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Cowboys Running Game Could Hinder After Injury to Tyron Smith

The loss of comes weeks before the first regular season game. The that was already thin lost its All-Decade player to a torn left hamstring that will keep him out until at least December.

Smith has not played an entire season since 2015, and Dallas did next to nothing this to help ease a situation like this. The Cowboy's needs to run the football, and when they are most successful, the is dominant.

and need to be the offense's focal point. “It's still a fact; we go as Zeke goes,” said yesterday on First Take on . The Cowboys go as the running game goes. Pollard might be the better back right now because he doesn't have nearly the carries Elliott does, but Elliott will continue to see the most touches. Let Elliott wear you down, then unleash Pollard and let him hit the with a gashing run.

The loss of Smith will hinder the running game, no doubt about it, but we will have to wait for the regular season to start to see how bad it might be. Who fills the role of LT? First-round pick is the player that jumps off the screen immediately. Jones has also noted that they will look to fix the problem by looking at players on the roster and not reaching out to a guy like Eric Fisher or someone similar.

Whether the Cowboys move some players around or they wind up someone, they also figure out a way to ensure the running game can still be a factor. I find it hard to buy into the possibility of moving players around on the OL this close to the regular season, trying to find a lineup that may work.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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