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Cowboys’ Dream of Landing S Jamal Adams Isn’t Completely Dead yet

The dream of landing via from the all but died a few days ago after the pulled off a blockbuster trade to land the All-Pro . It was quite a gut punch to many around , however, they might not have to get up on that dream just yet.

Strangely enough, Adams and the Seahawks reportedly agreed to table contract talks until 2021, per Tom Pelissero of . Even then, there's no promise he has to agree to whatever they offer him at that point. He could very well become a in just two short years.


Upon learning this news I was completely floored. The Seahawks paid a pretty penny to trade for Jamal Adams. They sent Safety Bradley McDougald, a 2021 third-round pick, and two first-round picks (2021 + 2022) to the Jets in exchange for Adams and a 2022 fourth-round pick. That's a lot of draft capital to give up for what basically could end up being just a two-year rental.

I'm completely flabbergasted the Seahawks would give up so much draft capital and not have some kind of long-term extension worked out with Jamal Adams prior to completing this trade. Now they only control his rights through the . He will become a free agent after that and as such is free to sign with any team of his choosing.

Enter the Dallas Cowboys.

Jamal Adams hasn't been shy about naming the Dallas Cowboys as his preferred team to play for. He did just about everything within his power to force the Jets to trade him with the hope the Cowboys would somehow be able to swoop in to save him from the purgatory that is New York. Sadly, that's not the way things worked out.

Adams' and the Dallas Cowboys dream of uniting isn't quite dead just yet though. It might be prolonged for a few more seasons, but there's still a very real possibility this is one of those scenarios where the dream actually becomes a reality.

If Jamal Adams truly wants to become the highest-paid safety in the league it probably behooves him to wait before agreeing upon a long-term extension. No doubt the 2021 is going to take quite hit because of the pandemic. Waiting until the salary cap increases or at the very least gets back to normal would be in his best interest. 2022, when he becomes a free agent, could very well be when all of that happens.

The Dallas Cowboys should have things with figured out by then and be in much better shape salary-cap wise. And as far as Jamal Adams is concerned, he will be just 26 years old then and still very much in the prime of his career. Could the stars be aligning?

All of this of course is hypothetical, out-of-the-box thinking on my part right now. The Seattle Seahawks could very well lock up Jamal Adams long-term in the next two years putting an end to all of this once and for all. However, if not, I'd be willing to bet my bottom dollar the Dallas Cowboys will once again be mentioned as the favorite to land Adams' services.

Do you think the Cowboy still have a chance of landing Jamal Adams?


Brian Martin
Brian Martin
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