Cowboys FB Jamize Olawale Opts Out of 2020 Season Under COVID-19 Policy

The Dallas Cowboys have lost their third player under the NFL COVID-19 policy’s opt-out clause. It was just announced that veteran Fullback Jamize Olawale will sit out this season.

Olawale is in the second season of the three-year deal he signed with Dallas in 2019. He’s primarily been their fullback and a key special teams player since joining the Cowboys in 2018, but also served as an emergency third RB last season.

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Jamize Olawale joins CB Maurice Canady and rookie WR Stephen Guidry as Cowboys players to opt out of 2020 season.

While Canady was a strong candidate to make the team at cornerback, Olawale is the first Cowboy who was a virtual lock for the roster to exercise the COVID-19 opt out. He may not be the last, though, as the deadline is reportedly being set for this Tuesday or Wednesday.

Dallas has one other fullback on the roster currently; undrafted rookie Sewo Olonilua out of TCU. While this is nice for his roster chances, the Cowboys could go many other ways with the roster spot. Some NFL teams don’t employ a fullback at all, instead playing mostly single-back formations or using tight ends as lead blockers out of the backfield.

However, new head coach Mike McCarthy has a great history with the FB position. Many were excited to see how he might take advantage of Jamize Olawale’s offensive skills in ways that the last coaching staff failed to.

But if Olawale plays again for Dallas it won’t be until 2021. His contract is essentially frozen in time, minus a small advance on his 2021 salary, and he will resume it next year unless the Cowboys choose to release him next offseason.

What do you think?

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  1. couldn’t be happier…so tired of the FB blocking the back of one of our guards and plugging up the hole…lets spread the field 3 WR sets, 1 RB…HATE the use of the FB.

  2. typically we keep 1 FB…that’s a lot of practice time dedicated to one position with no backup i.e. single point failure. So when he’s hurt no more FB plays. Just doesn’t make sense to me to dedicate those type of value resources for that position…want a FB have a TE do it. done.

    • Along the same line of thinking, I don’t know why teams don’t have a player play FB and back up at LB and play special teams. When the Cowboys had Keith Smith a few years ago and moved him from LB to FB, I thought that was a great opportunity to save a roster spot. The coaching staff apparently felt differently.

  3. I’d like to see Olonilua as the FB/#3 RB…that is, if he can block. It would be nice to have a player that can do both and play ST as well. I’m not a fan of a dedicated FB in today’s game, but there is still a place for it on occasion.

  4. Good observation 5ringsandcounting I too noticed FB running up guards back and rarely seemed to clear a hole. FB has turned obsolete for a reason. I remember that play cowboyup4 he gets that pass could’ve been different game. Plus if the FB is used it takes one of our weapons off the field. But with all that said I have confidence that McCarthy will make the right call regarding that position.

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