cowboys' two-point attempt. The Cowboys try to make this a three point game failed when Elliott pitched the ball to Wilson short of the goal line, and Jonathan Abram made the stop. Wilson and Elliott ended up too close together on the play, and Elliott was forced to pitch it earlier than he would have liked as the blew past Steele and closed on him. The Cowboys shuffled their throughout this game, though Steele's time as a starter should have prepared him for this look.

The Cowboys game-tying touchdown to Schultz doesn't happen without chasing down on third down. Renfrow caught a short pass but picked up a block and had the angle to beat , who struggled tackling in space throughout this game. Armstrong turned around from his rush and caught Renfrow from behind, holding the Raiders to a field goal and handing the ball back to Prescott in a one-score game.

Other than penalties, this game can be defined by how both QBs played against the blitzPrescott has been one of the best QBs in this category all season, and it's a part of his game that's grown considerably. The Cowboys had all of their starting linemen available and on the field, but Vegas still had success dialing up pressure on Prescott. Without Cooper or Lamb, Dak wasn't able to beat the blitz by throwing into it, instead holding the ball for Gallup and Wilson to separate later in downs.

For the Cowboys , Quinn's blitzes opened up plenty of easy throws for Derek Carr to step up and deliver. After a week where his defense held up their end of the and then some, holding the Chiefs to 19 points, the Cowboys were on the losing end of a 30 point output for the first time in their last seven occurrences. Last year's forgettable defensive performance against the Browns is the outlier here, going back to the 2013 - shootout for a similar Cowboys loss before that.

The Cowboys will get an equally desperate team on the road next Thursday, traveling to the Saints who have lost three straight. New Orleans played in primetime on Thanksgiving night and had a chance to upset the AFC contending Bills off a loss, instead catching Buffalo's bounce-back game in a 31-6 defeat.

Dallas has responded to losses this season by narrowly beating the Chargers on the road, beating the Falcons by 40, and now dropping a second straight to the Raiders. This isn't the usual Saints that could force the Cowboys into another high-scoring affair, which bodes well for a team averaging just 22.6 points on the road in five games compared to 35.5 from .

Sean Martin

Written by Sean Martin

Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.

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Cowboys fan

Your right about the penalties being equal, but the problem is that half of the cowboys penalties were bad calls!! Out of Anthony Browns 4 PI penalties, I think only 1 of them was an actual penalty!! Even the last one that sealed the game was BS, Anthony Brown didn’t even touch Jones on that call, the ball was way under thrown, and Jones jumped into Brown!! It wasn’t Browns fault!! And then the personal foul on Micah Parsons was BS too, Derek Carr was a runner, and he ran into Parsons, so that penalty shouldn’t have been called either and then we got called for a BS holding call and even Tony Romo said he didn’t see anything for a flag to be thrown!! So there’s 5 penalties called on us that shouldn’t have been called, and that’s just the few that I can think of off the top of my head!! And a few of them gave the raiders points, and extra first downs, so those penalties were crucial!! All the penalties called on the raiders wasn’t anything that changed the game!! If just the 5 BS penalties that were called on us wasn’t called the raiders wouldn’t have scored half of the points they scored!! So all in all…. The refs screwed us in this game!! The refs cost us the win!! And that’s not the only game these refs cost us this year!! And I’m getting tired of them screwing us!!


Raiders do not have a good run defense, in the bottom 4th of the league. Simple question, why did we not run the ball more?

Love the hustle of Armstrong on the rundown of WR. Need more players with that non stop mentality.

Don’t remember the last time we had a KO return for TD. TP earns his money. Can’t say the same for some others.

Being a 7 point favorite, this was a bad loss at HOME before a TG day audience. DP had some good throws, MG on the left side line and over the middle, also couple to DS stand out. But again in OT, rolling right missed a fairly easy throw to NB, which would have been a first down, to go three and OUT. GAME OVER.

THREE EMBARRASSING LOSSES IN LAST FOUR GAMES. This team needs some kind of shakeup. And DP getting defensive in his post game remarks, about “some people may get off the bandwagon…” was not necessary, IMO. Sounded like some kind of dismissive attitude toward fans. He and Cowboys are LUCKY to have VERY loyal and patients fans. Fans don’t need or want to be lectured to by you.


Dak Prescott needs to handle his own business. This loss falls pretty heavily on his shoulders. DMN hammers him pretty hard this week in an article. I am tired of seeing his meaningless inflated stats that don’t amount to wins. A W is the only stat that matters. Dak continues to miss receivers. Until he gets that straight the losses will continue to pile up. Raiders WR corp was equally banged up and Carr got the job done. This is what you are paid all that money to do! Beyond Prescott the Cowboys continue to shoot themselves in the foot on drives. Yes the refs were ridiculous yesterday, but it wasn’t all on them. As has been the trend for many years now, watching this game on Thanksgiving has been prompted me to want to hurl my turkey up. I don’t feel like the Raiders so much won this game as the refs and Cowboys handed it to them on a platter. It is hard to beat the other team when you have to beat yourself first. There are five starters out that can really help this team, Copper, Lamb, Lawrence, Gregory and Gallimore. Hopefully when get get most of these guys back next week and see what this defense really looks like. Can’t imagine what it would look like with out Parsons.


Cowboys fan, agree with you on some of the penalties, especially the roughing against MP. Carr basically ran into MP. Carr put on a good acting job.

Even so, we shouldn’t be losing to Raiders at HOME. We have too many overpaid underachievers at KEY positions, and with these long term contracts, we’re in for a long drought of pretty good, AT TIMES, but no championships, IMO.

BTW, WR D Jackson always KILLS us whether with Eagles or Wash or now Raiders. Knowing that, why didn’t we grab him at some point?


Todd is right. Prescott is the problem. His head is not in the game and his arm mechanics stink. To compound the problem, all those high paid o-line supposed blockers could not block their grandmother. They positively stink. Maybe Jerry should put a more of a performance-based contract in lieu of the one’s they have received. In summary, the problem is the entire Offense this year. I predicted 9 and 7 or 10 and 6 and they are definitely on their way to achieve it. The stink in the arena is beginning to catch up.


I agree VAM. Can’t wait until DJ retires though I kind of suspect that DaVonta Smith is going to be the new thorn in our side.

Jimmy Spence

This was the biggest load of fucking horseshit I have ever seen last night.

gary b

So many reasons for this loss, hard to even know where to start. But lets start with the obvious. Dak actually had a pretty good game and led them to the brink, but couldn’t close the deal in OT.

*Brown had one of the worst games I’ve ever seen a Cowboy CB have.
*The running game was non existence for the fifth game in a row.
*The kick coverage was horrendous again.
*Greg Z missed another extra point, which was the difference in the game.
*The defense still can’t stop the run.
*Penalties killed drives our drives and sustained theirs.

I could go on, but you get the picture. An undisciplined team on full display.

Cowboy Fan Ed

I still believe that we will right the ship and make a good run into the playoffs if we quit playing to the level to our competition! I’m really aggravated of some of the bone head plays and penalties that I saw Thursday! Yep Gary your right that we are not a disciplined football team! Example: who suppose to have the QB (Mariota) on the read option near the goal line he basically walked in! Does anybody remember a Cowboy by the name of Phil Pozderac?? He was an offensive tackle back in the 80’s well he was tag with numerous holding penalties so much that if I’m not mistaken he quit playing because he felt that the referees were watching him so closely that anything near a hold they would call it!! I said all that to say this : Anthony brown is getting this same reputation across the league and if he does anything remotely close to an foul the refs will call it!

CeeDee Lamb

BREAKING: WR CeeDee Lamb OUT for Thanksgiving Game vs Raiders

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