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Cowboys over/under reactions going into the second half of the season

It's always a weird week in the when the Cowboys aren't playing. As the rest on their , it's time for some over/under reactions as the Cowboys go into the second half of the season:


As good as this Cowboys' has been all year – the needs attention.

Yes, the Cowboys have had one of the best defensive units in the league this year. However, the Cowboys have struggled mightily trying to defend the run, and this could become a problem in the second half of the season if they don't improve.

The Cowboys' defense is allowing 4.7 yards per carry and just last week, allowed the Chicago Bears to rush for 240 yards. Even though the Bears were playing catch-up with the Cowboys all game, they stuck to the and ran it down the Dallas defense's throat.

This has to be fixed going forward, with the Cowboys set to face multiple teams down the stretch with potent running games, including a match-up with come December 29th. The Cowboys will need to find answers for stopping the run if they hope to make a deep run in the this year.


is going to have a more prominent role in this .

Now, I'm not saying that KaVontae Turpin is going to be on the field for every offensive snap, but I like to think will use this bye week to help scheme up some more touches for Turpin. We have seen the explosiveness that Turpin brings to this offense, and last week against the Bears it seemed that Kellen Moore is starting to get Turpin more involved.

Turpin's speed makes him a dangerous threat when he is on the field, and if the Cowboys can find ways to get him more involved, then that's another weapon at their disposal going into the rest of this season.

I don't know that the Cowboys fully trust Turpin to the lineup as a and run routes, but I hope that Kellen Moore and the rest of the offensive staff are scheming up ways to get Turpin some more touches in this offense, because his speed brings another dynamic to this offense that they most desperately need. With the Cowboys already being thin at the wide receiver position – Turpin could be an absolute game-wrecker for opposing defenses.

Christian Cline
Christian Cline
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