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Cowboys Draft Target: Georgia OL Isaiah Wynn

Despite being one of the NFL's better units when healthy, the struggled mightily at times last season due to . When went out, the lack of an adequate replacement, as well as the lack of help to the replacement was exposed.

The Cowboys will have an opportunity to upgrade their left spot during the , and one of the names they should look to is Georgia's .

Wynn started as a left during the , but due to his frame and play style, it's pretty clear he'll be asked to move inside at the next level. I recently wrote up a scouting report on Wynn for Slant Sports giving him a grade, and placing him in that second tier of interior linemen in this draft class. Isaiah Wynn's feet jump off the screen. He is smooth and fluid in his footwork, and very balanced in his steps.

“On this rep, Wynn is lined up at left tackle. I linked this clip to show off his patience and footwork. He smoothly transitions from a kick step to a power step, communicates with his left guard on the switch, and then picks up the looper effortlessly.” ~Slant Sports

As a run blocker, Isaiah Wynn is impressive as well.

He remains light and agile on his feet when run blocking, and displays excellent body control. Rarely does he look out of control, get caught lunging, or fall off blocks. Isaiah Wynn also looks natural and athletic as a puller, and is very smooth in space.

I would like to see him connect on his second-level blocks better, but he certainly has no issues getting to the right spots.

Ideally, Wynn would be drafted to a zone-blocking scheme where he can move inside to guard and showcase his agility and athleticism. He can be a plug-and-play zone blocker, and he can be effective from day one. Dallas would be a very good place for Isaiah Wynn to land, both for his development as a player and the Dallas Cowboys' needs.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Randy Martin

I would be ecstatic if Wynn or Hernandez fell to us at 50. That is a huge position of need and a box we could check with high confidence we have a day 1 starter.

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