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Cowboys S Kavon Frazier Implores NFL to Reschedule Cancelled Pro Days

The current health crisis with COVID-19 has rocked the sports world, which includes the cancellation of many colleges’ pro days for NFL scouts. Kavon Frazier, who has spent the last four years playing safety for the Dallas Cowboys, is worried that some college players will lose their chance to make into the NFL unless these events are rescheduled.

Frazier was a sixth-round pick in 2016 by Dallas after playing college ball for Central Michigan University. But in a tweet posted earlier this evening, Kavon made it clear that he credits his pro day for his NFL career.

Kavon Frazier on Twitter

4 years ago, I had a stress fracture in my foot and I couldn’t do the combine. Without my pro day I wouldn’t be in the NFL now. @NFL we gotta work on rescheduling not only the big schools but the small schools too.

Frazier raises an excellent point. Some players do wind up missing the combine, or performing poorly, and then restoring or even improving their draft stock with their pro day performance.

Some schools such as Clemson, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin have already held their pro days. Others like Alabama have simply postponed theirs for now, but then other schools have cancelled them completely.

Coming from a smaller school himself, Kavon Frazier no doubt feels the sting that many 2020 draft prospects are dealing with this week.

Naturally, sports are not the biggest concern given the greater issues we’re facing in society. But that doesn’t change the irrevocable harm that some of these college players may suffer if they never get their day in front of NFL scouts.

Unfortunately it’s too early in the crisis for anything to be officially done. At this point, who knows if the NFL Draft will even occur on schedule?

But credit to Kavon Frazier for giving voice to these NFL hopefuls. Hopefully their needs will be met as this process continues to unfold.

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Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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  1. I agree with Kavon…. Even the small school players deserve a chance to show what they got!! It’s not their fault this stuff is happening!! Something needs to be done so every college player has a fair shot in their future!!

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