Cowboys Players Criticize Coaches After 2-4 Start and Humiliating Loss

    It would be easy to blame the slew of to starting players for what's gone wrong with the ' so far. But some players aren't taking that route, openly criticizing the staff in the wake of Dallas' 2-4 start and a humiliating 38-10 loss last night to the .

    According to Jane Slater of , some anonymous players didn't sugarcoat their feelings about the Cowboys coaches and their performance so far this season.

    Now this doesn't say who made the comments so we can't be sure exactly which coaches are being spoken about. Is this a shot at as the head man, and the offensive staff, or and the ?

    This isn't the first critique of the coaches from a Cowboys player in 2020.  recently said the new scheme was too complicated after weeks of struggling, but then had a big game last week against the Giants.

    We don't know if Jaylon was one of the talkers from Slater's latest report, but that it was from the defensive side of things is a good bet.

    The has had to deal with plenty even before losing . The has been decimated, with 's exit last night leaving as the only original starter in play.

    And if players should be mad at anyone on that side of the ball, it should be the starting with five fumbles already this season.

    No, this feel much more like another shot at Mike Nolan and his defense. The questionable hiring of Nolan, a known buddy of McCarthy with a spotty NFL record, has been a talking point all year. And now it seems our worst fears are being fully validated.

    We'll see if this current unrest leads to anything bigger. You know would love to make a statement move with the season's current trajectory, and perhaps appeasing his players in the process would make it a win-win.

    Jess Haynie
    Jess Haynie
    Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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    Scott Benson

    How about not fumbling to football !!!!


    Jess we just need to tweak ,,, fire nolan, draft all defense , sign dak prescott, stop fumbling , and whatever money left in cap space sign more defense ,, last thing everybody from offense line comes back healghy and we easily win 11 games next year, no Brees, Rodgers and Bug Ben a year older , Russell Wilson bound to get hurt , the door is open for us with minor tweaks for next year


    Let’s see if said players put a name to their comments. You want to go outside of the clubhouse to bash your team then man up and identify yourself and who the beef is with. While I agree the team looks in total disarray there’s certain things that are kept in house. Air your beef with them first before you go running to the media.

    Ben Miller

    As bad as this team is, players need to SHUT UP AND PLAY!!

    Darren T. Chun

    Dump DC, Nolan, and hire Dan Quinn… Immediately!

    Stephen gregory

    You are correct, sir. I will add that if I were McCarthy, I would make a statement of my own by sitting EE for at least the 1st quarter, if not the entire, next game. EE’s fumbles have led to four scores by opponents in games this year and it is hurting this team. You cannot spot every team 14-21 points in the first half of each game. BALL SECURITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Steven M Elks

    I have no respect for anonymous quotes. You are a professional athlete! You got something to say say it like a man and own it There is no way to tell if this is coaching or not with the injuries on this team? Give me a break. We come out flat or the RB who had to have the big contract is laying in on the ground. Repeatedly! I give him a pass because it’s never been a problem before. But enough is enough. You can’t put that defense in that spot. Man up and play football like you are paid to play.


    Coaching only gets you so far…missed tackles? Fumbles? Dropped passes? Holding?
    Sorry, as poor as coaching been…McCarthy ain’t in the field!

    Edmond Williams

    The players can blame, WHOEVER, because the FANS know, there is NO MOTIVATION. The Cowboys players, ARE BITCHES

    Gary b

    Well this is where the cracks in this team widens. When the players and coaches choose sides and turn on each other, this usually leads to major changes. Maybe not the worst thing in the world.

    This team is falling apart at the seams, and one the player they looked to for leadership and motivation is the one people been tearing down all yr what’s that saying “be careful what you ask for “

    Joe Martinez

    After yesterday ass whooping I was like how embarrassing. This quarter back we have is supposed to be the #1 backup of the league compared to what’s out there. Ain’t his fault for everything going wrong. Oh yeah fumbles from the million dollar runner really. Dropped balls from the receiver’s and no defense on secondary or stopping the run. We got the same guys from last year and last year was better than this year. Don’t understand why these coaches can’t adjust on the fly. Dam if anything the players should just do it themselves and adjust on the fly. Ur getting paid big bucks. We should of just kept the coaches from last year. Especially the clapper. Defensive coaches gotta go their plan or playing sucks. Jerry Jones still time get some real players but he don’t care as long as he making money of the cowboys that’s what matters to him. He don’t want that Superbowl.


    Lackluster play. I don’t see total effort. They have already given up…

    Stacy Fox

    There is a REASON McCarthy was FIRED in Green Bay!! And Nolan sucked in Atlanta. He expected his defense to learn a whole different scheme with really no off season to learn it.
    It starts from the top. If your team isn’t motivated, it started from the coaches. If you were a player, would you want to go out and get humiliated every week. If the coaches are not preparing their players, it’s on them.
    Here is what really needs to happen:

    Jerry Jones really needs to kneel over. Maybe his son will have better luck
    Most of the coaches canned
    Invest in the RIGHT players (ie,not a running back)
    Get another coach with fresh ideas. I know, what a concept!!!

    Mr. Football

    The Cowboys need to stop pointing fingers and rally around each and win these next ten games and make a push for the playoffs. It can be done. Go to Washington on Sunday a send a message to the rest of the NFC East that the Cowboys means business, by blowing out the Washington Football Club. Cowboys 33 WFC 10. Take it to the bank!


    Our turnovers have produced 74 points for the other teams. Fumbles, INTs, etc. How is that the coaches fault. Missed tackles, dropped passes, not coaches fault. Last year it was Garrett and company that took the hit. This bad coaching didn’t seem to affect Prescott, as his stats were great. Zeke better get he head on straight, because he is THE man now. Not saying McCarthy is top shelf, and maybe having A-Rod up in GB, made him LOOK better than he really is.

    Royce Mullin

    Y’all are delusional. The Cowpukes had their time as elite. Now they are 2d rate in a third rate division. Never to be relevent again .

    Keith Watts

    The O line is in training meaning all rookies except for one. Andy needs time E deserve his money but need to and i mean NEED TOO HOLD ON TO THE BALL and we ( the Boys ) have no D Jerry should have kept Robert Quinn and Byron Jones and Lawrence and Jalen it’s not earning their money and if you are a COWBOY HATER SHUT THE FUCK UP and let DC NOLAN GO

    Robert S

    Good morning cowboy fans.well we have a prefect storm of great preparations.massive injuries,terrible coaching,soft team and a GM that acts like we don’t need any outside help because he doesn’t want to spend any $$ that may effect next years salary cap.and all this together is a prefect storm.when a team has the injuries that we have (and there’s a lot)GM’s go out and make a deal to sure up area’s that can help stop the this case our defensive safety and offensive lineman help( make a trade for simmons fm Denver)as for as the coaching we (fans)saw the writing on the wall McCarthy has been out coached in all 6 games.nolans defensive scheme has failed with these players.hey they play hard.but out of position time and time again. And we arm tackle we don’t hit any one far as our offensive line we’re going to have to get help in the future so why not go out now and make a trade to get at least 1good veteran line man that we can keep next year to be with the core lineman that are out til next for as good news we’re still in nfc east sub 500 division. SO JJ GO SPEND A LITTLE $$$ get a O lineman and a safety that can help now and be there next year.Its a win win NOW and NEXT YEAR


    Remember the scene in A Perfect Storm where they are huddled around the weathermen are all huddled around the radar screen watching the three storms begin to collide? I feel like that is what we are watching with this Cowboys team. So many bad things are converging at once and at the nexus of those things is an epically bad Cowboys team. Lets list them shall we…in no particular order.

    A new coaching staff coming in to install new systems (especially defense) in a year where time with players was limited due to covid.
    A rash of pre season and in season injuries the likes of which I have not seen a Cowboys team endure in 50 years.
    The yearly fruit of sowing few if any seeds on the defensive side of the ball….especially at safety.
    A star running back who has not been the same since signing his big contract and is now crippling the team with costly fumbles.
    An offense that routinely coughs up the ball and a defense that can’t take it away.
    Leadership at the top that still struggles to pick the right guy to lead this team. It has been a disastrous start and Mike already appears to have lost this team in the locker room.
    A young offensive coordinator who is still finding his way and now must find a way to get things done with a patchwork line and a qb with a lot of experience but no mobility and very little chemistry with his receivers.

    There are bright spots, but they remind me of the tiny lights emanating from the Andrea Gail as the camera pulls back to reveal the fury of the storm that would ultimately ve her doom.


    Todd, good post. I like the analogy. Our team, indeed, has been hit hard. I just hope we are not done for the year and I hope things can still be done to right OUR ship.

    Gary b

    Great post Todd ! It has indeed been a perfect storm of misfortune for the cowboys. We need to use the remainder of this season, not to function under the illusion this team will accomplish much for the rest of the yr , but rather to make decisions based on the future and what we can build on from here on out.

    Whether that is coaching changes, personnel changes or playing the younger players more, we need to have an eye towards the future.

    Unfortunately the most important move we could make will be the one that will never happen. Get a legitimate GM that can rebuild this team.


    Chalk it up to 2020….the truth of the matter is they will probably go 5-1 or 4-2 in the division and can still most likely win it at 7-9. They better get going because you know Philly is going to start to string together some wins. Go get Fitzpatrick, E.T. and some offensive line help off another team’s practice squad. Awuzie, S. Lee and Randy Gregory will be back in short order. For now don’t panic and mortgage the future giving away multiple picks and overpaying when the salary cap is likely to shrink next year. As for the defense, where is Kris Richard ? I guy like Earl Thomas, will help Donovan Wilson get ready for next season.


    For years, the Cowboys ran the slant as good as anyone and better than most. I hardly see it anymore. Cooper can run this well. And I see very few of the Witten plans that their bread was buttered on either. I believe that Schwartz is being underutilized.

    Martin flores

    Players need to stop about coaching staff they need to start playin theres experience players in the team Zeke needs to stop fumbling the ball and jerry Jones needs to stop paying alot of money if players aren’t playing there just fuckin around