Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy on upcoming bout against Rams: “We’re nobody’s underdog”

    The have been overcoming the since Week 2 of this season. After a poor showing in , even some of the most publicly supportive Cowboys supporters wrote off 2022 as an imminent failure of a season. The unforeseen success of winning every game since then naturally instilled confidence in the team and has even bolstered the conviction of .

    Imagine if in July someone had told that by Week 4 we'd be supporting a team that was without its starting , without last season's lead tackler, and playing rookie tight ends, inexperienced wide receivers, a rookie left , three left guards, and a fifth-round pick at nickel . With such foresight, even the most optimistic fans would probably have trouble pushing the usual, “this is our year,” rhetoric.

    Despite these circumstances being the current reality of the Dallas Cowboys, McCarthy has managed to guide this team to a 3-1 start. Perhaps that's why we've seen him puff his chest out a bit more during his press conferences lately.

    After the 19-3 loss to the in Week 1, McCarthy said he had spent additional time with , telling reporters that Moore needed to be “smarter” in his play calling. Then, last week, in response to reporters who credited 's success to the 's ability to avoid turnovers and , McCarthy jokingly responded, “Well, I know you're struggling not to just say it was . I don't want any credit, God forbid. Let's not change that now.”

    Still, the improved play calling and relentless of the Dallas Cowboys have not been enough to convince many people that is capable of continuing their win streak against the reigning World Champion . Mike McCarthy didn't , however, when he learned of the odds against his team.

    When told that the line was 5 1/2 favoring the Rams, he responded, “I'll just say this: We're nobody's underdog. So, if you need a quote.”

    Even less common than this level of boldness from Coach McCarthy is the glowing praise McCarthy has received from Owner and . The ways Jones spoke of McCarthy in the past led to months of speculation about when and how the head coach would be replaced, with many people predicting that it would happen before this season's end. Jerry Jones was singing a much different song this week, however, when he made a point to publicly credit Mike McCarthy for the Cowboys' successful start to this season.

    “I don’t know how you could say enough about how he’s handled this team initially starting out,” Jones said. “It’s like [a] picture to me. A boxer, a fighter, walking out and just getting hit with the best shot you absolutely could right on the chin. First step out. How do you get that all back together? Give him his due. He has managed to right the ship, steady it, and then progressively get this team in shape to play without Dak. That’s a teamwide thing. I think it would be an injustice not to give him the kind of credit as head coach for getting this thing right and getting it to this point.”

    The praise was appreciated by Mike McCarthy but didn't seem to surprise him.

    “It’s always nice when people say nice things about you, but I think this — particularly my relationship with Jerry, you know, I’ve always enjoyed our conversations privately, and I’ll always have walked away from those conversations with a lot of confidence,” he said. “And I think it’s good to have that type of relationship. So, my point is, he says nice things to me privately too.”

    If the Cowboys prolong their win streak this Sunday, Jerry Jones certainly won't be the only one saying nice things about Mike McCarthy.

    Jazz Monet
    Jazz Monet
    Sports culture analyst. Sports competition enthusiast. Host of Bitches Love Sports podcast. Personal trainer. Roller derby athlete and trainer.


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    Cowboy Fan Ed

    I like The confidence that coach MM is showing about us being nobody’s underdog! I’ve been impressed with the coaches game plan these past few games hopefully they can keep it up! This team is battling through these storms which is only going to make them better as the season goes by ! This defense is starting to put the fear in opposing quarterbacks which in return will result in them making mistakes! Yep we don’t have to be anybody’s underdog!!

    Mario Martinez

    Thank You for this article, bravo for pointing it out,
    some of My thoughts aswell, I’ve been saying it since before the start of the season, “This is Mike McCarthy’s Team now”, His fingerprints are all over it, its built to His vision, coached by staff members He favors working with, and is nobody’s puppet, Coach McCarthy is similar to what The Dallas Franchise had with Former Coach Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells.

    Cowboys have what the Packers had when McCarthy Coached the Packers those many seasons, consistency, competitiveness, and players who give Coach 100%, for 60 minutes.

    This Team believes in Coach Mike McCarthy.

    Cowboy Fan Ed

    I was for hiring MM when we were looking for a coach then became dissatisfied with him when our defense couldn’t stop a division three college football team and players playing without Discipline then game management was subpar! But now maybe just maybe he is starting to turn the corner and find his place as the head coach of the Cowboy’s ! I love what he said yesterday that we are nobody’s underdog! I have to admit that our football team has been coached very well these last few weeks but as with anything in life only time will tell!