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Cowboys Draft 2023: Ranking the team’s biggest needs

With their season wrapped up, the can now exert their full energy and attention toward the . As we all know, two things will make or break their 2023-2024 season. 

The and their free-agency approach.

In past years, we have seen the become more active in the draft, as there have been either trades, head-scratching selections, and of course, splashy picks that make you say, “That selection is such a Cowboys pick.” 

So, to stay on draft content, I wanted to rank the Cowboys' biggest needs heading into this year's NFL Draft. While I'm on the boat of always going for the best player available – I wanted to sway away from that approach for this piece.

Without further do, check them out below.

3. Offensive Line

Starting with the , this position can be elevated toward their top priority if departs or if they lose linemen in ( and Terrence Steele). 

While it's not a sexy pick for fans, having a stable offensive line is one of the keys to having success in the league. Some guys fans can keep an eye on include Northwestern's Peter Skoronski, Tennessee's Darnell Wright, and North Dakota State's Cody Mauch. 

Investing in the offensive line is crucial for the franchise's future because they eventually have to prepare when Smith and retire from the game. 

2. Wide Receiver 

I will make this short and sweet, but can we get some help?

After fielding one of the best-receiving groups two seasons ago, the team dropped off significantly. We all saw it with our own eyes and knew the ball was going to either Lamb or TE – when he was available. 

Yes, there were some flashes from wideouts and . But it wasn't enough.

Now entering this offseason, the team can elect to upgrade their group through free agency, the draft, or both. (Please do both, Jerry.)

Some names people have linked to the team in include Tennesse's , Boston College's Zay Flowers, North Carolina's , Houston's Nathaniel Dell, and Michigan State's .

Personally, my guy is Downs. A speedster who can beat coverage and get in and out of his breaks is my type of guy. Enjoy a clip of him below.

1. Cornerback

Ah, the good ole' narrative that the Cowboys need help in the backend of their . I honestly couldn't tell you when the last time this wasn't a discussion that we were having during draft season.

But here we are again. 

Entering this offseason, the franchise can arguably say they only have one healthy that they can trust. See, that's the keyword. “Healthy.” Before cornerbacks and suffered season-ending , they weren't doing too bad, as they held their own alongside .

Then injuries piled up, rookie cornerback Da'Ron Bland was thrown into a starting position, and the team had a carousel of they had to cycle through to find an answer in the backend.

While Bland played pretty solid, it will be interesting to watch if he holds onto that starting gig or if the team elects to give it back to Brown or Lewis.

But to save the team some trouble in making difficult decisions and to improve their overall depth, we're electing with them prioritizing a cornerback in this year's draft. A guy like Penn State's , Georgia's , or Oregon's Christian Gonzalez would instantly come in and make an impact.

Having the backend covered would allow the to get home on the opposing , and having a group filled with a Day 1 Rookie starting cornerback, Trevon Diggs, Bland, and either Brown or Lewis is way more ideal for their future.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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