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Cowboys Interested In Jason Pierre-Paul

In 2021, the had an explosive pass-rush duo. On one side they had the always dangerous . Although he played in just seven games last season, he is still one of the NFL's best pass rushers. Opposite him was former second-round pick, . Although his career has had many ups and downs, he is still a quality pass rusher when on the field.

At first, it appeared as if the Cowboys were going to be able to keep this duo together. While Gregory was a , Dallas reportedly agreed to a five-year, 70 million dollar . Alas, he quickly changed his mind and signed the same contract with the . After claiming that “acted in bad faith” during the negotiations, Gregory will now be playing elsewhere.

Of course, the Cowboys will now have to find another pass rusher to play opposite Lawrence. In fact, they have already started adding pieces. The biggest addition so far has been that of . A member of the Jaguars, Rams, and Falcons in the past, this will be Fowler's fourth team. With an average of five sacks a season, Fowler has never lived up to his draft status.

Looking elsewhere, the Cowboys will have options. With plenty of veteran talent available, names such as Jerry Hughes, , and Melvin Ingram jump off the list. However, 's Jeremy Fowler reports that Dallas could have interest in a former division rival.

Does Jason Pierre-Paul fit with the Cowboys?

The player mentioned by Fowler was, of course, Jason Pierre-Paul. likely don't have many fond memories of the former New York Giant. During the eight years he spent in New York, Pierre-Paul racked up 58.5 , 122 tackles for loss, two Pro Bowls, and an All-Pro nod. Traded to the Buccaneers in 2018, he has still been a valuable pass rusher. Through four years in Tampa Bay, Pierre-Paul has 33 sacks and even earned another selection.

At 33 years old, it is entirely likely that Pierre-Paul's best days are behind him. This is exacerbated by his poor statistical output in 2021. Starting in twelve games for the Buccaneers, he had just 2.5 sacks. While sacks are certainly not the only quantifier of success, he also earned a meager 49.1 grade from PFF.

For the Cowboys, Pierre-Paul may be a perfect fit. At his advanced age, he will likely be on the cheaper end of the spectrum. His poor play in 2021 will have an effect there as well. He is also a solid veteran addition for a team that is looking to contend in 2021. Likely to rotate often with Fowler, he could be a bounceback candidate playing opposite Lawrence.

Jason Willis
Jason Willis
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How did Gregory become this myth? Gregory had 12 starts and 6 sacks. That is all.
Stop the absurd hype.

Cowboys fan

I’m glad Gregory is gone, he wasn’t that good!! He’s never topped 6 sacks in a season in his whole career!! Even though he was suspended for half of his career!! But still, 7 seasons in the NFL and never had more than 6 sacks in a season…. That’s not good!! Even Donte Fowler has had more sacks than Gregory, and we got him on the cheap this year!! And as far as JPP goes, he’s always been a good player, and you can say he wasn’t good last year, and it would be some what true, but the fact is that he played all last season hurt!! He played with a torn rotator cuff for almost all of last season!! I don’t care who you are, your not gonna produce sacks while playing with a torn rotator cuff!! I guarantee if he wasn’t injured he would have been a lot better than that!! So if we sign him, I’ll be happy with it!! A healthy JPP under Dan Quinn…. I’ll take that!! And I’ll about guarantee he’ll end the season with the most sacks on the team too!! The only one we’ll have to worry about beating him is Micah Parsons!! But if we sign him to play with Donte Fowler and Armstrong, I think Parsons will play more LB than he did last season, so I think JPP will end up with more sacks than anybody else!! I think the same thing about Fowler…. If Fowler gets the playing time, I think he’ll have another season like he had with the Rams!! But either way, I’ll take a JPP and/or Donte Fowler over Gregory any day!! But that’s just my opinion!!


Cowboys Fan…sacks are not the end all be all. You have to add tackles for loss and pressures, etc. To say that he was not good doesn’t make a lick of since…if you just don’t like him, cool but any player worth $70 mill ain’t bad…smh…just saying.


For the right price and a short deal, sure. If they don’t go after ZS, then JPP is a decent option. His career has been very good, with some ups and downs, but mostly up. Older player, but we may catch him on one of his up years.

gary b

If they can get JPP on the cheap do it. Let him, Armstrong and Fowler fight it out for reps. Whoever is producing plays. Can’t ever have enough pass rushers.

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