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Cowboys Officially Retire Travis Frederick, Open Up $7M in Salary Cap

Center Travis Frederick surprised us by announcing his retirement back in March, but only now did the team officially placed him in the reserve/retired list.  ’s Todd Archer reported the team’s move on Thursday.

The reason it took so long is that by waiting until June, the team spread his cap hit over the next two years instead of absorbing his $12M hit in 2020 alone. The was expected to make this happen to open up cap space this season.

Now that it’s official and the Cowboys have an extra $7M in cap space, the question becomes what are they going to spend it in? While negotiations with QB continue, the team might be interested in a handful of that are still available.

The main name that comes to mind is , formerly a Minnesota Viking. Although the league announced was reinstated and the team drafted while also awaiting a potential return from , the a clear-cut starter to replace in the .

As for the vacancy left by Frederick in the offensive line, the Cowboys will likely address things in-house. started in his place in 2018 and was quite successful at it. Among the team’s ranks, should fight for the position as well after being drafted in the of the . Also in the positional battle, will be featured.

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Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

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  1. I wish they took the full salary cap hit this year rather than have dead money going into next year. Looney wasn’t very good in 2018. The OL much better with Frederick. I’m hoping McGovern makes the jump to Center. If they get Gregory back then you have Smith, Crawford, Anee, Armstrong to be DE. Don’t need to bring in a free agent. Key is to not overpay Dak. I’d rather extend Lewis and Awuzie than give the money to a QB with a 1-4 record in Win or Go Home Games.

  2. If we have the money and can get Everson Griffen i say go for it. Never can have enuf pass rushers though i do question why he hasn’t been signed by a team yet. Is there something there making teams wary. At any rate I’m not sold on Cowboys pass rushers with D Lawrence being the only proven commodity. Nobody knows what we’ll get out of Smith/Gregory or if any if the young guys make a jump to the next level

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