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Cowboys Defense has Regressed, Turnaround Needed to Make Playoffs

In 2018, the created their own three-headed monster on when they acquired to team up with and All-Pro . This changed life for the as they won seven of their final nine games to finish 10-6 and won the . It was clear they were loaded on offense at this point but something special was also brewing on the other side of the ball.

The Cowboys last season was a huge surprise to everyone. As a unit, they finished seventh overall, fifth vs the run, sixth in fewest points allowed and 13th vs the pass. Several players did their part to contribute to this stellar defense. had a breakout year with 121 tackles and four . Right beside him, was who led the team with 140 tackles while earning and second-team All-Pro honors. ’s 10.5 sacks gave him double-digit numbers in that category for the second consecutive season. Lastly, received the first Pro Bowl/All-Pro honors of his career as well.

This setup high expectations for this defense heading into this season, which only increased when the organization added former All-Pro Defensive End to pair with Lawrence. However, the 2019 version of this unit hasn’t met those expectations, in fact, they’ve regressed and have shown to only be consistent at being inconsistent.

Stopping the run was something the Cowboys hung their hat on last season which is why they finished in the top five in that particular category. So far in 13 games this season, the Cowboys have taken a major step back defending the run. They currently rank 19th vs the run league-wide. In fact, running backs have had some monster days against this unit in 2019. Not only did of the and of the Vikings each have over 180 all-purpose yards vs the Cowboys, but the former set an all-time record for rushing touchdowns by a Cowboys opponent with four. When you can’t stop the run you can’t get off the field as a defense, something the Cowboys have become all too familiar with.

Forcing turnovers is something every defensive coach preaches to no end. Unfortunately, that message doesn’t seem to stick in the minds of the members of this defense. Right now, there are 25 teams that have forced more turnovers than the Cowboys. As a matter of fact, they’re tied with the for the fewest interceptions in the league with five. At some point, you have to take the ball away and give your offense as short of a field to work with as possible and put up easy points, which is obviously something the Cowboys struggle with.

Pressuring the quarterback has been and always will be one of the first priorities for any defense. With names like DeMarcus Lawrence, Robert Quinn, and you would think this defense would be one of the best at getting sacks. On paper, sure it seems that way, but in reality, they rank 15th throughout the league in sacks. This is extremely disappointing when you consider that there are several players on the defensive front that have played at Pro Bowl/All-Pro levels during their careers.

Probably the most mind-blowing statistic for this defense has been the amount of missed tackles. They lead the NFL with 104 missed tackles, an average of eight per game. Missing tackles consistently shows a lack of focus and discipline. It keeps drives alive for the opposing offense and doesn’t allow your own offense to get any rhythm. This is definitely an issue that needs to be fixed expeditiously.

This lack of steady production defensively also impacts the offensive side of the ball. The Cowboys have fallen behind multiple scores more times than they would like to remember this season. This has caused Prescott to throw 40 or more passes six times this season in an attempt to get the Cowboys back in ball games, the team is 1-5 in those games. Also, this takes Ezekiel Elliott out of the gameplan because when you need to score quickly the best way to generate points is through the air.

The Cowboys only have three more games to get this defense playing at a level that will be competitive if they hold on to their narrow lead in the East. If they continue to struggle as they are currently this defense could very well be the reason this team doesn’t make the .

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Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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  1. Is it time to take a second look at how good Will McClay is? Taco Charlton sted of TJ Watt; Tristan Hill instead of Juan Thornhill, Chidobe Awuzie a bust, only a handful of “bargain basement” free agents even contributing…..

  2. The Jimmy Johnson defenses of the early 1990s recognized that teams like to use running backs as outlets for dump off passes. He had his linebackers and safeties aggressively cover running backs. When San Francisco attempted their West Coast Offense short passing game against the Cowboys, the result was tackles for losses or limited gains and 3 Super Bowl Championships for the Cowboys in 4 years.

    Against the Bears, it was 3rd and 4 and I don’t know what kind of defense the Cowboys were playing; but the DB on the right side of the defense (Eagles left side) just stood in no man’s land while Trubisky passed to the RB who easily picked up the first down after gaining 7 yards.

    After the play, Troy Aikman said, “That was too easy.” No kidding. I was shocked at how poorly coached the DB was. That wasn’t bad football, that was horrific football.

    Time and time I see Cowboys DBs in zone defense let players run free while they steadfastly guard their zone that has no potential receivers in it. That is also bad football.

    Yes, the Cowboys aggressively pursue offensive players after they have caught the ball. Guess what? A more effective defensive tactic is to prevent the completion in the first place. Tight defense leads to more broken up passes and more interceptions. It is no coincidence that the Cowboys are in the bottom of the NFL year after year in Interceptions.

    If the Cowboys choose to play man to man and they get beat, I can live with that. I just don’t see how letting players run free represents a good defensive concept. I don’t see how playing so far off the line of scrimmage on 3rd and 4 represents a good defense scheme.

    But what do I know? I have only been a Cowboys fan and watching football since 1966. Sure, I have only seen thousands of football games and I don’t have a degree from Princeton, but I am pretty sure I can recognize good football from bad football.

    Alas, under the poor leadership of Jason Garrett, the Dallas Cowboys play bad football.

    It is time to clean house.

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