Cowboys fall to 4-2 – But did they really lose?

    across the world are wrestling with their emotions after the team falls short to the in a 26-17 loss. The Cowboys now sit at 4-2, but did the Cowboys really “lose” on Sunday night?

    We knew coming into this game against the Eagles that the Cowboys needed to score points in order to keep up with Philadelphia’s . They couldn’t.

    They also couldn’t protect the football, as finally came down to reality and turned the ball over three times. The offense could not get going (as we’ve seen all season) and there were no answers on for stopping the Eagles from running the ball.

    We know how good this defense can be

    This was the first game the Cowboys’ defense allowed over 20 points so far in the season. We also got confirmation that this defense struggles against the run.

    Will they improve? I believe so. But what we do need to know about this team going forward is how this offense can get going. The answer is right around the corner it seems, as looks to return to the field this week against the .

    This offense has severely missed Prescott and his ability to extend plays – something that Cooper Rush hasn’t been capable of doing. Let’s give Rush his credit because he has helped manage this team to a 4-2 record, which nobody thought was even possible when Prescott went down in week one.

    The Cowboys need Dak Prescott and this offense needs to find its rhythm

    Dallas is in great shape and still very much in the running for the . With Prescott back in the lineup, the Cowboys will be a complete football team that can hang with anybody in the NFL. Just last year, the Cowboys had the #1 scoring offense in the league.

    Dak Prescott is stepping into the most perfect situation a can ask for — a 4-2 team with an offense that can run the ball effectively and is accompanied by a great defense.

    Prescott doesn’t have to be the hero anymore, and as long as Dak can take care of the football, the possibilities are endless for this offense and this team as a whole.

    So while the Cowboys may have another loss on their record, the team didn’t “lose” anything; they remain relatively healthy and there is still plenty to be hopeful for. Dallas may now sit in third place in the behind the Eagles and Giants, but when you really look into these teams, Dallas isn’t that far behind, if at all.

    The Cowboys will face all of their divisional opponents again this year, and a win against all three of those teams can almost guarantee a division win and a ticket to the playoffs.

    Christian Cline
    Christian Cline
    Cowboys advocate since '96 / WKU Alumni / Former TV Villain / Follow me on Twitter @ChristianCline


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    This article is kind of laughable, and so disrespectful to Rush.

    Offensively, the worst game this year for the Cowboys has been the season opener vs Bucs, where DP led the team to a grand total of 3 points! But HE is the player the team has “severely missed”? Interesting.

    Meanwhile, CR leads the team to wins over BOTH SUPER BOWL TEAMS from last year and a resurgent 5-1 Giants team, during his 4-1 record, losing only to a much improved, UNDEFEATED Eagles team in Philly.

    Does anyone actually think DP would have done better than 4-1 over these past five games? That’s a rhetorical question.

    Now DP gets two slug teams in a row, Lions and Bears, that should bed cake walks, which is a good situation for him. But DP HAD stepped into the “most perfect situation” of any QB in the league when he first started. He had the best O-line, the best RB, Zeke, All Pro WR, Dez, great TE, Witten. An owner that admitted to overpaying him, making him the second highest paid player in NFL history at the time of the contract. Seven years with NO competition until maybe this year. And with all that, he has led the team to ONE POST SEASON WIN in now his seventh year.

    Unfortunately for knowledgeable Cowboy fans, DP is a hyped up, overrated, overpaid player who is not getting us to the big game. I guess some fans are OK with the empty calorie gaudy stats, as it looks good on the surface, but most want to see results in the form of BIG GAME WINS.

    Former Cowboy DE Chris Canty on DP: “No player has done less with more” and “Prescott is the NFL’s most overrated player”. And I suspect some others are THINKING the same thing.

    AGAIN, WAKE UP FRONT OFFICE, time to draft a QB EARLY (not a seventh round wasted pick) next year. Other teams are by passing them with younger, better QBs.


    Dak needs to hold the ball for 2.0 seconds like Rush does. Quick passes neutralizes the pash rush.


    Eagles online is superior to dallas dline.improve the dline before the trade deadline.


    This team and the Offense will be just fine as soon as Jerry and Stephen Jones find the courage to GET RID OF KELLEN MOORE’S ASS!!!!


    None of the blame for what happened in Philadelphia is on Cooper Rush. All of it is on Overrated, Overhyped, and Overpaid Kellen Moore. Cooper Rush was simply trying to execute the NONSENSE that Moore was calling. Way past time for Kellen Moore to be FIRED!!!!


    Big Ups to Terrence Steele. He played his tail off in that game Sunday night. Zack Martin and Terrence Steele are the Cowboys best Offensive Linemen Period! Somebody’s going to say what about Tyron Smith? I say yeah, What About Him??? Never available except during the off season. When and if he’s ever healthy again, the Cowboys should just release him. Let him go somewhere else and STAY HURT ALL THE TIME!!!