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Cowboys Grab a DE and OT in Mel Kiper’s Latest Two-Round Mock Draft

As we inch closer to the , it feels like it's been all-out Galore among analysts and fans, and I don't know about you, but I'm ready for it to end.

All jokes aside, I can't lie that I don't love reading about the hypothetical scenarios that have the snagging a certain prospect to fit their needs, but to be honest, I'm simply impatient and want to see who they select already.

Despite my rant, I was intrigued by a new mock draft written by Draft Expert Mel Kiper since he mocked two prospects that I haven't seen people selecting for the Cowboys. While I understand prospects typically vary all over the place in a mock draft, I wanted to share with fans who he drafted for the Boys, so without further ado check it out below.

Pick 24: Arnold Ebiketie, DE, Penn State

At Pick 24, you're typically seeing the Cowboys going after a WR or OL prospect, but in his mock, he went with Penn State .

My initial thought of the Ebiketie pick was surprising because I have seen him typically go on Day Two on mocks, but because of his freakish upside and relentless motor as a pusher, I wouldn't be surprised to see him go early.

In his explanation for the pick, Kiper said:

McShay is getting real tired of me talking up Ebiketie, but I'm a fan. I wanted to find a fit for him in Round 1. The Temple transfer really improved last season, putting up 9.5 . He has a powerful lower body and knows how to use his hands. The Cowboys have to find a way to replace , and Ebiketie could help. They could also target a or here.

While most fans would love the idea of the franchise getting a replacement for Defensive End Randy Gregory, I felt the pick was too high to take him. If you looked further in the of his mock you see that Penn State WR , Boston College Guard , Iowa , and Texas A&M were still on the board, and those prospects could arguably be more beneficial for the Cowboys from Day One.

Although the selection of Ebiketie isn't a terrible pick, I feel like the franchise could have grabbed one of those OL prospects to solidify their trenches, and looked for an -rusher on Day Two.

Pick 56: Abraham Lucas, OT, Washington State

After landing a Defensive End in the first round, Kiper turned to the with their second-round pick and selected Washington State .

In his explanation for the selection, Kiper said:

The Cowboys released and think Terrence Steele can be a starter at Right . Let's add some competition, though. Lucas impressed at the combine, and he stonewalled edge rushers on the right side for the Cougars. If he doesn't start at Tackle, he could move inside to Guard. The O-Line is a clear area to upgrade for Dallas.

While the franchise would arguably solve two of their biggest entering the draft, there are some questions around this pick because in consensus mock drafts Lucas is going around the Pick 94 range.

(Also, if we jump back to Ebiketie, he was being taken around the Pick 34 Range.)

Despite the late ranking, that shouldn't diminish Luca's talent level, but he's another person who was a bit of reach for me.

I understand that it's hard to complain since the franchise fills two holes on their team in Kiper's mock, but if you dive more into the two rounds, you see that the Cowboys could have landed a Green, Johnson, or Linderbaum in the first round, and then paired them with Cincinnati DE Myjai Sanders or EDGE .

Overall, I'm just eager to see what the franchise is going to do in this year's NFL Draft and with the recent news of Cowboys Owner saying he would trade up, I'm excited to see possible fireworks around Jerry World.

So what do you think Cowboy Fans? Are you rocking with Kiper's Picks?

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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gary b

Is Mel just trying to stand out from the crowd, and look smart with these projections? Haven’t seen any experts or mock draft boards with these guys on it for the cowboys.

It’s possible they go G in the 2nd, and I’ll admit I’m not versed in the prospects projected in that round, but haven’t heard this guys name at all. I’m going to go with the general consensus of all other experts, versus Kiper.

But doubt we go edge in the 1st. Likely IOL or IDL though jerry likely won’t pull the trigger on the latter at #24.

Cowboys fan

I think your right Gary b…. I think we’ll go IOL in the 1st round, Jerry even said they would go offensive line in the 1st round!! I don’t see this front office ever going IDL in the 1st round, but if they ever did decide to, I doubt it’ll be this year…. I don’t think there’s any DT worth taking in the 1st round, other than Jordan Davis, and there’s no way he falls to us!! Jerry did say he mite wanna move up in the first few rounds, but I don’t think it’ll be in the 1st round!! We are in a great spot at 24 to get a really good player!! But in the 2nd and 3rd round, that will be a good time to trade up, and maybe get Travis Jones or maybe Davis’ teammate Wyatt!! Or maybe an edge rusher or receiver… Who knows for sure, but I’m about betting that a guard will be our choice in the 1st round…. That’s of course if one of the 2 are still there!!


Might be Taco Charlton all over again.


Both picks appear to be a bit of a reach, but not way out the realm. Ebiketie shows great production. Last year, 62 tackles, 18 TFL, along with aforementioned 9.5 sacks. In 2020, 42 tackles, 8.5 TFL, & 4 sacks in just 6 games. He wasn’t on my radar for first rd, as I was thinking more OG and DT. However, I think if they go DE in first (and they just might), there may be better “ranked” prospects available.

A Lucas, great size 6′ 6″ 325, lot of experience, has moved up to around a third rounder, appears to be better in pass protection than in run game. Anchor is not consistent. Again there may better “ranked” prospects at OT in the second round.

Bottom line, these prospect rankings are fluid to some extent. We fans have our favorites, especially for the first round, but much of this process depends on how the picks fall. FO obviously need backup plans for every round.

Cowboys fan

I think Kiper is getting a little delusional at his old age!! Like you said, both players are a bit of a reach in both rounds!! I’ve seen Arnold Ebiketie fall as far as the mid 3rd round (I honestly don’t think he’ll go past the 2nd round) but I highly doubt he’ll go in the 1st round!! There are way too many prospects in this draft that are better than him and players he passed on in the 1st round are all better than him and are players we need more too, like Kenyon Green and Zion Johnson, and Jerry already said that we will be taking an offensive linemen in the 1st round if they are there!! So there’s no way we pass on both guards for a 2nd round graded edge rusher!!
And then in the 2nd round, he reached even more for a player that will be lucky to go at the end of the 3rd round, but I don’t see making it no sooner than the 4th round!! I’m not sure what Kiper was trying to do here, but he just looks stupid with picks like this!! He could’ve taken one of the guards in the 1st round and still got an edge rusher or receiver in the 2nd round…. He could’ve even traded up in the 2nd round and still got Arnold Ebiketie, or he could’ve just waited and got Myjai, or Sam Williams, which are both players we know the front office are interested in cause both of them were part of the 30 visits or were worked out personally by Dan Quinn!! I just can’t get on board with this mock draft…. It’s probably the worst one I’ve seen so far!! And that’s saying something, cause I’ve seen some terrible ones out there!!

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